P-DOG IISession Report – 6/15/02


There:  Pazzy, Lisa, DaveO, Sarah, Jon, Stacey, Rick, DaveB, Marcia B


With the success of Pazzy’s Day O’ Games I, we decided to give it another spin and pulled together P-DOG II.  The usual cast of characters set to appear, and we also opened things up this time to include spouses and significant others, as to even better acquaint ourselves and really come together as a group.


The day was originally set to kick off at 9:30, but thank you God that wasn’t the case.  I had to make a trip to LA the night before, partying until oh-about 4am, and drove back down to Newport about 5am.  Needless to say, I was the prize fighter in the 12th round readying myself for a TKO…I salvaged about 5 hours of sleep, and that was just enough to bring me up to 65% gaming speed.


I went to the market for some last minute supplies, a quick run to Blockbuster for some movies (just in case) and got home in time to welcome Rick over, at this point it was around 1pm I think.


Rick just got in CONDOTTIERE that he was anxious to get the shrink broken, so we busted into it.  First thing first, the cards are amongst the best I’ve ever seen come with a game.  The  long, and slender cards with some great artwork  really capture the seasoning of the game, which made for a tasty snack with delicious subtleties. The object of the game is to acquire four connected provinces. Players use numbered cards to get the highest bid for a given territory. However, several special effect cards can really mess up even the best laid plans and keep the players guessing.   I connected three pretty quick, as did Rick, then he used some special power and beat me 4-3. I liked the game, but feel it would play far better with at least 4 people.


Jon and Stacey called to say they were stuck in traffic on the 55 so Rick and I decided to carry on with our BATTLELINE conflict, which is a war I am surely losing.  Since being convinced to play tactics cards, I feel I still have yet to adapt to the randomness this throws into the game.  But those damned cards do save your hot-crossed buns on occasion.  Rick captured three flags in a row as Stacey and Jon mercifully showed up as we concluded.


After the pleasure of meeting Stacey and listening to Jon grumble about Southern California traffic, we decided to RA it up.  I like Ra, but I suck at long term planning type games, so this one always hurts me. . Each turn players are able to purchase three lots of tiles with their bidding tiles. Once a player has purchased his three lots for the round, he waits until all other players do the same. The tiles give either instant points, give or prevent negative points for not having certain tiles at the end of the round, or give points after the final round.  Stacey came right in and pretty much dominated from the beginning and Walked Like An Egyptian…


Stacey             46

Rick                40

Jon                  37

Paz                  29



Dave and Sarah came over just as we completed Ra, and we had seven so were pretty limited to certain games.  DRAGON’S GOLD, one of my personal favorites, fit the bill perfectly.  A great large group game, this one is great to ensure interaction between players, which it did. Each player controls a team of dragon hunters (two knights, a thief, and a wizard).  Players team together to slay dragons, which is easy enough.  The hard part comes after the dragon is snuffed out, as the players must split the jewels amongst themselves.  It’s not always easy.  Sarah and I usually have a spat or two over this one, as I try to “fairly” split the take but for some reason, the other peeps don’t see it my way (?).  Could it be that I used to play with the “Invisible Hand” card, even though we left it out of the game?  No matter, as Rick took a narrow victory and was proclaimed Dragon Slayer.


Rick                30

DaveO              26

Sarah              24

Chris               24

Stacey             22

Jon                  22



Dave and Marcia came over as we were finishing Dragon’s Gold, and after having the pleasure of meeting “Uptown” Marcia Brown, I decided to take it easy myself while the rest of the group played TAKE IT EASY.  Lisa was less than delighted that I was gone the entire night before we had guests over (and about a broken promise or two about being there to help get things ready) so I needed to make sure I was on top of things before she got back from work.  I decided to begin the process of slicing through 6 types of cheeses, and putting the spread together.  I could only watch from afar the bingo/puzzle game that is really fun with groups. 

