DATE:       Friday, November 22

PLACE:     DaveO's

Attendees: DaveO, Rick, Matt, Chris, JW, Tim


DaveO, Rick, Matt, and Chris were the first to show, and it was another tribute to Sid Sackson: Can't Stop. I had never played this game, but the concept is pretty simple - you roll four dice, and pick combinations of two dice to move your tokens up the chart. The chart is set up in the exact combination ratios of two dice, i.e. '7' is six times as long a track to travel as '2' or '12'. If you fail to get one of the three combinations you plotted during your turn, you go back to where you started at the beginning of the turn - you can decide to stop, and move your tokens up. The first player to reach the end of three tracks wins. Rick rode his extensive experience with Strat-O-Matic and Craps to the win!


Timmy T showed next, and Chris brought out one of DaveO's Essen hauls, Bang! The game is related to Werewolf, as has been documented. You start as either an outlaw, renegade, deputy, or sheriff. If you're an outlaw, you try and kill the sheriff; if the sheriff, kill the outlaws; renegade, try and be the last man standing; deputy, protect the sheriff. We played one game, Rick as sheriff was killed, outlaw win. JW showed up, we played another game, JW was the sheriff, he was killed. See a trend here? I don't believe anyone at the table felt this game was worth the hype.....


For the "life" of me, I can't think of the name of the next game we I'll call it "The Lifeboat Game". In this one, you are shipwrecked sailors trying to get on lifeboats which reach land. In the meantime, you try and sink each others lifeboats, and jockey for position on the right ones. I believe the score was:


Rick 24

JW 22

Tim 22

Matt 22

DaveO & Chris in arrears


Matt took off, and a great game for 5, El Grande, hit the table. DaveO and Tim took a huge early lead, with JW not too far behind. Rick and Chris were well back. JW made a big mid-game move, but DaveO's power was too much in the end. Don't know the scores, but the placing went as follows:








Chris had bowed to the sleep gods...and then there were four. Tim requested a bidding game, and Modern Art was sure to please. Again, it was DaveO who skillfully wielded the paintings (a couple of key double auctions of hot artists didn't hurt). The score was something like..


DaveO  534

Tim      518

Rick     440

JW      324


Rick left (2:00 AM!), but the troika stuck it out for a game of Knockout. Results to follow soon!