DATE:       Monday, January 27

PLACE:     Rick's

Attendees: DaveO, David Brown, Matt, Rick, Kim


DaveO was back in O.C., and in the post-Super Bowl euphoria (unless you happen to be a Raider Fan) a hasty Monday Meeting was called.


An old game, but new to OCBG, Vinci was first up at the request of Mr. Brown. DaveO had played this in his Silicon Valley days, but it had been quite some time. This might be as close to a "Civilization" game as we ever get (much to the chagrin of your webmaster...), but I have to say Vinci is a lot of fun. There is very little luck, and some fun decisions as to which "powers" to acquire, where to start your civilizations, when to put them into decline, etc. Matt, who lagged well behind early, rode the Field General to a big come-from-behind victory...


Matt    124

DaveO 123

DTDB   108

Rick     106


We just missed the David Brown "I can't start another game after 9:00" rule, so DT had to bow out - missing Moderne Zeiten for the second time as a result! I have to admit, I was not excited about DaveO grabbing this one off of my shelf - the first time around was an utter disaster (see the report from 12/19/02). However, to my surprise, I enjoyed the game this time - it is pretty light and fast, and I'm still not sure how much strategy is involved, but it hit home this time. Maybe I won't trade it to MaJo after all....the game again went to Matt, just edging us out.


Matt    12

Rick    11

DaveO 10


It was getting late, so we closed with Clash of the Gladiators - Kim of course joined in for the opportunity to kill. It was the Night of Matthias - he made it a clean sweep!


Matt    14

DaveO 13

Kim     12

Rick     9