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    This is Chopper.  We named him that because his ears are extraordinarily large; I think if they were sideways he could take off like a helicopter!  Someone left him in front of a pet store before it opened, in the hot July sun, in a cardboard box with no food, no water, no bedding and a broken leg.  Our vet explained that the leg could not be fixed surgically because rabbits' bones are so lightweight that pins will not hold.  He is kept comfortable on a soft towel.  He eats with gusto and has tripled in size since he's been here.

  Buckwheat belonged to a lady who was planning on moving out of state and couldn't take him with her.  He's very friendly and loves attention.  This bunny was loved and his personality reflects it.  His owner asked that we keep him permanently and give him a loving home.  Update:  2/04:  passed away

  This is Cookie, named after our dog groomer.  While out grooming dogs, a customer approached her with this beautiful Mini Lop bunny and asked her to find a home for it.  It seems that she had "inherited" the rabbit and really wasn't interested in keeping it.  She's here now and misses her old freedom:  Sitting on the couch and watching TV!  She's very well mannered; doesn't chew cords or mess the carpet, but is very strong-willed when it comes to going back in her cage.  It's a two-or-three person job rounding her up!  We've had to curtail her TV viewing, and I'm sure she'd like a family to "veg out" with.  ADOPTED!

  Nice Bunny was left at a pet store.  Many times people drop off their pets hoping that the store will be able to find homes for them.  In the case of rabbits, most of the time this is fruitless because shoppers tend to want small bunnies, not full-grown rabbits.  We took Nice Bunny and kept her outside because of a space shortage.  Unfortunately, during the summer we have a type of wingless fly known as  Cuterebra Larvae.  These inch-long "worms" burrow into any flesh wound on an animal and proceed to wreak havoc.  In Nice Bunny's case, it was her face and jowls.  Dr. Johnson and I removed 14 from her over a period of 3 or 4 days.  He had never seen multiple infestations before.  We flushed the channels the worms had made and kept them full of triple antibiotic ointment.  Despite our efforts she developed abscesses and needed major surgery.  There was a question as to her surviving the surgery itself, and the prognosis afterward was poor.  Abscesses in rabbits tend to form in chains, and Dr. J removed 8 or 9.  She came home from the hospital and kept improving daily.  Ten days after her surgery we rushed her back with another large abscess; this time she spent two days in the hospital.  She stressed so badly that she lost part of her right ear.  Doctor J said to take her home and make her comfortable; in other words, she wasn't going to make it.   But she did...everyday she improved.  She ate well and put on weight and seemed to thrive in our rabbitry.  Then I found another abscess, this time in her dewlap, the thick fold of skin and fur under her chin.  It was the size of a golf ball.  All we could do was hope by this point.  Sure enough, she didn't let us down.  One night we came home and she had opened and drained that abscess!  We cleaned it up and soon she was on the mend...again!  Since then she's overcome one more in the same location, and has been free of abscesses for several weeks now.  Dr. Johnson calls her our "miracle bunny".  UPDATE:  Jan. 8, 2004, Nice Bunny lost her battle with her many physical burdens.  Her eye continued to drain from an ingrown eyelid despite Doc's efforts to stitch it back.  When I brought her in to clean it there were several large abscesses on the left side of her face and jaw.  We had her euthanized and buried her on the refuge.

  Got milk?

 A very sweet Mini Lop doe, this bunny would love to have a family and a place to run.  Her human had to move and couldn't take her along, and she misses the freedom she had.  At night she slept in her cage, but during the day she had the run of the patio and cats to play with!  She's about 2 years old and a very pretty broken fawn color.  ADOPTED!

 A red-eyed-white MiniRex buck, this little guy came to us with a partner (see below).  They are identical except for the doe's dewlap (the large roll of fur under the chin that females have).  Both are real nice bunnies, about a year old.  Mini Rex have a wonderful fur that feels like velvet; it is shorter than "regular" rabbit fur.  They were well-cared for and have sweet dispositions.    These pictures do not do them justice; they are beautiful rabbits and will delight some lucky human(s).  Buck ADOPTED!                               

