DaveO and Sarah hosted a session Tuesday night, in which only two games were played (only on by Chris and Lisa!). Attendees: DaveO, Sarah, Rick, Lisa, Chris


The night started off with Euphrat and Tigris. This was an old fashioned ass-whooping, with Sarah blowing Rick out of the water early, building monuments, then collecting and collecting. DaveO made it interesting with a late run, but in the end it wasn't close. Rick finished an embarrassing last - his highest total was below Dave's lowest! I don't remember all the totals, but the lows were Sarah 11, Dave 9, Rick 3


Chris and Lisa showed up, and the five of us moved the mother of all bookcases up to the second story. Once we had munched down a quick dinner of "almost right" burrito, we launched into a brand new Kramer game: Wildlife


DaveO had scored this game in his most recent Adam Spielt shipment. It's so new, there wasn't even an english translation until the day before we played.

The game is excellent, with a LOT of decisions and scoring categories to think about. Playing with five players trying it out for the first time, downtime between turns was a bit of a problem, but all agreed the next playing would go much faster. Sarah jumped out to an early lead, clueing in to the value of large heards. Rick mimicked that strategy, and closed late for a one point victory (this is getting to be a frustrating habit for Sarah - I think I have taken 3 or 4 games recently like this!) I believe the standings rounded out with Lisa, CP, then DaveO bringing up the rear. All in all a great game with I hope will return to the table soon.


Rick had a "cat attack" and had to leave, so the couples wrapped it up with a game of Don. DaveO evidently won in a romp - no specifics were available at press time.