Each player gets a board with places for 19 hexagon tiles to place in a hexagon shape. Additionally, players get identical sets of tiles which have different types of colored/numbered lines crossing in three directions. One player draws a tile randomly and then tells the others which he drew. Each player then puts their matching tile on their board in any available spot. This is repeated until the board is filled. The object is to complete same colored/numbered lines across your board, and score the most points after three rounds.  This one took a little extra time however, as Jon wanted to pull the scoring aids off the web somewhere.  He finally did after a brief struggle with the internet.  I got the spread out, Lisa came home and forgave me 25%, and I was rallying due to my high intake of vanilla Coke.  Sarah proved not to Take it Easy on the group, running away with the victory after two rounds of play.


Sarah              320

DTDB             302

DaveO            298

Jon                289

Stacey            269

Marcia            220




Rick had to leave, Lisa came home, so we decided to split the two groups up and play two different games.



KLONDIKE is a game I played at GD7 and I enjoyed it, so when DaveO called and said The Wiz had it on sale, I had him pick me up a copy.  Jon had also been itching to try it, and use his self-proclaimed dexterity prowess. Each player on turn draws four marbles from a bag. Black marbles are ordinary pebbles, yellow ones are gold nuggets. The player places his marbles on the pan and tries to 86 the dark pebbles and keep the golden nuggets. You  bet on your opponent's results, which adds some bluff in the game.  Those with the most gold at the end, wins.  After I got everyone up on the rules, away they went.  I wasn’t present for the game, but there was  a lot of excitement coming from the group.  It seems Marcia was an A-1 primo Gold Miner, as she took both games in a gold rush.


Marcia            14

Stacey             12

DTDB               9

Jon                  5 (so much for Mr. Dexterity)



While the other group was panning for Gold, the rest of us decided to take off for foreign shores and do a little Junk Hopping.  DSCHUNKE is a great game!  Players are Merchants and trainees which move from boat to boat across wooden foot-bridges, buying for the big markets in the city. In order to make the best deals is it important to be at right Junk at the right time.   If you are you can score big.  After the semi-tough learning curve we were buying and selling very well.  I like the hidden money aspect of the game, where you reveal how much you actually have only twice the entire game.  A game I would definitely play again.  I lived up to my nickname of Pazzy Punk King O’ The Junk, and took the V.


Paz                 58

Sarah              54

Lisa                 53

DaveO             49




Klondike had concluded and the other group was still wrapping up Dschunke, so Jon and Downtown DB played  a game of HIVE.  The pieces look very cool, as does the concept of the game.   The object of the game is to totally surroundyour opponents queen, while at the same time trying to block your opponent from doing likewise to your queen. The player to totally surround his opponents queen wins the game.  They both claimed to really enjoy it.  Downtown buzzed by Jon for the win.




It was getting pretty late, and we all were wanting to conclude the evening with another group game.  DaveO had brought TEAMS OF ENEMIES where players cooperate together in temporary alliances to solve trivia questions in five unique and fun games.   The only problem we had with the game was the end-game itself.  Once a player established him/herself in the final zone, the game immediately turned into trivial pursuit, and there was no way to really go after the leader.  We felt the game was broken.  Also, if a person jumps out to an early lead, they become pretty difficult to catch.  But a fun game nontheless, and a good way to end the evening.  DaveO proved to be the best ally/enemy, as he won the game by a pretty nice margin.


A few of us played a few games of Crokinole, but we were seriously running on fumes. I know Schultz won on each team he was on, and I lost each team I was on.  Regardless, it was the final stake through the heart of P-DOG II. 


The day proved to be very fun, especially for those who just met to get acquainted with each other.  It’s pretty great that we all hit it off so well, which bodes very positively for future gaming and whatever else may come down Mexico way.


After everyone left, I was exhausted but managed to redeem myself in the eyes of my love, as I cleaned the house and did the dishes before passing out as soon as my head hit the pillow.  Another successful P-DOG was in the books, and I dreamed of new strategies to get back at the Ricker in Battleline.  All was well in the Casa de los Paz.