April 11, 2003 Session Report 

Location: Casa de O'

It had been over a month since the last session, what with Baseball, vacations, Spring Spiele, and the like. Downtown David Brown make the trek, joining Rick, Jim, and DaveO

Paris Paris

Rick had acquired this new Michael Schacht offering, and had tested it out on the immediate family (for the record, Helen beat Mom and Dad going away). Schacht is fast approaching Reiner as the most prolific game designer around, at least for games of the "German" ilk.

The game is a bit bizarre at first, trying to figure out when your routes will score, and which stops to pick up. Rick used his previous experience to take the win. Rick 38, Jim 27, DTDB 26, DaveO 24

Rick - 8 
DaveO - 7

Jim - 6.8

David Brown - 6.4

Age of Steam

Our first playing of this game was an outright disaster - in fact we quit after two rounds (see session report from 10-29-02). I admit I was skeptical as to whether this game was my cup of tea...boy was I wrong! For some reason, this time around the light came on for all of us - I think all really enjoyed it (except maybe Jim, who rated it a 2, but said he would play again !!??). Jim adopted a strategy of "borrow early, borrow often", one which the two Dave's followed to some extent. Rick stayed more conservative, and in the end that proved the difference.

Rick 71, Downtown 57, DaveO 41, Jim 18


Rick - 8 
DaveO - 8

Jim - 2

David Brown - 5


It had been a very long time since the Knizia auction classic had been played at OCBG. Many consider this to be the best of his auction games (for the record, I say Modern Art...). DaveO finally hit his stride and won going away: DaveO 128, Jim 110, Downtown 107, Rick 95


Rick - 7 
DaveO - 7

Jim - 7

David Brown - 7


A great night of gaming - good to see Mr. Brown back in the fold!