OCBG met last night at Casa de Pizula. DaveO, DTDB, CP, and RB were in attendance


The night kicked off with a game of Iron Road, which has to contain the cheapest bits of any game we have played yet. The game however was decent, and Trans America should be a big improvement esthetically. CP took the victory in four rounds, while Rick was shut out!


Next came Grand National Derby, which Rick had scored off of Funagain. This is the precursor to Titan: The Arena, and Galaxy: the Dark Ages. DaveO and Pazzy tied for the win in this one, with Rick again finishing last.


Big Boss followed, a Kramer game from a few years ago. The game very much reminds us of Acquire, except there seems to be very little risk in acquiring anything. In the words of DaveO "A long set up for a 10 minute end game". Still, the game was enjoyed by all. DTDB took the win, with RB, CP, and DaveO bringing up the rear.


The night closed out with a game of Citadels. It was the first time I had played, and predictably I finished last. Dave Brown took the win in a squeaker over CP, 34-33.


Next up: A "Dave 'O Games", this time at the aforementioned Mr. O'Connor's place on Sunday May 26.