March 3, 2003 Session Report by DaveO

This was a last minute decision but TimmyT came over and Linda joined us after a run with her friend.

Tashkent Domino

I grabbed this tiny game off the shelf to kick off the Monday Gamenight.  This is a little known game from the King of the Abstract, Kris Burm.  I bought this at his stand at Essen since it was his only game I didn't own.  He had given me a quick overview but I had forgotten the details.  I was bummed that I couldn't find an English translation anywhere but upon closer examination of the box I noticed that there were rules in multiple languages with English being one of them.  Since the rules are only two paragraphs, Tim and I were off and running immediately.  Now I'll confess that when I first was shown the game I didn't think there was much to it, but when Kris told me "it's much deeper than you would initially think", I knew I would be in for a pleasant surprise upon playing it.  Well, he was right; this is a very surprising game; it's not mindblowing, but it is quite fun and can be played very quickly.  In our game, Tim and I ended up exactly tied with one domino-die each and it was the exact same one! 

TT - 6.5/10 (initial rating, may go up)
DaveO - 7/10


I knew TT would want to see a new dice game so I brought out this one from Maureen Hiron, the designer of the Continuuo line of games.  This has a bit of a head-to-head Yahtzee feel to it and is a lot of fun if you're into dice games.  Tim and I had a good battle with a lot of defense in the beginning and then Tim started to open it up on me.  Final Score: Tim -3(Hi, Run, and 2's); DaveO-2(5's and 6's, but my Lo was only 1 away!) 

DaveO -7/10
TT - 8/10


Time for one more quick one before Linda showed up, so I grabbed one of Reiner's earliest titles, Stonehenge.  Tim put it best; this is a cross between Samurai and Schotten-Totten and plays in less time than either.  I got out to an early start using the O'Connor Advantage and never looked back. Final Score: DaveO-8; TT-7

DaveO - 8/10
TT - 7/10


Okay, I love Acquire, but I had noticed something about the game; it seems that in most three player games of Acquire, one guy gets screwed really quickly.  Now I've heard that about Acquire for a long time but it seems to be more pronounced in a 3 player game (this may be just because I had to sit through 2 of the most painful hours at a gaming table since the last time I played Nautilus).  Anyway, this was Linda's first time and Tim and I were pretty psyched that she'd get to try one of the true classics.  I was left out of the first two mergers and couldn't draw a tile to get any mergers going, but I fought on and in the end, through amazing perseverance, I managed to score over half of the next closest competitor.  Final Scores: TT-78,100; Linda-57,000;DaveO-31,600

DaveO - 2/10 (Acquire is normally a 9 for me, but this game was miserable for me...)
Linda - 7/10
TimmyT - 10/10 (WHOA!  A 10!)

Settlers Of Catan

Linda was fading fast but we convinced her to give the breakthrough German game a try.  She gave it a shot.  After 10 minutes of instruction we started up.  Now because this was Linda's first game of Settlers we used the default setup.  However, we randomly chose 3 colors and in doing so, we had a major wheat shortage for the first third of the game.  Going down the stretch things looked tight but then on the last turn I built 3 roads to take away the longest road from Linda and was crowned King of Catan. Final Score: DaveO-10; TT-7;Linda- 5(it was 7 until she lost the longest road)

DaveO - 8/10
Linda - 7.5/10
TimmyT - 10/10 (WHAT?  TWO IN A ROW?!?!)

Street Soccer

I had tried this Cwali game a few months ago with the Ricker and we weren't too impressed, however, knowing the designer and his penchant for strategy games, I had a feeling we were missing something.  Well, at the Essen show I got to see Corne for a while at his booth and asked for a game so I could see if I was right.  Well, Corne gave me a lesson and the game was a lot of fun.  It turns out that Rick and I were just kicking the ball as far as possible each time so basically the person who rolled higher would score for the most part.  Corne showed me that many times it's better to spend your movement setting up and playing defense.  It's actually a lot like real soccer and Rick and I were playing as if we were 6 year olds with the herd following the ball, while Corne showed me how to play "grown-up" StreetSoccer.  Tim and I had a good battle here.  I got an early lead going up 2-1 in the 12th minute; no one scored until Tim tied it up in the 23rd minute (there are 25 minutes to a game).  We went into sudden death and TT was victorious a mere 2 minutes later.  Excellent tension... just the wrong guy won!:*)  Final Score: TT-3; DaveO -2  

DaveO - 7/10
TT - 6/10