OCBG Session Report by Pazzy

Friday, January 31st from 3pm-12:30am in Newport Beach

There: “Downtown” David Brown, Lisa Lisa, DaveO, Mattias Rey, Pazzy P


Background Music: The Hives, Frank Sinatra, Beck, The Cardigans, About A Boy Soundtrack, Dire Straits, Jazz Chillout Volume I, Café Fuego, Foo Fighters, Pavement, Medeski Martin & Wood, Best(?) of Eddie Money, Wilco, KCRW Compilation


It’s not only been a long time since I’ve gamed, but it’s been even longer since I’ve hosted OCBG.  So with most of the group in tow, we got to gaming on this warm winter night.  Albeit without the Ricker, though we honored his absence with a few well placed under (over?)turned bottom lips (never mind, you just had to be there).


Hexen Rennen

DaveO brought a smattering of old and new stuff, and this one looked promising… Each player races a team of 3 witches, trying to run them through a random obstacle course made up randomly each game out of 48 cardboard disks. Both your hand of cards and the board move your witches. Problem is, the board disks all start face down, so you aren’t sure what disk you will be landing on.  If you land on an opponent’s coven, you are penalized and sent back spaces.  If you land on your own, you move forward the number of spaces on that disk.  Really fun and light, with a nice bit of suspense as you fly toward the finish line.  I managed to get across and win in wiccan fashion.


Chris    10

Matty    7

DaveO  6




When DaveO asked me what I requested he bring, I mentioned the newest by my man Bruno Faidutti “Fist Your Dragonstones” (sic), but DaveO didn’t have it in his hands (or did he?).  I bought Castle months ago at a Wizard’s sale and it owns a dubious honor in my collection as the only Faidutti game I have not yet played. This one is the Citadel’s sister, and believe it or not, they were separated at birth, or so the legend goes (check out Bruno’s site for the story). Players are given a set of character cards which are to be played onto the table, which has a cardboard castle-yard layout. Cards are played into one of three regions: in the courtyard, on the walls, or outside the castle. And when played, the cards will usually allow you to take some sort of special action, which is unique to the card you played. The first player to rid himself of all his cards will be the winner.  I like this one.  It’s a cross between Guillotine and Citadels.  The only knock is that there are so many different cards with so many different actions, that it’s tough to keep track.  This one screams for a player aid, and maybe one day…I’ll make one. Matty won by getting rid of all of his characters before we did.


Matt 0

Dave 4

Chris 5



This is one I have really been wanting to play, and tonight was the night.  I like the round tub this one comes in, and I’m a sucker for unique packaging.  As a zoo manager you construct your own zoo to attract visitors into your zoo. Visitors are attracted by large zoo areas for certain types of animals, and you score more points if you make loops through your pathways. Visitors also like many trees in a zoo, and you can score off shrubbery as well. Nice and simple game played in under an hour and explained in less than ten minutes. The design of the game is very Carcasonne-ish, but better, as you play your own zoo, right in front of you.  Also, give me a cool bidding game any day of the week….closed fist, no less.   This is an excellent game that I will definitely play again, and one day will own.  Even though I was kicking monkey-balls until the last round, when DaveO snuck up like a panther in heat and passed me, but I still walked away happy as a pig in sh**.


DaveO              105

Chris                101

Matt                 67

DTDB               66



Adel Verpflichtet

I wish I could just pass over this one, but I’ll say a few things…I don’t like this game.  I’ve played it once before, and remember not liking it, and gave it another shot and this time I really didn’t like it.  I half-assed the game which wasn’t too fair to the group, but I don’t think any of us really liked it….It just dragged on and freakin’ on. I don’t even want to explain it, but there are better 'rock-paper-scissors' games out there, and this just sucked.  I’d rather play T&E or watch T&A than this game, which is now officially my least favorite.  Matt won going away.




Get The Goods

Fly me to the MOON, let me play among the stars…I needed an infusion of quick and light and Get the Goods came to save me. Players are trying to collect majorities in as many of the ten different commodities by placing more cards (or second most) of that card type out than anyone else throughout three rounds. There are several “moon-isms" at play here, such as players using action points to purchase shares from either face up cards or the face down deck, points used to declare shares face up in front of you, and of course the scoring cards are shuffled into the deck to trigger three scoring rounds (a la UP). Players score victory points by having the most or second most shares in each type. After three scoring rounds, highest total wins. This was my first time playing and I had a great time, and would be very easy to teach a group of newbies…


Chris                28

Matty                19

DaveO              19

Downtown       16

Lisa                  14



Olympia 2000

A unique looking box prompted play of this obscure title that DaveO brought with him.  Players simultaneously played cards to compete in ancient olympic events, such as Long Jump, Discus or Archery. The cards have a picture of the athlete as well as a rating for his skills in each of the different events. Often times, an athlete will be very good at one event and be very poor in others. The key to the game is using your cards wisely, because although the best athlete gets the prize for the current event, the worst athlete gets to pick the up-coming event.

Good game with sport theme. Even the crippled athletes get you points, which I used to my advantage early on.  Fun game, and a definite open/closer….


Matt                 9

Chris                8

Lisa                  7

DaveO              5

DownT 5



Grand National Derby

We lost Matt, but hell, he stayed past midnight, which may be a record of some sort.  The rest of us played one final game, and after much indecision…GNB broke out.  Explained in previous sesh reports, this Reiner is a rollicking good show….


DaveO              7

Chris                7

Lisa                  6

DTDB               3


That’s it…nice to hosted another evening of games with my friends.  Thanks all for a great time. Till next time….Verpflichtet THIS!!!!