DATE:       Monday, February 3

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: DaveO, David Brown, Rick, Kim


It was a Monday Mini-Me Meeting, with just three of us to start (and to end, for that matter).


DaveO brought along Die Mangier von Pangea. This is a fairly strange game where different factions populate shifting continents and try to acquire amulets from the other factions. I never really got the game (perhaps two kinderlings had something to do with that??), but still had a chance to win when I made a bad rule assumption - DaveO took advantage, just edging out Brown for the victory. DT had actually met the victory conditions first, but O'Connor got his fair-ups...


DaveO    4/13 (amulets/goods)

DTDB     3/22

Rick       2/22


It had been awhile, so we broke out Rick's damaged eBay acquisition of Euphrat and Tigris. I could play this game at every meeting if the group were up for it! My enthusiasm for the game did not translate into skill on the board....


DaveO    8

DTDB      7

Rick       5


Dave Brown left after the 9:00 rule, then Kim joined for a game of Lord of the Rings. Frodo barely made it out of Moria, then everyone got turned by Sauron in Helm's Deep. It was probably the shortest LOTR game in history. Sauron started on 12, and just kept comin'!


Sauron      1

Good guys 0


A quick game of 6-Nimmt! and we called it a night


Rick     24

DaveO  39

Kim      65