DATE:       Sunday, February 23

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: DaveO, Linda, Rick, Kim


Couples day in OCBG, and there was some heavy gaming accomplished!


Tikal was suggested, and it was an easy choice. Only DaveO and I had played, but it is a fairly easy game to teach. Amazingly, there was very little time-suck factor, and the game went fairly quickly. Kim and DaveO battled over the treasures, Linda and Rick excavated temples. DaveO ended up dominating the treasures, and made a huge late move as his finds began to was not enough to catch Rick, who had a line of temples running up one side of the board virtually unopposed


Rick    101

DaveO  98

Linda    91

Kim      88


Next up was, yes, Puerto Rico. I believe Linda is now hooked - this was her third game in two weeks (she had one her last one, and now tasted blood!). Kim got up to speed very quickly, and we were off. Rick unvieled his "Corn" strategy, and rode it to a huge victory point margin with very little building, basically saving for the Guild Hall to let them multiply. DaveO just edged out Kim for the place...


Rick     61

DaveO 52

Kim     51

Linda   43


It was getting late, so we whipped out the new Knizia game Wheedle for a quick closer. I would call this game very similar to Pit, except there is a card in the center of the table with which you can trade...whatever card is left out when a player says "stop", is the company which goes bankrupt! Kim won the first game, and Rick the second