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 4 little Asian dwarf hamsters born approx. 11/23/03.  Update 10/04:  These little critters have been with us since 12/9/03.  We've become so attached to them that we have decided that they should stay here for the rest of their lives.  They enjoy a lot of spoiling and love and give my husband and me much happiness in return.

 "Havoc" and      "Radar"are two male chinchillas, approximately 4-5 years old.  Radar is named for his extremely large ears!  Both are in need of a forever home, but their new human must understand that chins can live 20+ years, with the average lifespan being 10-15 years.  Being a chin owner is a commitment.  If you're interested, research these wonderful, exotic pets at:  
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and then contact us for an appointment to see them.  They should go to a home together as they've been together for several years.  ADOPTED!

This little guy is a 7-8 month old Netherland Dwarf neutered male.  He weighs about 2 to 2-1/2 pounds and is little box trained.  He was found abandoned in Las Vegas and given a loving but, out of necessity,  temporary home and medical care.  After his surgery he was transported to Reno and basically bunnies.  He was quite frightened when he arrived but is now becoming interested in his surrounding and curious about people he sees.  He'll be a nice pet for someone willing to offer him a permanent home.  ADOPTED!

  "DeeDee" is a beautiful smoke pearl Netherland Dwarf doe, born 9/03.  She is sweet and litter box trained.  She weighs about 2-1/2 pounds.  ADOPTED!

 It was assumed that this little tort doe had been spayed because it looked like she had a surgical scar on her abdomen when she was shaved in preparation for surgery.  Two days after arriving she had four babies.  Unfortunately, since we weren't aware of her condition and she was not provided with a nest box, her babies did not survive.  She is now available for adoption.  She's two years old (8/03) and good with children.  A very sweet bunny, this little girl was given up because her humans had "no room" for her.  She is the only one of this group yet to be adopted.  Update:  11/04 on refuge

This little black Netherland Dwarf doe is 10-12 months old.  She was repeated found running in a neighborhood and finally brought to basically bunnies.  She is very hormonal and does exhibit aggressiveness such as biting and growling.  Immediately upon arriving, she pulled massive amounts of fur and built a beautiful nest, but no babies have arrived and now it's time to look for a good home where she'll be loved and, most importantly, spayed.  Once the hormones that drive her behavior are gone, she should settle down to being a great pet.  Update:  was spayed 9/2/04.  Due to her aggressive behavior, even after spaying, she was released onto the refuge 11/04.

 This beautiful castor rex buck was rescued from Animal Services and is 10-12 months old (6/04).  He's quite friendly but apparently hasn't had much positive attention and responds eagerly to gentle petting and soft voices.  He needs a special human with lots of love to give.  ADOPTED!

ADOPTED!                           on refuge                           on refuge
The three bunnies pictured above were brought in by two caring ladies. It seems that someone in their neighborhood has been breeding and carelessly letting the rabbits roam loose. Some have been hit by cars, some have been seen trying to get around with broken legs....These three lucky does were taken in by the ladies, who now find that they just can't care for them properly. The two broken fawns are Mini Lops, and the broken chin seems to have some Satin in her. All are about 1 to 1-1/2 years old (7/03). They've adjusted to being at basically bunnies really well and are friendly.  They are at the age where spaying will help their dispositions enormously.  All are very healthy and will make super pets.

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