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  Freckles is a 2-1/2 year old (1/04) Mini Rex neutered male.  He was adopted by a family in 2002 that can no longer keep him.  He's very sweet rabbit in need of loving, forever home.   Update:  Freckles has been released on to the refuge (3/04).
 Floppy is a 6 year old (7/03) chinchilla Mini Lop doe. She started life as a school pet for a couple of years and was then given a good home by a student and his family. But after 4 years, Floppy needs a new home in which to live out her days. Even though she's a senior, she could still have a few years of love to give someone who will give her the chance.  Update:  3/04, Floppy is now enjoying life on the refuge.
 This little Dwarf Hotot doe was found in the street.  After attempting to find her owner, the kind folks who found her called us and are hoping we can find her a forever home.  She's about 4-5 months old (2/04), very small, maybe 2 pounds, and is learning to use her litter box.  She likes to be held and petted.  ADOPTED!
 Fawn Jersey Wooly buck approx. 10-12 months old.  Needs to be groomed several times a week.  Update:  12/1/04:  has been neutered and shaved to remove mats.  ADOPTED!
 This little guy has been with us for a very long time.  He's probably about 3 years old (7/03).  He came from a pet store that didn't want him after he grew out of the "bunny" stage.  He's a beautiful broken fawn, probably a cross between a Holland Lop and something else.  All he needs is a kind human to give him a chance.  Update:  passed away 3/04
 This little cutie is about 9 weeks old (8/03) and a beautiful chocolate brown color.  He was found along side the road by two wonderful young men when he was about 4 weeks old.  He had injuries to his back, as though a predator had grabbed him.  He is in perfect health now and waiting for a new home with a loving family.  He's very sweet and loves attention. Updated photo 10/03. Update: 3/04 on refuge
 This little agouti buck (9/10/03) is the only one left of a litter born 5/26/03.  Their mother was abandoned and rescued by a caring neighbor.  However, she became allergic to them and had to place them with basically bunnies when they were 6 weeks old.  He is litter box trained and loves attention.  ADOPTED!
 Cheesecake is the daughter of Blue and Tommy (see above) and was born 4/2/04.  Her potty habits are not the best, and she was returned to us after her first family tried everything but just couldn't cope with her spraying urine outside her cage.  This is not a common problem with does; they even spayed her, but she still is a messy girl.  Cheesecake will make a nice outside bunny, and perhaps, in time, she'll learn to use a litter box.  Update: 4/3/04 Cheesecake has been released on to the refuge.
 This little doe was found running in the neighborhood in Loyalton, CA.  A caring neighbor contacted us and now she's looking for a forever home.  She's about 1 to 1/1/2 years old (1/04), friendly and using her litter box. ADOPTED!
 Blue Dutch doe, approx. 8-10 months old.  ADOPTED!
 This fawn doe was abandoned in Rancho San Rafael Park and trapped by the Rangers. She is very friendly and healthy and is ready for a new family that won't throw her away.  She's very young, maybe 6 months old (8/03).  She is litter box trained.  ADOPTED!
 Harlequin-colored bunny rabbit buck, about 8-10 months old.  He is good natured and is using his litter box .  ADOPTED!
 This litle male rat was found in someone's yard.  He has beautiful ruby-colored eyes, which for some reason the flash on the camera whited-out.  He's just a baby, about 3 months old.  ADOPTED!
   Long Ears is a Dutch doe, approx. 1-1/2 years old (12/03).  She came from a caring home but her human could no longer care for her properly.  She's learning to use her potty and is easy to handle.  A sweet bunny, Long Ears will make a nice pet.  Update: (4/20/04)  Long Ears is enjoying her freedom on the refuge.
 Buddah, a 3-1/2 year old Californian/ Mini Lop cross doe, was ADOPTED! April 22, 2004.  She came to us with her parents and six littermates when she was 6 weeks old.
 Buddah's Sister is about 3 years old (7/03).  She's been here since she was 6 weeks old.  She's very sweet, loves to be petted  and weighs about 6 pounds.  ADOPTED!
  This little Netherland Dwarf buck is about 3 or 3-1/2 years old (7/03). He has a sweet disposition and loves attention. He is also a "special-needs" bunny: his incisors are severely maloccluded and need to be trimmed about every 3-4 weeks. We'll be glad to teach a caring human how to do this simple procedure; in return, you'll have a loving companion.  He has lost the sight in his left eye.  Update:  4/25/04  This little guy is no longer available for adoption.  His health has declined rapidly.  Update:  5/4/04 passed away
 Penelope (right) and Margretto are two year old (8/03) spayed females.  Margretto is extremely shy while Penelope is outgoing.  These girls should be adopted together as they are "best friends".  Both used a litter box in their previous home.  ADOPTED!
  Picasso will be one year old in June 2004.  He is a broken agouti Netherland Dwarf buck and quite friendly.  He came from a home with two male rabbits and, because they didn't get along even though his friend was neutered, Picasso is looking for a new home.  He is litter box trained. ADOPTED!
