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 This little fellow doesn't have a name.  He is a young Mini Lop, very small for the breed.  He weighs about 4 1/2 pounds.   He was found running loose on a busy street in Reno's business district and dropped off at a local pet store.  This bunny has a sweet disposition and will make an excellent pet.  He is very friendly and always looking for a scratch when I walk by his  cage. ADOPTED!

 This picture doesn't show it very well, but the distinctive black eye markings of the Dwarf Hotot are definitely a major part of this little doe's charm.  She is quite young:  Probably 6 or 7 months old.  She came from a local pet store that couldn't find her a home.  The best part of her day is feeding time, when she enjoys a much-anticipated scratch.  As the name of the breed indicates, Dwarf Hotots are quite small, averaging 2 1/2 to 3 pounds.  UPDATE:  This little gal injured her right eye somehow and has developed trauma-induced glaucoma.  Even though she has a constant headache she is still very sweet and will have a normal lifespan.  She needs someone special to love her and treat her kindly. UPDATE: passed away 6/16/03.

 Another rabbit a store had difficulty selling was this beautiful New Zealand.  A young doe, she is very friendly and loves attention.  This breed gets quite large, averaging 10-11 pounds.  As with many large breeds, the New Zealand makes a good pet because of it's temperament.  UPDATE:  On refuge.

 Another rescue from a pet store, this beautiful Himalayan Netherland Dwarf was housed with a male and.....she presented us with these adorable bunnies a couple of weeks after she arrived!  The Papa is a mixed breed, fawn and white in color.  These babies are so cute, and just as friendly as can be.  One is called a broken blue, meaning it's color is white broken with blue.  Blue in the rabbit world looks like gray to most non-rabbit people, but there is really no such thing as a gray rabbit!  The little Mini Lop buck featured above is blue, as is this Mama's ears, tail, feet and the tip of her nose. (These are called "points".)  The other is a broken chestnut, meaning brown fur broken with white.  They are so precious and have sweet temperaments.  I haven't as yet checked if they are boys or girls, but whatever they are they will make wonderful pets for some lucky human.  They were born on 11/2 and will be ready for adoption the week of 12/18.   Broken blue baby adopted!   Broken agouti baby adopted!   Mama adopted!

 This isn't a real good picture of Truffles....he is a beautiful chocolate Mini Rex, probably about 9-10 months old.  His original owner kept him in an area retirement home and the residents loved him very much.  But, his owner was transferred and now Truffles needs a new family.  He's been checked by a vet and pronounced healthy.  With his velvet-like fur, this bunny is a real pleasure to pet and groom.  He is about 4 pounds and is full-grown.  This is another very friendly bunny who needs a human to love.  ADOPTED!

 This part Dutch rabbit had a hard beginning in life.  Her owner's boyfriend threw her at his Husky in the middle of a lover's quarrel and she was blinded in her left eye.  Worse, she is now so terrified of everything and everyone and she may not be suitable for adoption.  She is coming around a bit, very slowly.  She's a beautiful bunny and we hope that one day she'll learn to trust again.  UPDATE:  Passed away in her sleep 3/05.

 Brownie was passed around from person to person, none of whom wanted the "Easter Bunny".  One kind family called basically bunnies and asked us to give him a home.  He is a delightful cross breed, and as friendly and loving as you'll ever want a pet to be.   He thrives on attention and loves to be a part of what's going on around him.  This unfortunate rabbit's fate is one of the best reasons I can think of for never buying a live animal for Easter or Christmas.  Animals are not disposable; any addition to your family of the furred or feathered variety should be well thought-out and not bought for its novel appeal.  ADOPTED!

 Dabu is an exceptionally sweet little guy, about 2 years old.  He loves people and wants at least one human for his very own!  He's very polite about using his potty, but misses the spoiling he got in his last home.  His people couldn't keep him because they lived in an apartment and Dabu insisted on scenting "his" things.  They couldn't bear to keep him in his cage, so they're hoping someone will adopt him and let him run and play outside occasionally.  ADOPTED!