 This Holland Lop doe is a beautiful broken opal.  We don't know  much about her, but she is a nice bunny and will make a good pet.  ADOPTED!  8/9/03 - ADOPTED! again!
UPDATE:  This little lady has come back to us (Oct. 2002).  The people who adopted her last March (2002) decided she needed a "friend"; now she has a friend and 7 babies.  We believe the babies were born around the middle of August, making them 8-10 weeks old. The world just doesn't need any more bunnies.  Please, spay and neuter your pets.  Papa ADOPTED!
 "Friend", the little papa to the seven bunnies below.
                   Six little does, three broken agouti and three tortoise.  ADOPTED!
Little brother  ADOPTED!

 This little gal came to us with the Holland Lop pictured above.  They get along great!  She's a cross breed of a shaded variety.  The picture doesn't do her justice; she's got a cute chocolate colored nose, ears, feet and tail.  She, too, is very nice.  ADOPTED!

  Petrina started out as Peter but, when her humans discovered he was a she, they changed her name!  Petrina is a darling little red-eyed-white Netherland Dwarf about 7 months old.  She was feeling her teenage hormones and her humans wanted a gentler bunny.  But, surprise!  When she came here she mended her ways and has been just as sweet as can be!  She loves to be petted and is, all in all, a very happy camper.  A family of her own would make life perfect.  We have plans to spay Petrina in the near future, which will make her happier and also undoubtedly prolong her life.  As soon as she's recovered from her surgery she'll be ready for a new home.  UPDATE:  Petrina had her surgery on 3/9/01.  UPDATE:  2/7/02:  ADOPTED!

  Cocoa is a 3 month old Netherland Dwarf buck.  He is very sweet and will make a great pet.  He is such a small little guy, and won't get bigger than 2 1/2 or 3 pounds.  ADOPTED!

 This is Hoppy, a two year old Netherland Dwarf.  She came to us with her daughter Stretch (see below) because their owner couldn't care for them properly.  Like most of our rabbits, Hoppy is due to be spayed soon.  She knows her name and wants attention.  She minds her manners and is quite friendly.  Hoppy is black with a cute white blaze between her ears and a white button nose.   She weighs about 2  1/2 pounds.  ADOPTED!

 Stretch is Hoppy's daughter and was 4 months old March 4, 2001.  She's already bigger than her mom!  Her dad is a big black and white bunny weighing about 7 or 8 pounds!  We doubt Stretch will grow to be that size.  She is marked similar to her mother but her color is called "steel":  very dark black/gray  with white tips on the hairs.  She's real friendly and sweet and will make a good pet. ADOPTED!

 This picture is so small it's hard to see how adorable these baby lops are.  We have several right now, all different colors.  They were born to our "retired" rabbits outside and, rather than leaving them outside to reproduce, we caught them when they were old enough to leave Mama and are hoping to find good homes for them.  They should be spayed or neutered when they're old enough.  They all have delightful dispositions and will make a good addition to the family.  They are lop crosses and will grow to be 4 to 5 pounds.    All three ADOPTED!

 Zoe is an 8 month old bunny,  jet black.  She is even tempered and very loving, always looking for attention when we walk past her cage.  Her family couldn't keep her because they have two big dogs that kept insisting Zoe be placed on the lunch menu.  But her humans loved her very much and it shows in her sweet disposition.  She is already adopted to a very nice family!   ADOPTED!

 This little white Mini Lop is about 5 months old and would make a very nice pet.  She was born here and is still waiting for a family.  She's even-tempered, doesn't bite, scratch or chew and likes to be petted.  ADOPTED!

 The wire got in the way of this picture, but it's pretty apparent that this little guy is really cute!  He's a mixed-breed bunny, probably 5-6 months old.  He's very tiny, about 2 pounds, and shouldn't grow anymore.  He's well mannered and needs a family to love.  ADOPTED!