 Doogie is a broken lilac French Lop buck.  He is about 5 years old and weighs 9-1/2 pounds.  Doogie has arthritis in his shoulders and front legs, and we're trying a new pain medicine which will hopefully bring almost 100% relief from his aches.  Doogie is adoptable and deserves a wonderful, loving home.  His new human, however, needs to be aware that he will require pain medication on a regular (daily or every other day) basis.  He is an exceptionally sweet rabbit.  Update:  Doogie has developed abscesses on three feet.  We are attempting to treat him with antibiotics and foot soaks following surgical lancing; the outcome is questionable at this time.  Update:  Doogie passed away 5/11/04.
 These two babies were born of a mother abandoned on private property in Cold Springs.  They are the only survivors of the litter; one boy and one girl.  They are all black and quite fuzzy and about 8 weeks old (3/9/04).  The little boy has the Rex gene which make his fur appear a bit kinky and his whiskers curly.  They do not have to be adopted together.  Update:  The babies were released onto the refuge 5/04 and are very happy!
 "Tony" is the first Tan we've ever had in rescue.  Tans are a beautiful breed characterized by their tan under-belly, eye circles, and ears.  Tony is a black; the other colors of the breed are lilac, blue and chocolate.  Tans average 4-5 pounds.  He is litter box trained. ADOPTED
 On August 30, 2003, basically bunnies welcomed 9 New Zealand rabbits.  The animals came from the medical school affiliated with an out-of-state university.  Some were used for research, some were "extra" animals that weren't utilized.  All have been spayed/neutered and are under one year old, and all are in good health and have not been harmed in any way.   They would have been euthanized had not a kind volunteer offered to drive them to Reno.  3 have already been adopted 2 released on to the refuge and 4 still need kind, loving homes.  These bunnies are very large:  10-12 pounds and very gentle once they know you.  They will make excellent pets. Update: 5/6/04  One more adopted; one still available.  Update:  5/30/04  The last New Zealand was released onto the refuge.
 What a pretty girl this is! A 6 month old (7/03) New Zealand cross doe, she came to rescue because her owners are starting to travel and cannot care for her with their new life style.  This little lady is gentle, curious, and will make an excellent pet.  Full grown she'll weigh 6-8 pounds.  She is litter box trained.  ADOPTED!
 Lilly is a 3 year old (5/04) tort Holland Lop.  She has been spayed and is litter box trained.  Lilly has returned to basically bunnies after enjoying two years with a wonderful family, which is moving out of state.  She has lots of attitude and really enjoys being part of a family, though she hates cats.  ADOPTED!
 Hopper is a broken smoked pearl Mini Lop doe.  She has an aggression problem due to not being spayed.  I believe she will make a fine pet once she has been spayed and treated kindly by her new owner.   ADOPTED!
 This sweet little guy was rescued from Animal Control and is about 6-8 months old (5/04).  A little agouti buck, we believe he's a Netherland Dwarf cross.  He's very social, enjoys his toys and uses a litter box.  He weighs about 2-1/2 to 3 pounds.  ADOPTED!
 Suki is a 9 month old Netherland Dwarf/Dutch cross buck.  He is quite friendly and is using his litter box.  He weighs about 2-1/2 pounds and will be a nice pet.  ADOPTED!
 This little Netherland Dwarf buck was adopted from basically bunnies in March of 2004 but was returned due to severe allergies in the family.  He is about 8-10 months old, very sweet and litter box trained.  He weighs about 2 pounds.  ADOPTED!
  This little broken black buck was rescued from Animal Control.  He's about 6-8 months old (5/04) and learning to use his litter box.  He stomps his foot a lot but does not show aggression such as biting, lunging or growling; he loves to be petted.  He needs a human who will be patient and gentle with him.  We believe he too is a Netherland Dwarf cross.  ADOPTED!
 This picture does not do this little guy justice.  He's a beautiful tri-color, white broken with orange and black.  He's about 4 to 4-1/2 pounds and litter box trained.  About 10-12 months old (6/04), this bunny is very sweet and gentle.  ADOPTED!
 Mildred is a frosted pearl bunny rabbit, approx. 1 to 1-1/2 years old.  He is about 4 pounds and very, very sweet.  Mildred has been neutered and is litter box trained.  He was found along side the road in Oakland, CA, just after Easter.  Thankfully, two wonderful humans rescued and cared for him as long as they could.  Now Mildred needs a forever home with a loving family.  ADOPTED!
 "Dutch" is a 6-7 year old (7/03) black Dutch buck. He belonged to an elderly lady who had to move and give up all her animals. He was very well treated and is very sweet and easy to handle. He'll make a great pet for someone who doesn't mind adopting a senior citizen.  UPDATE:  Dutch enjoyed life in a new home for a few weeks in Oct. and Nov. 03 but has been returned because the family found his daily brushing and frequent baths to be too much work.  This is a "special needs" bunny who needs lots of exercise to lose weight and frequent baths to keep his bottom clean.  He is very sweet and will enrich someone's life.  UPDATE:  7/04:  Dutch is living in a loving foster home.
The baby rats pictured below were born around 2/20/04.  There are 3 boys and 3 girls looking for loving homes.  Rats make excellent pets for children and adults alike.  They are very intelligent, friendly and clean and do not require a lot of work.
 Three girls and one boy adopted;  two boys still available ADOPTED!