  This Bearded Polish hen came to live with us just before Christmas.  Her family lives in an area with lots of coyotes and they were afraid she'd become prey.  She's adjusted, finally, and loves running around looking for goodies.  She's so friendly we can pet her, and she always sleeps on an overturned pail near the back door.  She's a wonderful addition to our menagerie.  UPDATE:   Mama Chicken developed a big lump in between her toes on her right foot.  Today, 2/21/01, she had surgery at Kings Row Pet Hospital.  Dr. Mark Ditsworth removed what turned out to be a large abscess and she's back home tonight!  Thank you Dr. Mark!

 These three teddy bear hamsters came to us via Animal Services.  One is larger than the others, leading us to believe it might be the mom.  The smaller two are quite defensive but are calming down, and "Mom" is friendly and doesn't bite.  They all appear to be quite young and are a beautiful apricot and white.  

The following 11 bunnies were abandoned in Rancho San Rafael County Park and rounded up by the Rangers on July 26, 2001.  To some people a park would seem a perfect place for a rabbit to live; abandonment in the park system is a popular way of disposing of a rabbit when the owner tires of caring for it.  In this case, it appears a breeder thought the same thing, which is tragic.  Of all people, rabbits breeders should know that domesticated rabbits stand very little chance of surviving "in the wild".  These rabbits appear to be a cross between the Mini Lop and English Lop; their ears are much longer than the typical Mini but too short for an English.  All appear to be healthy overall, with some bites and ear tearing from fighting.  One doe had 9 babies the night after she arrived at basically bunnies; they all died.  She was suffering from an infected vent, the orifice  where the babies emerge.  We've cleared that up with antibiotics.  There are 2 males and 7 females ready for adoption; sadly, two rabbits died from the stress and heat.

ADOPTED!      ADOPTED!        On Refuge   ADOPTED!           passed away
             On refuge       ADOPTED!       ADOPTED!       On Refuge                                                                                                    

                   The above frosted pearl doe and blue buck have died.

 Meet Oreo, a one-year-old male guinea pig looking for a new family.  He was living with another male guinea pig and, when they got old enough to realize that, the fur started to fly, literally.  If you're planning on  two guinea pigs as pets, be sure you buy two females or a male and a female, but never two males.  When they reach a certain age they will fight to the death.  ADOPTED!

 About the same time Oreo arrived these three ladies also came along, hoping to find new homes.  They are mother Pumpkin (in the rear), daughter Dahlia (on the right), and, the same color as her mother but with a rex type fur called "teddy",  Ariel.  Dahlia and Ariel were born January 4 of 2002 and their mother is probably about 1-2 years old.  Pumpkin and Dahlia are called "abyssinian" because of the rosettes (swirls of hair) all over their bodies.  Teddies have short, straight fur that reminds me of a hair brush.  UPDATE:  Pumpkin passed away.  Ariel and Dahlia ADOPTED!  

 This 3 year old male chinchilla looks gray in this picture but is really a silver mixed with gray.  He was born to a silver mama and a beige papa.  He's very nice but is currently receiving no attention and needs a human who will enjoy having him in the living area and include him as part of the family.  Chinchillas need to be kept cool, preferrably under 80 degrees.  Extreme heat will kill them rapidly.  They also require a multi-level cage for climbing and hopping about.  They eat chinchilla diet and require ash baths a couple of times a week to keep their coats soft and clean.  Anyone interested in adopting this little guy will be given all the information they need to give him a happy, healthy home.  Chinchillas are native to the Andes region of South America.  They do not tolerate heat and definitely need an air-conditioned home.  Since chins can live 20+ years in captivity, anyone interested in adopting the two male chins we currently have should be aware that this will be a long-term commitment.  They do not require lots of special care or hard work, but they'll be a member of your family for a long time to come.  Please email for more informaton.  If you're seriously considering adding a chin to your family, I suggest the Barron's Series book,  Chinchillas:  A Complete Pet Owner's Manual.  Sorry, WE DO NOT SHIP.  ADOPTED!  

