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 basically bunnies is a not-for-profit rabbit rescue and refuge located in Reno, NV.        
 We also accept most small rodents.                                                                                                        

On October 29, 2005, we had the pleasure of welcoming a special needs bunny.  "Happy" will stay here if necessary but, if just the right home can be found, we would love to place her.  She is a 4-5 year old New Zealand spayed doe, litter box trained, very sweet disposition and an indoor-only bunny. Happy was rescued years ago when she was a bunny and only had three legs;  the kind people who took her in really don't know what the circumstances are surrounding the loss of her right rear leg.  She gets along great but needs a little help cleaning her right ear; she also needs a lot of love and attention!  This will be basically bunnies' swan song, so to speak; if you can give Happy a loving home, please contact us.  UPDATE:  Happy has a new home with Second Chance Bunnies in Auburn, CA .  You may contact Janet at 530 269-7760 or http://www.secondchancebunnies.com
for more information.


On Decemeber 31st of 2005 basically bunnies will close.  Our 501(c)(3) expires on that day and we felt it was the appropriate time to take the action we knew for some time had to be taken.
On November 7, 2004,  I was working on the refuge and had a 300 pound railroad tie fall on my right foot, crushing it.  After many days in the hospital fighting a deadly infection that was threatening to invade my bones, I was released to physical therapy.  There was nothing more the doctors could do.  Since they could not drain the injury of the infection for fear of introducing even more bacteria, I was discharged.
The railroad tie had a ragged end to it and it slightly punctured the top of my foot.....bandaid stuff.  This, however, turned out to be the miracle we were praying for when, three weeks later, that tiny wound opened up and started to drain all the infected, clotted blood.  It was pretty scary at the time, but time has shown that, without this happening, amputation was almost a given.
Now, in June of 2005, I am most fortunate to still have a foot, albeit one that is rather discolored and painful.  I can walk normally most of the time, though some of my normal activities have been cut back or eliminated.

When all this first took place my husband and I had to make some very, very tough decisions.  Many tears were shed, and still are.  Something good that we made together from nothing had succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, and now the dream was over.  
We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and supporters from all over the United States; all of the wonderful people who have adopted hundreds of our animals over the years and given these little ones the loving, caring homes they deserved.  Those who have supported us financially and emotionally; those who have volunteered their time and hard work to make basically bunnies the success that it was.  God bless you all.
As of August 28, 2005, all of our adoptable bunnies have found new, loving homes!  A special "thank you" to all who came and gave these last few wonderful animals a second chance.  We will continue to care for the 100+ animals on the refuge; as long as they are here they will be fed and cared for just as before.

Thank you all for being a part of my dream.

Lisa Hauck


Our ranch has been closed.  I will leave this page up indefinitely for educational purposes.  Please email me using the link below if you have any questions.

       For information about adopting a rabbit, free information about caring for your pet, or if you are in need of a home for your bunny, please contact Lisa at the email address below. Also, be sure to check out the FAQ page on this site for information on health, diet, behavior and general care.  Your question may very well be there.  If not, ask!

       Thank you for visiting basically bunnies.  Please look around and enjoy the animals!  As our population changes we'll be adding new stories and pictures.  Stop by again soon!

       Member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association  (ARBA)

        basically bunnies is chartered by the State of Nevada as a nonprofit corporation.  

       basically bunnies has been recognized by the Internal  Revenue Service as a publicly supported organization and is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All donations made to basically bunnies are tax deductible through 12/31/05.

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Doesn't she look as though she'd make a wonderful pet?  She won't, because we had to euthanize her.  The reason we had to do that was because someone dumped her over our fence and assumed that she'd be taken care of here.  She would have been, if only we'd known she was here.  By the time she made it up the hill, a distance of almost 700 feet, and found where the others on the refuge come for their food and water, she was so emaciated and dehydrated that she could barely stand.  In her weakened state, she had also contracted full-blown pasteurella.  She could barely breathe because of congested lungs and sinus passages.  
Do Not Abandon Your Pet
basically bunnies does not turn any animal away.
We ask for a donation when you surrender your pet, but no animal is turned away due to your inability to contribute.

$17;  all proceeds go to
the bunnies.  One of the
best books out there!  Call
or email for more info.

We also now have available for sale:
comfort mats, for relief from sitting on wire
papaya tablets
nice, new toys of all kinds, many that can't be found locally
rabbit treats
new water bottles
new ceramic feed crocks, decorated with bunny designs
 used water bottles and feeders
used hutches, all sizes
used cages, many sizes

   friends of basically bunnies  

Mark Ditsworth, DVM - Kings Row Pet Hospital
Katie Rohrer-Weldon, VMD - Kings Row Pet Hospital
Ren Johnson, DVM - Fairgrounds Animal Hospital
Green's Feed
Pettin Place
Lowes Home Improvement
Mike Kitson - On-Call Graphics
Tom Nordness and Shoppers Square Mall
 The Big Nickel
Humane Society of Utah
The PetCo Foundation
PetCo Northtowne
Richard McNatt - McNatt Construction
Bayer Pharmaceuticals/Bayer Animal Health
Purina Mills
Marshall Pet Products
Lixit Corporation
SuperPet/Pets International, LTD.
Nevada State Bank
Janni & Roger Eade - Discount Pet Food & Supply
Lynne Sawri

    2001                             2002                                  2003   
Rescues:  161              Rescues:  219                     Rescues:  258
Adoptions:  65             Adoptions:  93                    Adoptions:  117

The above figures include rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, chickens, guinea fowl, one turtle, gerbils, and chinchillas.
In 2003, 258 animals came to basically bunnies; 52 of the 221 rabbits were brought to be released on to the refuge, including 3 rehabilitated cottontails.  

A big "thank-you" to all those who chose to adopt and give these wonderful animals a second chance.


We are always in need of:

green leafy vegetables
rabbit food
***cash donations!***

***The above message applies to all gift-giving occasions; please don't give a live animal as a gift unless the recipient has specifically asked for one, and then consider giving an "I.O.U." card and let the person choose his or her own pet.   

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