April 30, 2003 Session Report 

Location: Casa de O'

Harder and harder to get together these days, what with DaveO commuting to SD. We were able to squeeze one in on a Wednesday, with Jim, Rick, and later Linda in attendance at the Dana Point Party House


Rick showed early, and with DaveO trotted out this two-player variation of the Web of Power Card Game. We both enjoyed the game, although it might bog down with some of the more "anal-yzing" gamers. DaveO eeked out wins in two games, 32-30 and 30-22.

Europa Tour

Another card game, this time you are sequencing countries for a tour of Europe - so it's not just a clever game name! Another game we both liked, and I think would translate well at any age or skill level.....although the game is clearly mostly skill, as I won both games, avenging my Richelieu debacle! 

New England

Jim showed, and while we munched on Pick Up Stix, DaveO got down with the rules. Another Moon/Weissblum production (as with Europa), this one is a "big box" game. The game is  very simple to teach, IMHO, but there are a lot of interesting choices during gameplay. There is an interesting "auction" element for the turn order, after land tiles and development cards have been displayed - the number you pick sets the order, but is also the cost you pay for each tile/card! Rick's family developed the most cows and pigs....Rick 38, Jim 36, DaveO 30

Rick - 8 
DaveO - 8

Jim - 8.5


Magna Grecia

Linda finally made it after partying with some of her third grade class...let's hope there wasn't a Larry Eustachy incident! Magna Grecia, ANOTHER Michael Schacht game (this time collaborating with Leo Colovini, Mr. Clans) came to the table. This was not as easy to explain as New England, possibly having something to do with the teacher (yours truly). In this one, you try to lay cities and roads, connecting your markets placed in cities to as many other cities/villages/oracles as possible. Oracles score big, and only one city can win each one...DaveO clued into this, and rode the oracles to victory

DaveO 47, Rick 44, Linda 42, Jim 33


Rick - 8 
DaveO - 9

Jim - 6.9

Lijnda - 7

Can't Stop

The current favored closer...it also was one of the closest games of this in recent memory. Rick couldn't roll a 4, and Jim took advantage getting the 9 he needed. Rick, DaveO, and Linda all had two at the top when Jim got his third...


Rick - 7.5 
DaveO - 8

Jim - 7.6

Lijnda - 7.5


Some great new games out there...and we didn't even get to Amun-Re! Maybe next time....