DATE:       Tuesday, November 19

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: DaveO, Rick, Steve, Kim


A quick interim night of gaming at the Byrens abode, and not surprisingly, DaveO was surrounded by Byrens'!


First up was the classic Stephenson's Rocket, a game which Steve had yet to play (it was my first game with OCBG...). I swear I would play this every meeting along with E & T if the group was willing. Rick rode the Great Eastern Railway all game, and in the end it was too much, in spite of a last turn coup by DaveO which wrested teh share majority away in the remaining railway.


Rick     117,000

DaveO  92,000

Steve   81,000


Kim joined in next for a game of High Society, one of the games DaveO brought back for me and one or two others from the used game dealers at Essen. Kim had played before, Steve had not. It came down to the last luxury, with DaveO only needing to take the "4" to get the win, but Steve fell on his sword and wrested it away, giving Rick the win. Earlier, Kim spent her last pound to force Steve to swallow the 1/2 the end of the game, Kim declared "I hate this game, and that Traumfabrik too!". Oh well....


Rick    20

DaveO 16

Steve   8

Kim     10 (Disqualified due to lack of funds!)


Last up was The Lord of the Rings, a game which we had not played for quite some time. Things looked very good for the Hobbits up until Mordor, when events quickly went awry. A couple of misplayed cards, and some bad tile draws, and Sauron declared "The Ring is MINE!!"