DATE:       Thursday, December 19

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: Steve, Rick, DTDB, Jim, Chris


The gang was ready for a mid-week game night...even the hard working David Brown and Chris Pizula (the man is now working TWO jobs, for God's sake!) had to get one night in.


First up, Jim, Dave, and Rick played a quick game of 6-Nimmt, with Mr. Brown avoiding the big takes and grabbing the win. Jim, then Rick brought up the rear.


Rick had just received Atlantic Star, Queen Games' remake of Showmanager with a cruise ship theme. Other then the theme, the game is exactly the same. Steve and Chris had arrived, and along with Jim, had never played either of the aforementioned games. Well, chalk this one up to experience as Dave Brown snuck by Rick for the victory, with the others far back


Dave    57

Rick     54

Steve   32

Chris    31

Jim      26


Next up was High Society, which was to serve as an interim quicky, but turned out to be the tensest game of the night. Three Red cards came up quickly, and everyone waited for the last shoe to drop. It did......on the last card! Jim had the highest score at 18, but unfortunately had only a paltry $7,000 left. He was the low, and was eliminated. Rick and Steve tied, with Rick grabbing the win on the money tie-breaker


Rick    14 (33)

Steve  14 (20)

Dave   11

Chris    9

Jim     18 (DQ)


Dave Brown had to leave to start another marathon weekend of work, and then there were four. Rick had acquired a new Essen release Moderne Zeiten, and decided to lay it on the group. After a difficult read through of the rules, we got started. Right from the get-go, the game did not seem to grab us - it's just hard to see what you are trying to accomplish. I won't go into a Schlosserian description of the gameplay, but suffice to say this one may take another playing to really get it....if it ever hits the table again, that any case, Chris and Rick tied for the win.


Chris    10

Rick     10

Steve   7

Jim      6


On that note, we called it a night.....3 out of 4 ain't bad, right?