Whole Wheat Bread Recipes (Second edition)
Bread making essentials, recipes, commentary, and bibliography. Written by Daniel D. Stuhlman with photographs by the author and line drawings by M.J. Stuhlman.

Category: Baking - Bread • Format: Electronic book, PDF format or paper • 2nd ed. 2008, revised 2009
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From the introduction --

Fine baked goods have long been symbols of warmth and love. One of my fondest memories of bread is the cinnamon bread that my Baba (grandmother) Leah made. I learned about the love of baking from her. No one has ever been able to duplicate her cinnamon bread or challah, because she did not write down the recipe.  She added ingredients by feel (handfuls and “glasses” rather than standard measures) and experience.  Every time I bake I use her wood bread board to shape my loaves.  I have tried to imitate the flavor of her bread, but it has turned in a mere memory of the love she put into the bread.  Since I use whole wheat flour in my recipes, my cinnamon bread has a more robust and fuller flavor than her white flour based loaves.  While the flavor is not the same, even my father (of blessed memory) liked my bread. 

Bread is what changes a snack into a meal. Great bread is never relegated to the sidelines of a meal; it is the center of the meal.  This book has easy to follow recipes, commentary, directions on preparation techniques and ingredients, and help for making the recipes in and Israel.

About the Author

By training Daniel D. Stuhlman is a librarian, professor, and writer.  He bakes bread every week for his own enjoyment and for his guests.


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