  Peanut is a 4 month old Holland Lop doe, born 3/04.  She's using her litter box and loves attention.  Peanut was an Easter bunny who made too much noise when she used her water bottle, so was confined to a closet with the door shut.  Needless to say, she has responded very well to a large, airy cage with fresh food and lots of water.  She weighs about 3 pounds at present.  ADOPTED!
The same family who adopted Peanut also adopted Oreo, a 5 year old Mini Lop doe.  She came to us after being bred, presumably for all of her 5 years, and with a broken leg.  Both ladies are now spayed and living the good life!

 These four teddy bear hamsters were abandoned in the laundry room of an apartment complex.  The manager found them the day after Thanksgiving (2003) and brought them to basically bunnies.  They seem very mellow,  don't bite and will make excellent pets.  All ADOPTED!

 This little Holland Lop buck came in with another male, presumably his brother, from a home that no longer wished to care for them.  The brother was adopted in less than 24 hours; this little guy needs a loving, forever home.  He is about 1 year old (6/04) and litter box trained.  Both bunnies are slightly underweight and can use about a pound added to their frames.  Both are healthy and very sweet.

   "Penny" is a 4 year old (9/04) smoked pearl Netherland Dwarf.  She was recently spayed and is in need of a new home due to the allergies of her humans.  She is litter box trained and enjoys attention.  Penny weighs about 2 pounds.  ADOPTED!

 Mama    Daughter
 Daughter  ADOPTED!

The three guinea pigs pictured above are about 1 year old and 4-5 months old, respectively (1/25/04).  They were found abandoned in the snow in an RV park.  A fourth died but these three seem very healthy.  They are very frightened but are eating well and will be in top shape very soon.  Update:  1/31/04:  The daughter in the middle has been adopted!;  Update:  2/21/04:  Mama Pig apparently was carrying another litter which died before birth, resulting in her death.

 A medium-size lop cross, this buck is about one year old.  He's quite friendly but shy, burying his head in your arms when he's picked up.  He has a pimple on his vent area and is currently on antibiotics.  About one year old (5/04), he'll be available for adoption following his medical treatment.  Update:  9/04 on refuge.

 "Bandit" is a 5-1/2 pound Hotot buck, approximately 1 to 1-1/2 years old.  He was seen being dumped at a local park and immediately picked up and sent to the SPCA, who in turn brought him to us.  Bandit is litter box trained and very gentle.  He loves to be petted and will sit in your lap for a long time enjoying the attention!  ADOPTED!

 "Angel" is a beautiful broken agouti French Lop.  She was born April 1, 2004, and was recently spayed.  Angel needs a loving, forever home due to the illness of her first human.  She is litter box trained, gets along with gentle dogs and cats, and loves parsley, carrots and bananas.  She also loves being petted!  Angel will weigh over 10 pounds when full grown.  ADOPTED!

 This is an updated picture of a beautiful broken opal buck that has been in rescue since he was six weeks old.  He's now (9/03) about 2 years old and the only bunny from the litter who hasn't found a forever home.  He's very fastidious about his potty habits but has become shy over time and will need a human with lots of love and patience.  Update 10/04 on refuge.

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