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Below are links to my Tiny Tafels.

What is a Tiny Tafel?

In a Tiny Tafel, an entry is made for each family line that is in the Ahnentafel Chart. It does not contain any personal details of those ancestors. Instead, it lists basic data about each family line - more specifically, a surname and then the years and places of the earliest and most recent persons. When looking for someone who's research might cross with your own, it would not be immediately helpful to be told all of the specifics of a list of persons. But, if you were told "I have research on the COLLINS family from 1700 to 1986, starting in England and ending in South Carolina" you would be able to immediately decide if there is a possibility of your lines crossing. This is the idea behind a Tiny Tafel.

The Kings Blood is in him!!!

Full Tiny Tafel of Main Database  Starting with Bryan W. (Chaney) Lane
                  --   All Surnames Listed in My Ancestral Tree (Bryan.FTW)

Tiny Tafel of Main Database   Starting with Bryan W. (Chaney) Lane
                  --  Direct Ancestor Surnames in My Ancestral Tree (Bryan.FTW)

Full Tiny Tafel of My Father's Database Starting with Harold D. Lane
                  --All Surnames Listed in His Ancestral Tree (Harold.FTW)

Tiny Tafel of My Father's Database Starting with Harold D. Lane
                  --Direct Ancestor Surnames in His Ancestral Tree(Harold.FTW)

Great Links & Further Research
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Part 2


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