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Last year:

The "Painters, Players and Poets Project" toured , with live performances and gallery shows in Maine to promote the set of completed works. First complete live
performance Sept. 7th at Portland Public Library. All info at

"Erie, on the periphery" was performed at the IAWM International Congress in Flagstaff, AZ, Sept. 14th.

"Di Camera" was performed at UMaine on Oct. 19th, with performers Jack Burt, Marisa Solomon and Laura Artesani, and was also played at the Portland Conservatory New Music Festival in April 2012.

Beth was part of "Composer-to-composer" on Nov. 16th at the Frontier Cafe in Brunswick, Maine, with a new work for Morgan Evans-Weiler.

"The Star Theatre," for clarinet, piano and DVD, was premiered in Orono, ME on January 21st, 2012.

A new work for chorus, "Let us in a Lovers Round," was premiered by the UMaine University Singers in November, 2011.
For this summer and fall:

The "Painters, Players and Poets Project" has now completed its tour, with a final live
performance in Kennebunk on July 6th, at Rivertree Arts.

An evening of Beth's works for soprano, clarinet and piano will be performed at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, NY on Oct. 20, 2012, with pianist Geoff Burleson and soprano Maria Tegzes.

A new work for trombone and DVD, "Sallee and Rumsey at Mann Gulch" will be
premiered by Dan Barrett on Oct. 24, 2012, in Minsky Recital Hall in Orono, Maine.

Two movements of a Mass, for chorus, 3 clarinets and piano, will be premiered by the
University Singers at UMaine, on Nov. 10-11, 2012.

"The Only Color I Have" will be premiered by Marcia Gronewold Sly, Karen Pendleton and Liz Downing in the spring of 2013.
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