February 24, 2003 Session Report by DaveO

And tonight there will be 3... TimmyT, Matthias, and I decided to get together for some gaming tonight.  Matt showed up a little later so I introduced a couple two player games to Tim.


  Final Score - TT-40;DaveO-28

TT - 8/10
DaveO - 8/10


  One of my favorite abstract strategy games, I was eager to teach Tim this one.  Unfortunately since Matt was going to be arriving soon, I had to show him a few tricks quickly rather than breaking him in slowly letting him feel his way around.  The game was over in about 6 moves as I gave him a few crappy marbles while gaining 3 white ones for myself.

DaveO -9/10
TT - needs more play before giving a rating


Tim needed his dice game fix so I showed them Minister.  I had played this once a few years ago and although there aren't a whole lot of decisions to make, it was a lot of fun.  Now this game from Rudi Hoffman takes 3 or 4 players and I imagined it wouldn't be quite as good with 3 but we decided to give it a try.  We had a lot of fun with it and I got off to a quick start but as it seems is usual in this game, the quick start means trouble in the end.  TimmyT ended up winning with all of the seats in the Council being his.  

DaveO - 6/10
Matty - 8/10 
TT - 6.5/10 ("mindless fun...1/2 point extra cuz I like dice")

Taj Mahal

Tim's been on my ass for at least a month to play this one, so even though it's best with 4, I had a feeling playing 3 player would be a lot better than playing with 5.  Thankfully I was right.  Tim did real well at this one; Matty started getting the hang of it near the end but Tim and I had too much of a lead.  Going into the 10th round, I had held the "chameleon" special card for about 4 rounds never really being able to use the power; Tim wrestled it away from me and I handed it to him saying quite sarcastically, "have fun with this one...it sucks!"  Well, in the 11th round, TT and I both badly wanted the victory in elephants; we took it all the way to the end, and using his chameleon card, TT played down his final card in his hand which was a double elephant to secure the victory.  Damn you TimThomas!  Final Scores: TT-62; DaveO-60; Matthias-40

DaveO - 7/10 (w/ 3 players)
Matthias - 6/10
TimmyT - 8/10 (this one's probably already gone up as he's become addicted to the online version)

Web of Power

This was another learning game for TT and Matthias.  I took full advantage of the O'Connor Advantage; although I explained the power of the cloisters, my opponents still underestimated their effect with me pulling out somewhere around 20-25 points in alliances at the end. Final Score: DaveO-65(14 after rd. 1); Matthias-54(16); TT-54(11)

DaveO - 8/10
Matthias - 7/10
TimmyT - 6/10 (again, I think we'll see this one go up shortly!)


Next up - a 3M game from Sid Sackson called Monad....as in, "I'd give my left Monad to make this a shorter game".... Usually a steady favorite with our group, Sid failed us here.  I don't think the game is bad; it's just lo-o-o-o-ong....I'm talking Dirk Diggler long.  At one point Matty cried out in pain "JC, is it 2 o'clock yet?"  To which I replied grinning, "Nope, it's only quarter til 1"; Matthias then said, "Oh, in that case, let's keep on going".  I don't think we finished til 2 but it felt even longer.  To top it off I think the game can be brought to a standstill if someone hoards cards; I still haven't thought about whether you can hoard cards and win by just trying to recirculate the cards of your own special color or not, but it sure seemed like it was a winner when we played.  Tim had about two thirds of the cards and Matthias and I could barely do anything.  In the end though my quick lead proved insurmountable.  Final Scores: DaveO-4 Monads; TT-3; Matt-2 

DaveO - 3/10
TT - 3/10(I don't think this one will go up:*)
Matthias - 5/10(he gets kinder as he gets more tired)