 This is a very poor picture of Rinky Dinky, a gorgeous black Satin buck.  RD is about one year old and very friendly.  His humans got a new landlord who said "the rabbits must go" and now he and his companion, Penny (see below) are looking for a new home.  Penny is a two year old cinnamon Satin doe, also very friendly.  These rabbits, either together or separately, will bring happiness to their lucky family(ies).

 This little opal Netherland Dwarf cross doe is about one year old.  She has the cutest little white nose!  She was found by a kind couple in Winnemucca, NV, and driven to Reno, hopefully to find a loving, forever home.  She weighs about 4 pounds and is quite friendly, though somewhat frightened of her new surroundings.  Give her a couple of days with a loving, caring family and she'll be a great pet.  UPDATE:  After being here just a couple of weeks, she is now litterbox trained and loves attention.   ADOPTED!  

 Meet Rocky, a 7 month old Dutch cross buck.  We think he and Toola (see below) may have had a Netherland Dwarf parent (she's the same age).  They came from a family with children who no longer wanted to take care of them.  Rocky is litterbox trained and Toola is working on it.  Both are about 4 pounds.  Both are very sweet, and Rocky is exceptionally lovable.   They will be wonderful pets for some lucky humans. ADOPTED!

 Tobey ADOPTED! is a one-year-old neutered male Mini Rex.  He is a beautiful tri-color, meaning he's white, orange and black.  This picture does not show his coloring well, which is mostly on his back and ears.  Tobey is litterbox trained and very sweet.  He weighs about 3 1/2 - 4 pounds.  He came in with Toola and Rocky from the same family who no longer wanted to care for them.  All three bunnies deserve loving, permanent homes.  Update:  Toola gave birth to eight babies May22; only 3 survived, and those are doing very well.  They will be available for adoption July 3, 2003.    
 Toola and her bunnies 6/27, 2003

 This one-year-old broken black buck came from a home that could no longer care for him.  He's learning to use his litterbox and has adjusted well to being at basically bunnies.  He's sweet-tempered, though not real used to being handled.  With love and patience he'll make someone a fine pet.
 This 10 week old Dutch buck was born under a porch, along with the babies pictured below (they're from the following litter, about 6 weeks old).  All four are potty-training very well and are very friendly.  The young black is a male as is one of the fawns; the other fawn is a doe.  ADOPTED!
7 week old black buck and fawn buck ADOPTED!

 Rex is a 2 year old Mini Rex buck.  He needs to be neutered to eliminate some typical male aggressiveness and desire to breed, but has always been friendly to his first family.  He's not too happy being confined to a cage after having a large dog run to live in.  An outdoor home with plenty of space would make him very happy.

 Wilbur (left) and Templeton are two very sweet rats who came into rescue when their owner had to move.  Both are rex rats, meaning they have the kinky hair of the rex coat.  Wilbur is a chocloate hooded and Templeton is a blue roan.  They must be adopted together.  They are about 1-2 years old.

 Fireball is a 2-1/2 year old neutered Netherland Dwarf.  He came from a loving home, but his humans felt it best that he find a new home with someone who had more time to spend with him.  He's very good about using just one corner of his cage as a potty, and we've introducd him to a litter box.  He's a friendly little guy. ADOPTED!

 A very pretty tort Jersey Wooley doe, this sweetie lived her first two years in an outdoor dog kennel (her mate was Rex ;see above).  She had many litters of bunnies and came to us pregnant.  On June 16, 2003, she had her last litter.  5 babies survived and will be ready for adoption 7/28, along with the little black bunny pictured here.  We found this little one outside, apparently dragged out of the nest while nursing.  Since rabbits don't carry their babies about in their mouths the way cats and dogs do, it was just left out in the open where it fell off the teat.  I put it in with the other babies and Mama nursed it along with her own.  It's now strong and already out of the nestbox.  It's about a week older than her own.  Mama will require some time to regain her strength after the babies are weaned.  She just had too many, too often.  When she arrived at basically bunnies she was suffering from alopecia, or hair loss, due to the stress of so many pregnancies.  She's regaining her hair and will require a loving home very soon.  She's very sweet and gentle and someone will get an excellent pet.  ADOPTED!
Babies on 7/18/03.  They will be available for adoption 7/29/03.  All but one ADOPTED!  See Currently Available page.

