From Chris:

OCBG met last night at my palace, with the eve kicking off about 6:30...we

> had the hoop games on in the background the first part of the evening.


> DaveO, DTDB, and I broke out into a game of San Marco, per my request. I

> really liked this game when it was played at 12:30am on Games Day VII, so

> I knew I'd love it when I was not dazed from gaming all day, and smelling

> the sickly sweet stench of other gamers standing by the table ("I think

> somebody opened a can of peanuts earlier...").


> I really do like San Marco, especially the tough decisions when dividing

> the cards. Downtown jumped out to a huge early lead, we're talking at

> least 20 scoring spaces ahead, but things got more interesting toward the

> end of the game, but DTs lead proved too strong to overcome, as I finished

> within 4 and DaveO finished about 12 back.


> Lisa was still not home from work yet so we jumped into a game of Capitol,

> another Moon game, and yet another land-staking game. This is also a

> great game that DT also jumped out to an early lead and proved to strong

> to catch. But 6 points separated the first from third, as I took the

> latter. Very well-played game.


> Finally, Lisa got home and we played our final and most highly anticipated

> game of the night, Lowenherz. Lisa and DaveO bitch about my music

> selections, so I let Lisa put on the Satan Worship music she and Dave love

> so. Ozzy wasn't bad though. I never gave him a fair shake, but is so

> harmless on The Osbournes he no longer frightens me. After Oz, I put on

> some Temple of the Dog. Anyway, I had been reading the hype Lowenherz has

> gotten, and was really anxious to play. The rules take some explaining,

> but once we got the gist, we were off. The game bounced back and forth

> between leaders until Lisa finally pulled away by a huge margin. We only

> got through maybe half the deck, however, when to DaveOs horror,

> discovered we were playing with the wrong rules. It seems the suggested

> set-up we played required certain types of cards to be removed from the

> game. We didn't, and the game rolled into a bit of a dead-end/impasse.

> Rather than salvaging the game, we called it, as it was 1130 anyway. Lisa

> was declared winner.


> Great night...Hopefully we can pull the 18th together, as we've got JW,

> myself, Schultzie, and DTDB confirmed....