 These little ones are part Californian; their ears, tails feet and noses are (right now) a pretty blue.  That should change to a deep brown when they mature.  Their mama had the Himilayan markings (ears, tail nose and feet) and their papa was all white.  They lived under a house in Sun Valley but the kind people who had been caring for them needed to find a safe place for them to move.  They came here, and mama and papa are enjoying the run of the property, as requested by the previous caretakers.  There are five bunnies up for adoption; presently they are about 10 weeks old.  They'll be larger rabbits; their parents each weighed around 6-7 pounds.  They're getting more friendly by the day and will make good pets.  1  ADOPTED!   3 more to go!  UPDATE:  The three does have been released onto the refuge.

  These Dutch bunnies were brought to a pet store by a young breeder.  There are 2 does.  They are about a year old.  
 It's hard to tell from this picture but this is a very nice blue Dutch doe.  She's beautifully marked and very sweet.  ADOPTED!
 This black doe is about the same size as the blue one above, probably 4 1/2 pounds.  She's rather shy right now, getting used to her new environment.  Dutch bunnies are the subject of much art work; perhaps you've seen prints featuring these beautiful rabbits.  Their ideal weight is 4 1/2 pounds, but they average from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 pounds.  They are popular with show people as well as pet owners.  ADOPTED!
 My husband found this little guy outside with his eye swollen to about the size of a shooter marble.  We put hot compresses on it and expressed about 4cc's of infected matter from the eye socket.  There was an eyeball but it was blue and we were sure he'd be blind in that eye.  As soon as we finished cleaning his eye he went into shock:  cold and limp, with only 6 respirations per minute.  I wrapped him in a towel and placed him near our woodstove.  After about 5 minutes we didn't hold out much hope, and one of our cats came along and give the bunny a gentle swat.  All of a sudden he got up and hopped a few feet!  He  weighed 6 ounces that night, and we think he was about 3 weeks old.  He's now 8 weeks and weighs 1 and 3/4 pounds (28 ounces!)  We had him on whole milk mixed with an egg for 2-3 weeks, and he really loved that stuff!  Now he eats regular rabbit pellets and wears a royal blue ferret collar with a bell.  And he's a little brat!  He really rules the roost around here, with his 4 story cage and 5 cat friends.  He tries our patience often but, every time we look at him, we remember a 6 ounce ball of fur that was within minutes of death.  And, by the way, he has normal vision in both eyes!  Yep, you guessed it:  ADOPTED!

 These beautiful bunnies are very special.  They've led a less than happy life in a tiny cage and were abandoned by their owners.  Luckily they were rescued by the High Sierra Animal Rescue in Portola, CA and have been enjoying carrots, exercise and love.  The two-year-old does are probably sisters.  They will be spayed soon and ready for adoption.  These bunnies will make a wonderful addition to your family.  They are a broken fawn color and look to be medium-sized, possibly 4- 5 pounds.  For more information please email basically bunnies  or call Andi at the High Sierra Animal Rescue, 530 836-0349.  These bunnies will be delivered anywhere in the Reno area.  UPDATE:  As of 7/21  they are now at basically bunnies.  They are spayed and ready for a new home!   ADOPTED!   Sarah is on her way to becoming a certified therapy bunny!  She will soon be visiting children and adults who are mentally and physically disabled as well as burn patients!  Her sister went to a new, loving home as well!

 This little Holland Lop doe was found wandering the streets in a residential neighborhood in Sparks.  She's called a broken tort (or tortoise), white with a particular shade of brown on her ears and back and around her eyes.  We don't know anything about this bunny, but I believe she's about a year old, possibly two.  Holland Lops average 4 1/2 pounds, but she's a little under that.  She's been loved and treated well.  She's exceptionally friendly and is always looking for pets and scratches.  She'll make a wonderful pet.  ADOPTED!