 Avi is a three year old male chinchilla who came to rescue after his mate died.  He's shy and not very comfortable in his new surroundings yet, but will warm to a new family and be a great pet.  Chinchillas are native to the Andes region of South America.  They do not tolerate heat and definitely need an air-conditioned home.  Since chins can live 20+ years in captivity, anyone interested in adopting Avi or the fancy male chin we currently have should be aware that this will be a long-term commitment.  They do not require lots of special care or hard work, but they'll be a member of your family for a long time to come.  Please email for more informaton.  If you're seriously considering adding a chin to your family, I suggest the Barron's Series book,  Chinchillas:  A Complete Pet Owner's Manual.  Sorry, WE DO NOT SHIP.  ADOPTED!

Sugar is a six month old smoked pearl Mini Lop doe.  A local pet store sold her as a "male Netherland Dwarf", and the girl who purchased her didn't have a cage big enough to accommodate her at maturity.  Sugar is a nice bunny who needs attention and a human who will love her.  ADOPTED!

 This nice doe is a chocolate otter Netherland Dwarf cross.  She's about a year old and very affectionate.  She was discarded, along with her mate, by her owners.  Concerned neighbors tried to care for them but the mate disappeared and luckily, a kind lady caught Mama and gave her a home.  Unfortunately, about 2 weeks later, she gave birth to 7 bunnies.  This lovely rabbit is sweet and gentle, loves walking on a leash and is litter box trained.  We will only adopt her to a home what will be "forever".  ADOPTED!
 All have been adopted except an agouti buck; he still needs a loving home.  They were born 5/26/03 and are ready to start new lives in permanent homes with loving humans.  All are litterbox trained.

 Bunny is a three year old neutered Mini Rex buck.  He is a gorgeous chinchilla color and extremely sweet.  His family is moving to another state and, sadly, decided that Bunny would do best in a new home.  He loves to be petted and brushed and is litterbox trained.  His family included a list of things he likes, such as:  sleeping in bed with the family, lying on the couch, carrots and apples and bunny kisses.  He had a very special place in this family's hearts:  "He is our best friend.  We could tell him secrets. We can tell him anything and he'll still love us".  Can you offer Bunny a new family to love?  ADOPTED!

 Sweet Nickie is a 2 year old agouti Mini Rex buck.  His human entered the military and now Nickie needs a new home and family to call his own.  He is gentle and curious and will make a super pet.  He is litter box trained.  ADOPTED!

 Daisey is a beautiful 9 month old lop cross.  Her color is described as broken lynx.  She arrived with 9 other bunnies from the Humane Society of Utah on August 30, 2003.  She is spayed.  ADOPTED!

   Fluffy and Ruby are beautiful frosted pearl bunnies from the Humane Society of Utah.  Both are spayed females, 9 months old.  ADOPTED!

 Rainbow is a two year old Mini Rex buck.  He comes from a loving home with two children and needs a new forever home where he can be petted and loved.  ADOPTED!

 This black doe, possibly a Havana cross, was abandoned by her owner and rescued by a caring neighbor.  She's 1-2 years old (8/03) and quite gentle.  We're working on litter box training.  ADOPTED!

 "Cadbury" ("Caddy") is the most wonderful bunny!  He's 2-2-1/2 years old (9/03) and litter box trained.  He's a neutered male Florida White cross weighing about 5 pounds.  His temperment is sweet, sweet, sweet and he just loves petting, attention and playing ball.  He came from a very loving home where the landlord said he had to go.  Caddy should be an indoor pet, a member of the family;  he's an exceptional rabbit.  ADOPTED!

 Fluffy is a one year old (9/03) agouti neutered male bunny rabbit.  He came from a very loving home with children, but they felt that he wasn't getting enough quality time with the family.  We  hope that someone will take him home and make him a member of a new family.  He's very sweet, loves attention and will make an excellent pet.  He's also now using a litter box!  ADOPTED!

