Currently Available

Holly is a 2-1/2 to 3 year old (3/05) shaded Netherland Dwarf doe.  She has been spayed.
 Mya is about 4-1/2 years old (3/05).  She is a lop cross doe weighing about 4-5 pounds and has been spayed.  Both girls were adopted from basically bunnies in 2002.  Unfortunately, due to sad circumstances, they have found themselves back here and looking for a new family to love them.  Both are quite sweet and are litter box trained.  UPDATE:  6/05  Holly and Mya went home to their original adoptive  humans and are very happy once again.

On November 2, 2004, basically bunnies welcomed many homeless rabbits from The Humane Society of Utah in Salt Lake City.  Some were released onto the refuge; those listed below are available for adoption.

 "Brownie" is a wonderful Flemish Giant spayed doe.  She is litter box trained and very friendly.  Her intake papers say she is 7 years old, but I have my doubts.  She is very healthy and her teeth look much younger than 7 years.  She weighs 12.8 pounds.  ADOPTED!

 "Bunny" is a black Dutch spayed female, approximately 1-1/2 years old.  She's sweet and friendly, good with children and is learning to use her litter box.  ADOPTED!

 "Snowy" is a broken fawn Mini Lop neutered male.  He is shy but gentle and is litter box trained.  ADOPTED!

 This Flemish Giant is a spayed doe and is litter box trained.  Her age has not yet been determined.  She weighs in excess of 12 pounds.  ADOPTED!

 "Candy" is a little Mini Rex doe, shy but sweet and easy to handle.  She is about 1 year old and has been spayed.  She is a broken chocolate and weighs about 4 pounds.  ADOPTED!

 "Rose" is a broken chin Holland Lop spayed doe.  She is 1-2 years old and litter box trained.  ADOPTED!

   Bertrille is named after the main character in the 60's TV show "The Flying Nun" because of her ears. The right one is relatively normal for a Mini Lop, but the left one was damaged in a fight when she was running loose and the tip kind of flops down like Sister Bertrille's veil. Bertrille is between two and three years old (7/03) and a beautiful tort, almost sable, color. A very sweet and friendly bunny, she'll be an excellent pet.  She doesn't like being picked up, and has been in rescue long enough that she'll need a patient human who will allow her time to learn to trust.  She's very good about using her litter box.  UPDATE:  Bertrille has been given her freedom on the refuge.

Blue ADOPTED!, left, is the father of Clara (middle) and Tommy.  He is is about 2-1/2 years old (7/03) and his daughters were born in June of 2002.  They are a cross of Netherland Dwarf, Dutch and Holland Lop and weigh about 4 pounds.  Tommy and Blue are litter box trained and very sweet animals.  UPDATE:  Clara has been released on to the refuge.

 This sweet buck was rescued by a caring lady when he was abandoned in a residential neighborhood.  He's about a year or a year and a half old (6/03) and loves attention.  He uses his litter box faithfully.   ADOPTED!

 This tort Dutch doe and her black male friend are now old enough to enjoy separate cages, but both are still waiting for loving, permanent homes.  She's about 5 months old  now and he's about 4 and half months (as of 8/16/03).  Both are good about using their litter boxes and are friendly and love attention.  They do not have to be adopted together.
             updated photos 10/03
                  ADOPTED!                                           ADOPTED!

 This doe is a cross between a Mini Rex papa and a Jersey Wooley mama.  She is one of a litter born 6/16/03 and the only one that hasn't been adopted.  She's friendly and litter box trained.  Update:  on refuge

The following bunnies and guinea pigs were rescued from Reno Animal Services 11/20/03.

 Opal doe approx. 1 year old.  Litter box trained.  Loves attention.  UPDATE:  
4/05 spayed.  ADOPTED!
 Opal doe, probably a Netherland Dwarf cross.  Approx. 5 months old.  ADOPTED!

 These three-year-old (1/04) bucks have been together since they were bunnies.  They started fighting when they arrived in rescue and have been given their own cages.  They are available for adoption separately.  Both have sweet dispositions and are litter box trained.  Both weigh about 6 pounds.  UPDATE:  4/05  The tort buck is enjoying life on the refuge.  Californian is ADOPTED!

 "Skippity Hop" is a tort Dutch buck.  He weighs about 4 pounds and is quite friendly, but dislikes being picked up.  He used his litter box when he first arrived but now is having some problems.  With patience and love, a new human should be able to mold Skip into a nice pet.  ADOPTED!

 A beautiful lilac Rex, Dexter is in need of a new home because his family is moving.  He's very faithful with his litter box and loves to be petted.  Dexter was born 5/23/03 and  weighs about 6 pounds.  ADOPTED!

The following rabbits were rescued from Animal Services 3/11/04.

 This beautiful opal Mini Rex buck is about 1-1/2 years old.  He's very friendly. UPDATE:  5/05 on refuge
 Harlequin-colored bunny rabbit doe, about 6-8 months old.  Friendly.  Update:  on refuge

 Broken castor Mini Rex doe, approx. 1 year old.  Sweet bunny.  Likes to sleep!   Update:  on refuge

 FooFoo is a 5 year old (3/04) Holland Lop buck.  He has an eye problem involving the third eyelid in both eyes.  The vet isn't sure just what the problem is:  we've treated him with two types of opthalmic antibiotics and Baytril, a systemic antibiotic.  The problem has not responded.  The eyelids are swollen and pink and seem to be filled with fluid; his eyes drain but he doesn't seem to be over bothered by the problem.  We are considering a visit to a specialist, if our resources permit.  His former owners didn't want to take care of him anymore and will not return our calls regarding his well-being.  We were told he is purebred and would come with a pedigree, which they also have withheld.  FooFoo is in need of neutering but is not aggressive,  just overly "romantic".  He is learning to use a litter box and is very friendly.  Can you love this special-needs bunny?   Update:  4/04  Dr. Katie agrees that FooFoo's eye problems are more of a problem to the people looking at him than to FooFoo himself, and that we should just leave them alone.  He still needs to be neutered but doesn't require any additional medical care.  UPDATE:  5/05  FooFoo has passed away.