 This little gal came from an active, loving home with three young children.  Since every child wanted his own bunny, mom obliged and bought two more little ones.  Bubsy didn't think that was such a good idea and tended to want to fight with them, a normal reaction as most rabbits are very territorial and will not tolerate another bunny in their "space".  She seems to be a nice bunny and enjoys being petted.  Bubsy is an 11 month old black Netherland Dwarf.  ADOPTED!

 This Mini Lop doe has no name...her people abandoned her in Rancho San Rafael, a large County park in Northwest Reno.  Actually, she was one of several dumped there after Easter; the Park Rangers were able to find homes for the others, but this sweetie had some eye drainage and was so emaciated that they thought it best she be rehabilitated.  She's been with us about 3 weeks now and has gained a dramatic amount of weight.  Her eye problem is cured and she's ready for a new family, one that won't abandon her.  Domesticated rabbits are not equipped to handle the rigors of living in the outside world. Very few will survive longer than a very short time.  They fall prey to cars, coyotes, hawks, cruel children and many other dangers.  PLEASE!  Never abandon a pet rabbit!  It will not be able to care for itself.  If you can no longer keep your pet, and cannot find a new home for it, call a rescue agency such as basically bunnies or take the rabbit to Animal Control.  Your pet deserves better than being thrown away like yesterday's newspaper.  ADOPTED!

 These two sweeties were born on a couples' rural property north of Reno.  People regularly dump off rabbits around their home because it is rural and that was the fate of these bunnies' mother.  The babies were caught and cared for and sent to basically bunnies, hopefully to find a family who will love them.  They are about 8-10 weeks old, one boy and one girl.  Their beautiful rex fur is a gorgeous red.  Both  ADOPTED!  
 Who would think a gorgeous broken black rex buck like this one would end up on a busy city street?  Well, that's just what happened, and it's a lucky thing that he wandered into someone's yard who cared enough to catch him and call basically bunnies.  He is very large, probably 10-12 pounds  and has that wonderful rex fur.  While at his temporary home he jumped up on the bed to visit a young child!   It seems he was treated well and had a good home.   He's scared right now but shows all the signs of being a great pet.  UPDATE:  Mr. Rex is enjoying life on the refuge.

 Little Red was born outside and got into trouble at a very early age when his mama died.  We nursed him and cared for him for about 3 months and now he's ready for a new home and a loving family.  He's a little on the spoiled side and would love a home where he's allowed to exercise outside his cage and gets lots of pets and attention.  This bunny is as sweet as they come and will make an excellent pet.  ADOPTED!

 Mama Precious looks a little stern in this picture but she's actually very friendly and loves being petted.  She just arrived last night and has already made herself right at home.  She will easily adjust to another loving home with humans of her very own.  Mama P. is about a year and a half old and looks to be a cross of Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf.  She is chunky, about 5 pounds, and has beautiful markings and color.  Her human couldn't keep her when she moved into a new apartment.  What a great pet she'll be for some lucky person!  ADOPTED!

 There were 6 of these sweet bunnies in the litter that arrived here recently.  Their mama was dumped off in a lady's yard in Minden, NV and has been producing bunnies for some time.  It was decided that Mama Bun had had enough and the kind property owner trapped Mama and the babies and brought them to basically bunnies.  Two of the babies already have loving homes but there are four more to choose from.  Mama will be spayed and released onto the refuge later this fall.  3 ADOPTED!  4 to go!  (Another was brought to us a few days later!)  2 MORE ADOPTED!  one little boy left!

