Pazzy's Day O' Games Bonanza 


Session Report – Pazzy’s Day O’ Games Bonanza I – 5/18/02


Those in attendance:


JW Wolterman

Dave Brown

Jon Schultz

Chris Pizula

Lisa Sorida

Shannon McKinney


The first ever Day O’ Games Bonanza started about 10am with perfect gaming weather outside: overcast and drizzly.  Jon Schultz was first on the scene, carrying his cart full of games and ready to begin our long gaming journey.   We were unfortunately going to be without three of our core members, as Dave and Sara had a graduation in San Diego to attend, and Rick had a wedding to be at.  As we were waiting for the others to cruise in, Schultzie and I broke into a game of Die Pyramiden de Jaguar.  I just got this in from games surplus, and was anxious to give it a go…




Die Pryamiden de Jaguar is a game based on Pacal, which is currently out of print.  Always wanted to get Pacal, but for some reason, never did.  This is a great two player game! It was our first time playing for both of us, and in Game I, I pretty much dominated and won by 13 spaces.  Jon, quick learner that he is, started out strong and never looked back.  After just missing his “jungle test” we decided to call it a game as JW showed up.  So Jon won by default.

Chris:      7.5/10

Jon:         6.0/10



Shortly after JW walked in, DownTown Dave Brown joined us shortly thereafter.  Schultzie had really been wanting to play Pueblo, as had the rest of us.  The game is pretty abstract, but the theme is really cool as is the artwork.  I’ve never played anything like this before!  A very unique game with an interesting scoring system, as the lowest score wins.  The scores were pretty tight throughout, but Jon took home the victory…Definitely one I would play again.

Jon          40            8/10

JW          46            8/10

DTDB     50            7/10        

Chris       54            8/10




The next game on the list was JWs Games Day 7 prize table selection, a game called Meuterer.  A cousin of Verrater, this game plays similar to Citadels and Puerto Rico in which everyone selects a character as the cards get passed around, and that character allows specific actions.  I wasn’t a big fan of Verrater, nor was JW, but we all kind of liked this one.  Took a few rounds learning curve though.  DownTown took the victory by a very slim margin…


DTDB     41            9

Chris       33            8

JW          33            8

Chris       32            8



Moving on into the afternoon, we were joined by Shannon, and I was especially happy because we had the perfect number for Citadels, which we played next.  This is definitely one of my favorite games right now, the mechanic is cool, the art is cool, and it’s just plays very well with all types of gamers.  My favorite game aside, I literally got crushed in this one….DTDB strikes again.


DTDB     37

JW          24

Shan       17

Jon          10           

Chris       7 ????? (apparently the “gang up on Paz strategy” worked)






The Laker vs. Sacramento playoff game one came on and DTDB wanted to watch it, so the rest of us dived into Hamster Rolle.  I had played this previously at GD7, but it didn’t show: Schultzie and I both scored a whopping 21 points (in a game where you’re trying to get rid of points) and thus got hammered by Shannon and JW.  My excuse: I was more focused on the Laker game.



I needed a return to sanity from dexterity hell so we broke out Kingdoms, one of Reiner’s new offerings.  I like this one a lot, although I think the pieces are a bit on the cheap side, but the art is cool, and the gameplay is excellent.  This was pretty tight, but JW came up the eventual winner.


JW          224

Jon          204

Chris       202

Shan       181





The Lakers beat the Kings 103-97, so all was well.  The end of the game also brought DTDB back into the gaming.  Lisa got home from work so we decided to play Settlers of Catan with the 6-player expansion.  The difference here is that you have an option to build on everybody else’s turn as well.  Plus JW introduced a variant where if you don’t earn a resource via dice roll, then you get a token you hold onto and accumulate that you may later trade in for resources according to your victory points.  I think it worked well, but not well enough for me to win.  JW took that honor before he took off….


JW          10

DTDB     7

Lisa         7

Schultz   6

Chris       5

Shan       5


It was heading into the later hours of the night, and Shannon and JW both split, so with four of us remaining we decided to do a little Puerto Rico, a table favorite.  Got right into it and I really thought I had this one wrapped up, as I played it perfectly throughout.  Imagine my horror when the final tally was made….Great game, though!


Schultz                   46

Chris                       45 (Damn!)

Lisa                         38

DTDB                     37



We ended Pazzy’s Day O’Games around 11:30, and we were all pretty bushed, but a great day.  We’re pretty fortunate to have such good people to game with.  The games were secondary really, as building new friendships, having some laughs, and enjoying each other’s company is what it’s really about.


Can’t wait until the next one!!!