Session Report from 5/26 "Dave O' Games"

DaveO, Sarah, Preston, Jon, and Rick were in attendance

The day started with a game of San Marco, DaveO and Rick having played before, Preston getting up to speed. Rick taught the rules wrong, and the 3 player "Santa Croce" variant was played - this meant that less cards (5/3) were dealt, and more (6/4) for the two-player round. In any case, Rick picked up the tainted victory.

Next up was Die Macher, in which all five participated. After roughly an hour of rules briefing by DaveO, we charged ahead. The game is complicated to say the least, we many options presented every turn/election. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as all I think all enjoyed the game...however, it took the better of 6 hours (with an hour of Dave's exploding sausage lunch intervening around 2:30!). Preston eeked out the victory by three points over Dave and Jon - all three were separated by six points (326-323-320)!! Sarah and Rick's party platforms never seemed to match the local or national agenda, and they lacked the "media savvy" to make a good run. This will be a good one to break out about once a year....

After the Die Macher marathon, we decided to play a lighter game - Euphrat and Tigris (probably the only time that game would be regarded as "light")! Preston sat this one out to gloat over his Die Macher victory (actually, an on setting cold took him out). Dave narrowly took the win over Rick and Jon, but no one really had a huge score. I think 8 took it, with Rick ringing in with 7 - one desperate black cube away from the win.

El Grande closed the long day - Preston rallied from the dead for this one! The dreaded "all Caballeros in the yard back to the provinces" card came up in round 1, and Rick took it down to the chagrin of all especially DaveO! This may have been the difference, as Rick barely snuck by Dave in the last count of the last province to claim the win by 1 point. Sarah finished a close third (2 or 3 back, I think).

All in all, a great day. Thanks again to the Pearson/O'Connor team for hosting!