 Buttercup (left) and    Snowshoe,  ADOPTED!
two Netherland Dwarf does, were born in July 2003.  Both weigh about 3 pounds and are learning to use their litter boxes.  They had lived in the same cage and were starting to resent sharing their space, so they will need extra love and patience but should make very nice pets.  Buttercup is rather aggressive and will need to be spayed as soon as possible; Snowshoe is friendlier but also needs to be spayed.  Update:  Jan. 2005, Buttercup on refuge

 Cinnamon is a 2-1/2 year old Mini Lop/Mini Rex cross buck.  He does not have the rex fur.  He is very sweet and friendly and is litter box trained.  ADOPTED!

 Curly is Cinnamon's brother.  He does have rex fur.  Curly's a beautiful broken red.  Like his brother he is friendly and is using his litter box somewhat.  Both weigh about 5 pounds.  UPDATE:  4/05 Curly has been neutered and is re-learning his litter box. ADOPTED!

 Lucky is a 2-1/2 year old (4/04) fawn bunny rabbit buck.  He looks like he may be a Mini Lop cross.  He truly lives up to his name.  When he was a baby, he was placed in a snake cage as feed, but the snake wasn't hungry and Lucky was left there for several days until a kind family saw him and took him home.  After a couple of years they decided he'd have a better life with a new family, one that could spend more time with him.  So now he's in rescue, waiting for someone to love him and give him lots of love.  He's a nice boy though rather shy.  He is litter box trained.  ADOPTED!

 Thumper is a chocolate chinchilla Netherland Dwarf cross buck, about 9 months old (4/04).  He weighs about 2-1/2 pounds and is learning  to use his litter box, though has not been too successful yet.  He's going through a "teenage" phase right now and exhibits behavioral problems such as stomping his foot (hence, his name), indicating displeasure, and also an aversion to being held.  Neutering will mellow him out a lot and he'll be a great pet for someone willing to be patient with him for a few weeks.  ADOPTED!

    These two Mini Lop does were rescued from Animal Services and are about one year old (6/04).  Both have ulcers on one eye, currently being treated with antibiotic ointment.  The bunny on the left is quite friendly and not too difficult to handle; the bunny on the right is a bit more aloof.  Both will mellow out after spaying and make nice pets.  The sight in one eye may be compromised but at this time the prognosis is positive.  UPDATE:  The tort doe on the right passed away 3/05.  The isabella doe has been spayed and the ulcer on her eye is clearing up.  ADOPTED!

 "Fluffy" is approximately 15 weeks old (7-04).  She obviously has Dutch in her, but possibly some Netherland Dwarf as well; it will depend on how big she eventually grows.  Right now she's about 2 pounds.  She's having trouble comprehending the use of her litter box and other social skills, which leads us to believe she was probably taken from her mother too soon.  Bunnies should stay with Mama for at least 6 weeks.  She will need a family willing to be patient and offer her positive, loving interaction.  Update:  Fluffy was spayed 9/2/04.  ADOPTED!

  These sweet little girls were born on May 18, 2004.  They were born to Netherland Dwarf parents and, along with their brother (see below) are in need of loving, forever homes.  Their coloring is called himi, or himilayan, with dark points on the nose, tail, feet and ears.  They should grow to about 2 to 2-1/2 pounds.  They are extremely sweet and used to being handled by a loving family with young children.

 "Poe" is a neutered Dutch male and "Ivan" is a neutered broken smoke pearl Holland Lop male.  Both are around 2 years old (8/04) and litter box trained.  Poe is shy but loves to sit on your lap and be petted; Ivan is more outgoing and loves to be petted but not picked up.  Both are wonderful bunnies and are looking for a forever home where they can be together.  ADOPTED!

 "Lucy" is a six month old (10/04) Holland Lop buck.  His first owner thought he was a little girl!  Lucy came to rescue because his first owner feels he made a mistake in choosing a rabbit for a pet.  We're working on Lucy's litter box training and he'll blossom in a loving, forever home.  He's very friendly but is at the age when he should be neutered.  Update:  Lucy is scheduled to be neutered 2/10/05  Update: Lucy has developed a spot on his left eye which has not responded to antibiotics.  Dr. Katie is sending a sample of his blood  to a lab in Maryland to be checked for four different diseases.  Please think positive thoughts for him, as these are very serious and most often fatal illnesses.  UPDATE:  3/15/05  Lucy has tested postive for E. cuniculi, a parasite that can be present in rabbits, even though they show no symptoms.  Veterinarians have recently been successful in treating this type of infection with an oral antibiotic;  Lucy will begin his protocol tomorrow and it's scheduled to continue for 3-4 months.  At that time he will be re-evaluated.  Either he will be taken off the medication or it will be given for an extended period of time, depending on the progress.  Lucy is very sweet and is adoptable; basically bunnies will provide the medication needed.  He needs to go to a home with no other rabbits, as his infection is contagious, passed through the urine.  He has been neutered.  UPDATE:  4/10/05  Lucy has been placed into a loving foster home.

 "Roxie" is a black Mini Lop doe, about 1-1/2 to 2 years old.  She's had a rough start to life but has displayed no aggressive tendencies at basically bunnies.  She was unwanted in at least two homes before coming to a loving family who very much wanted to keep her;  there were allergy problems, however, so now she's looking for someone who will give her love and a forever home.  UPDATE:  4/05  spayed.  UPDATE:  5/23/05 on refuge.