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33 1/3 RPM (12")

Collectible: 08/16/2018 plcl ($10) NO OTHER COPIES FOUND OUT ON INTERNET! Various obscure country artists (see track listing below) / VG VG+ (plain, white cover) / Untitled / Label: Countrymen Records -- Record#: 001-E-71 RARE! recorded in Dubuque, Iowa
Side 1:Side 2:
Honky Tonk man - Mike NeyensShade tree fix-it man - Jim Klein
Born to lose - Joe (Red) SmithYou walked out on me - Mike Neyens
Spanish eyes (Instrumental) - Charlie Tharp & Jim NakashimaAnother bridge to burn - Jim Neyens
Proud Mary - Jim NakashimaSteel guitar rag (instrumental) - Charlie Tharp
Nashville Shuffle - Jim Nakashima & Charlie TharpIf I never get to Heaven - Joe (Red) Smith
Afraid - Joe (Red) SmithMy elusive dream - Dick Cruse
Tall dark stranger - Jim NakashimaCrazy arms (vocal) - Mike Neyens