 These two Mini Rex bunnies are exceptionally sweet. Smokey is a gorgeous blue neutered buck and Freckles a beautiful tri color (black, fawn and white) spayed doe. They are both about a year old (8/03).  Both are litter box trained and used to being loved and spoiled. They will only be adopted together to an indoor home.  ADOPTED!

 These seven little bunnies were born 5/26/03 and have all been placed in new homes.

 One year old (8/03) neutered male bunny.  Rather small, about 3-4 pounds, he's very well mannered and friendly  There was "no room" for him at his last home.  ADOPTED!

 "Zula" is a pretty Dwarf Hotot cross doe, under one year of age (9/03).  She has beautiful blue eyes, which you can't see in this picture.  She's very small, about 2-2-1/2 pounds.  She just arrived and we've given her a litter box, which she seems to love.  Hopefully she'll use it for the purpose intended and not just a comfy place to sleep!  Zula was purchased when she was very young.  She soon grew and was no longer the "cute little bunny" her humans brought home from the pet store.  She was relegated to the garage in a very small box-like cage, with no love, attention or inclusion in family life.  The humans soon grew tired of having to feed her and spread the word that they wanted to "get rid of her".  Luckily, word traveled to the right person and little Zula was rescued by a kind lady.  Since she already has a bunny to care for in her small condo, she brought Zula to basically bunnies, and now we're looking for the perfect forever home for this little girl.  ADOPTED!

 Two year old (8/03) broken agouti Mini Lop neutered male.  His previous humans were "unable to care for him".  He's very quiet and doesn't seem to be very active but is very sweet and easy to pick up and carry.   ADOPTED!

 Casper is the first Flemish Giant to come to basically bunnies.  He was born in May of 2003 and is a beautiful chinchilla color.  Flemish Giants are are, like their name implies, very large rabbits: mature males will weigh over 13 pounds.  The are very gentle animals and make wonderful house pets.  Casper was neutered 10/2/03.  ADOPTED!

 Harriet came to rescue from Las Vegas.  She was to be released onto the refuge after recovering from her spay operation, but we're hoping to find a nice family who would like to take her home and give her a good life.  She's always been outside, apparently, and was considered to be quite feral.  Since coming to basically bunnies, however, she's been very responsive to kindness and treats!  UPDATE:  Harriet has been released on to the refuge.

 One year old (8/03) Siamese frosted pearl Netherland Dwarf neutered male.  This little guy is extremely sweet and easily handled.  His previous humans had a new baby and no longer had time for him.  ADOPTED!

 Tri color sow.  ADOPTED!

 Dusty and her brother Smokey are 4-year-old (12/03) Mini Lops.  Both are spayed/neutered.  Dusty can be a bit fiesty but both bunnies should go to a forever home together since they've never been separated.  They came from a loving home where their human suffers from terrible allergies and headaches and was forced to give them up.  ADOPTED!

 Golden satin boar.  ADOPTED!

  Cuzco is named after a city in Peru.  He is a sweet, beautiful opal Mini Rex buck about 2 years old (10/03).  His human was forced to return to her native country and it was impossible for Cuzco to accompany her.  She is desperately hoping for a loving family to adopt him and give him the wonderful home he deserves.  Cuzco loves to be outside in nice weather and is a great pet.  ADOPTED!

 This beautiful Holland Lop doe is about one year old (11/04).  When she arrived at basically bunnies less than one week ago she weighed less than half of normal for her breed.  We had doubts that she would survive.  Since maloccluded teeth are the first thing to suspect, we checked her incisors and they seemed fine.  We've not equipped to examine the molars, so off she went to the vet, who said her molars, heart and lungs seemed normal.  Diagnosis:  starvation.  This bunny simply wasn't given enough to eat. In just a few days she has gained enough weight to make a visible difference in her appearance and will be healthy and ready for a new, loving home soon.  She will need a patient, understanding family who will gently show her that not all humans will abuse her.  She shys away from the hand and is not real comfortable with petting.  However, even with her rough beginning, this little gal can and will make someone a wonderful pet.  UPDATE:  Thumper is ready to go home to a new, loving family just in time for Thanksgiving.  She has reached her normal weight and is litter box training.  ADOPTED!

