DATE:       Wednesday, October 9

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: DaveO, Rick, Matt, Steve, Helen


It was a hectic night at the Byrens household, as Mom had to work late. Rick tried to pull double duty as Dad and Gamer...with spotty results. Amid the chaos, some games did get played:


Rick, DaveO, Matt, and Helen set up RA - this was a game fraught with distractions from little sister and Devil Dog. Yet somehow a pretty good game ensued. Rick was able to focus long enough in the third epoch to snake the win from DaveO


Rick     47

DaveO  40

Matt     24

Helen   16


The group took a long break to feed, and watch the Amazing Angels take game 2 of the ALCS. With little girls safely in bed (but the ever-present Devil Dog still wreaking havoc), Matt, DaveO and Rick broke out Rheinlander. This is a Knizia offering only available in Deutchland (distributed by Parker Brothers, of all companies!), and it is typical Reiner fare with many paths to victory. To be honest, I don't think I ever clearly saw "the path"...evidently neither did DaveO and the O'Connor advantage - he finished last! Matthias was the man...wish I could tell you how he did it, but it wasn't even close.


Matt    57

Rick    36

DaveO 30


Enter Dr. I, who came into Thursday undefeated in OCBG play (one Liberte victory!). Steve had learned Palmyra one late night at the Byrens', so we broke this Knizia offering out. DaveO rode his vases to an early lead, but somehow Steve was always on the right end of a buying or selling trend. He ended up romping...


Steve    136

DaveO   117

Rick       107

Matt       86


Last, but certainly not least, was Fabrik der Traume (yes, 4 games, 4 Reiners!!!). This is a great game with a great theme, and Rick had applied his newly downloaded English translation stickers to the movies and studios. Matt was a movie making machine, DaveO took his usual B-Movie strategy, Rick tried to focus on quality, but in the end it was the Doctor again - still undefeated in OCBG!


Steve    88

Rick      86

Matt      67

DaveO   60


We folded up the tent around Midnight - all in all a great night, in spite of the Dog!