DATE:       Thursday, January 9

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: Steve, Rick, Jim, Dave B (not DT..), Kim


Thursday night welcomed a new face to the group - Mr. Dave Bernard. The man must be a natural, because he made it 'til midnight and probably would have kept going had the gang been up for it - the first sign of the "sickness". DaveO was rumoured to be back from Florida and ready to make an appearance, but alas it was not to be.


Jim and Steve clamored for a rematch of RA, based on a few clashes during the Xmas break. In this game, Steve seemed to get the goods with every "Ra"....he smoked us


Steve    65

Rick      30

Jim       26

Dave     16


Any newbie must be introduced to Fabrik der Traume, and in this game Dave hit his stride. Unfortunately for him and the rest of the group, he ran into a buzzsaw in Rick, who scored his first ever win in the game. I amazingly garnered every 10 point award at the end!


Rick    132

Dave    66

Steve   52

Jim      48


Kim joined in for a game of Citadels, probably her favorite game. It was a see-saw battle, with Rick getting killed the first three turns, then Steve getting killed probably 5 times! In the end, it was Jim laying down the first and best districts


Jim    35

Kim    29

Dave   27

Rick    23

Steve  17


Three quick games of Raj came next, with Dave hitting his stride - he took the first two, with Rick snagging the last one.


We wrapped it up at midnight with a game of 6-nimmt - Kim took on the least BS


Kim    11

Dave   16

Steve  35

Rick    40

Jim     42


6-Nimmt is a great card game...and man do I suck at it!