DATE:       Tuesday, October 1

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: DaveO, Tim, Rick, Matt, Kim


Tonight was set up to replay two games from last week with a bit of a learning curve - Liberte and El Caballero. 


First up was El Caballero, with the same foursome from last week. This time game play went much faster, with everyone seemingly "getting" the game from round one on. Rick ended up storming from last on the first scoring round to take the victory, with Tim forgetting to play his "2x" card on the last round - it may have been the difference!


Rick - 76

DaveO - 67

Tim - 62

Matt - 42


Rick had acquired Palmyra recently, a relatively old Reiner Knizia game. It is basically a stock market game, with some card play which modifies the values. I found the game to be simple and elegant - hey, it's Reiner! Tim, the accountant, proved the best trader


Tim - 147

Rick - 131

DaveO - 114

Matt - 97


OK, now it was time for Liberte. This one had seemed compelling from the week before, although the winner (Steve) was not present to defend. Again, the game went much faster - however, in my opinion, the game showed some flaws on second playing. I'm not sure how to explain it, but the game is just too's very difficult to build anything before someone else tears it down - especially if you happen to be in the lead! In this particular game, Tim took advantage of one of the alternate game endings, and was the man behind a Red landslide. He took the automatic victory. I've got a feeling we won't see this game again for awhile (Matt almost committed Seppuku during the game it was so slow!)


Lastly, Kim joined us for her new favorite game - Clash of the Gladiators. This game is about dice and killing...what's not to like! While DaveO and Rick traded bad Knizia imitations, Matt focusssed on the job at hand (Killing!) and eked out the win.


Matt - 16

DaveO - 15

Kim - 13

Rick - 13

Tim - 11


DaveO's first interview question for Martin Wallace: What were you thinking?!