DATE:       Tuesday, October 14

PLACE:     DaveO's

Attendees: DaveO, Rick, Matt, Chris


It's been quite a while since OCBG has inveaded the abode of the GaMeMaster himself, at least since Rick's gaming nemesis high-tailed it for LA. Call it a going away feast for DaveO's trip to Essen!


Rick showed up early for a quick game of Hammer of the Scots, the Columbia block wargame covering the "Braveheart" era. Rick & DaveO had played this once before, with Rick's Longshanks wiping the Scots off the board. This time we switched sides, and this time Rick led Willie Wallace & company to an early lead, but we decided to cut the game short due to Matt's impending arrival. A demoralized DaveO vowed to hit the fields of Scotland again for revenge...


Matt arrived, and DaveO broke out Bambus Spieleverlag's (makers of Kanaloa) Nanuuk!. Understand that DaveO will have a Bambus badge at Essen, so he figured he at least should play a few of their games! This one is somewhat abstract, and involves players setting up on a hexagonal grid and trying to capture the most polar animals. Along the way, every step taken produces a new crack in the ice, which serves to block the other players from their goals. In the end, DaveO reigned supreme over the Pole


DaveO    12

Rick        11

Matt        10


While awaiting the arrival of the erstwhile Christopher, the trio broke out Showmanager - a game which DaveO had played many times in his NoCal days. This Queen/Dirk Henn offering has been reproduced as Atlantic Star, but this version involves players trying to produce musicals in different cities, attempting to acquire the best cast for each production. The cast are made available as cards, with some actors low point values but able to fill varying roles, and some high pointers destined only for one role. This is a great game - money is tight, choices are many. Rick took the victory with his excellent New York production of King Lear!


Rick    89

DaveO 78

Matt    56


The Wild Serb finally showed, and pizza was ordered (to the dismay of CP, Matt was offered 2 slices!). We have been waiting to play Cosmic Encounter in this group for a long time...tonight was the night. I had played many, many moons ago, and remembered it as good, not great. Boy was my memory through rose colored glasses! We played the AH version, which is downright beautiful...unfortunately, the game play is not. There was almost no tension, and I got the feeling that as the end neared, nobody really cared who won. As an insignificant aside, Rick won...


Stimmt So was the next order of the day, another fine offering from Dirk Henn. In this one players accumulate stock using four different currencies. I found the game to be clever in the same way as Showmanager, although the games are very different. Stimmt So I believe could be taught to and enjoyed by just about anyone. DaveO eeked out a one point victory over Rick, with Chris and Matt not too far behind.


Last up for the night was Sid Sackson's Samarkand. In this game players cruise around the board buying and trading commodities, then selling them off a bazaars. Forst player to $500 wins the game - DaveO was first to the big number, with everyone else appearing very close to the magic number.


Looking forward to playing all of the great new games DaveO brings back from Essen!