 Toola and her babies are still waiting for new homes.  One little girl and one little boy were born 5/22/03.  They are friendly and curious but get upset when picked up.  This is a natural characteristic of rabbits.  When they are caught by predators, their natural instinct is to struggle and try to escape.  Until a pet bunny realizes that you are not going to hurt him, he'll struggle and scratch and try to get away.  After a short time of being handled, most rabbits get over this fear.  Some are still not keen on being picked up but are OK once they're in your lap.  Always support a rabbit's feet; leaving them dangle in mid-air is similar to what happens when a predator catches them.  UPDATE:  Only Toola's little male bunny is still available for adoption.  He has developed maloccluded teeth which will require trimming about every 3-4 weeks.

 This sweet little doe was born in Rancho San Rafael park and came to us with her mama, who now enjoys life on the refuge.  She is about 6 weeks old and litter box trained.  ADOPTED!

 Levi is a one year old chinchilla Netherland Dwarf buck.  He weighs only 1 pound 14 ounces and is the smallest rabbit we've ever had in rescue.  He's learning to use his litter box and is very appreciative of all his toys.  Levi belonged to a family who grew tired of him; his new family will wonder how they could have given him up.  ADOPTED!

  Little Raffles was literally abandoned on the neighbor's doorstep when her family was evicted.  They came home from work and found her on the front step with a tiny little cage and nothing else. It's hard to tell from this picture, but she has black markings throughout her orange fur, making her a harlequin.  She is a Netherland Dwarf cross weighing about 2-1/2 pounds.  She's already litter box trained and is extremely sweet and friendly.  ADOPTED!

 Cuddles and her babies, born 11/20/03  ADOPTED!

 "Coconut" 7 month old boar(10/03)  ADOPTED!

 Agouti doe approx. 5 months old (11/03).  Has slightly deformed nose and is very
sweet.  ADOPTED!

 This pretty blue Mini Lop doe and her companion, probably her brother, came to basically bunnies after living with their original family only a little over two months. They decided they just couldn't keep them any longer.  Her brother was adopted and she too neds a permanent, loving home.  As of September 2003, she'll be one year old.  She's friendly, loves to be petted and begs for attention when you walk by but doesn't like to be picked up.  She will benefit greatly from being spayed.  Update:  released on to refuge.

 Mama sow is a beautiful red satin and her little girl is a broken fawn teddy.  The baby was born approx. 11/27/03.  Both ADOPTED!

 "Rascal"  7 month old boar.  ADOPTED!

 Little Charlie is a 2 year old (12/03) black otter Netherland Dwarf neutered male.  He's using his litterbox faithfully and is a mellow little guy.  ADOPTED!

 Chocolate and orange abyssinian boar.  ADOPTED!

 This broken black spayed doe is very nice.  She's quite large, probably 7-8 pounds.  She was a stray.  A very nice pet prospect for some lucky family.  ADOPTED!

 "Toucan" - 1 year old boar.  ADOPTED!

 6-7 month old Dutch cross buck.  Update:  released on to refuge 2/19/04

 6 month old black otter Jersey Wooly/Jersey Wooly cross doe rescued from Reno Animal Services 11/20/03.  ADOPTED!

 These 10 Mini Lops are spayed/neutered and were a couples' cherished pets.  The are easy to handle and very sweet.  We have them in two large pens because of lack of space.  Soon they will have to be released on to the refuge.  They will make wonderful pets.  Update 1/24/04:  Because of space limitations, these wonderful bunnies have been released on to the refuge.  We have one black neutered male available for adoption.  He is litterbox trained and extremely mellow.  Will make a good "couch potato" pet.  ADOPTED!

  Six little black gerbils are looking for new homes.  Their original owners are no longer able to care for them properly.  We believe there are 2 boys and 4 girls.  All are very tame and friendly.  ADOPTED!

 Frosted pearl neutered male; approx. 1 to 1-1/2 years old.  Very sweet. Litterbox trained.    ADOPTED!

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