 This is the mama of the little ones pictured above.  She's been outside a long time and has raised many litters.  Unless someone really wants to give her a loving home, the kind lady who brought her here requested that she be released onto the refuge.  We'll do this later on in the fall, once she becomes acclimated to her surroundings.  She's a real nice doe and would make a good pet.  UPDATE:  Mama is now enjoying her freedom out on the refuge.
 Mama Mini Rex takes a terrible picture!  Actually, she's a very small bunny with 5 babies in the nest right now.  She's very sweet and loves being petted.  She'll be available for adoption as soon as her kits are weaned, around Oct. 17, 2001.  She's not the prettiest Mini Rex I've ever seen, but her temperment and personality are tops.  What a great pet she'll make!  ADOPTED!
 Her babies will also be ready for adoption on Oct. 17,'01.  As they get older I'll take pictures and post them here.
     9/25/01 - 3 weeks old!  ALL FOUR ADOPTED!  

 This beautiful Mini Rex doe and her brother (see below) were born to the Mama pictured above sometime in May '01 (we believe; their exact birthdate is unknown).  They came to us along with Mama, Papa and the babies.  A very sweet bunny, she loves attention.  And she's already been ADOPTED!
 Her brother is also very friendly and will make an excellent pet.  These rabbits came from a home with children who loved them and played with them often.  ADOPTED!

 And here's the proud papa to all the beautiful Mini Rexes pictured above!  He's a little on the plump side but really looks forward to any attention and pets that come his way.  What a wonderful pet for some lucky family!  ADOPTED!

 This little doe is one of my special babies.  I found her huddled against the side of the house on a rainy evening last spring.  Her neck is turned 90 degrees because of a virus called torticollis (wry neck).  Even after months of antibiotic treatment it still is turned, although not as severely as when I first found her.  But her neck isn't the worst of her problems.  When she was born her mother apparently passed on some cuterebra larvae and she had several of these "worms" in her head and neck area.  The right side of her face had rotted away due to the constant contact with the ground and the larvae continually consuming her flesh.  She also had several larvae inside her eyes and one had apparently caused so much inflammation of the brain that her eyes moved sporadically (nystagmus).  I diligently cared for her morning and night for months.  We opened huge abcesses and treated her pretty much the same as Nice Bunny.  Pretty soon her eyes stopped the twitchy movement.  Little by little the larvae were eradicated and their damage healed.  Her face has healed, the fur grown back.  You'd never know what she went through.  She can only move by rolling sideways, so she's given time every evening on the carpet in the livingroom to exercise and enjoy time out of her cage.  This is another miracle bunny!  She's not available for adoption because of her special needs, but you can be assured that she'll always enjoy a good home at basically bunnies.
UPDATE:  1/4/03:  Little Missy was adopted by a very special couple who are working to rehabilitate her.  UPDATE:  1/24/03:  Missy can now walk three feet straight ahead without rolling!

This beautiful family came to us Oct. 6, 2001.  Mama (left) is a Californian and Papa is a Mini Lop (see below).  The six babies are black, white, red (2) and two indeterminate colors (far right).  They are 6 weeks old and very cute!   New homes are in order for them all.  They came from a loving home with children and are used to being handled.   UPDATE:  The two bunnies who started out as "red" turned a beautiful fawn color.  They have both been ADOPTED! as well as the cute chinchilla and white doe!  UPDATE:  pictures current as of June 2002:  
    Buddah                         Buddah's Brother            Buddah's Sister

 This agouti Mini Lop buck is the father of the bunnies pictured above.  I haven't determined his age yet but he looks to be 2-3 years old.  He, too, is friendly and will make a nice pet.  UPDATE:  Papa is now enjoying his freedom on the refuge.

 Last but not least is this black steel Mini Lop buck.  He arrived with the family pictured above.  I believe he is from a past litter of the same parents, maybe 6 months to one year old.  He's well socialized and likes attention.  ADOPTED!

 How about this for cute?!  This little black otter Netherland Dwarf is about as cute as they come!  And he came as a matched set!  The little doe pictured below might very well be his sister; they came from the same home and are the same age, around 7 months.  BOTH ADOPTED!

 Bunna  is a Hotot cross; notice the "mascara" around her eyes.  This is the signature marking for the Hotot and Dwarf Hotot.  Bunna is quite large, around 5 or 6 pounds.  If she has the dwarf gene in her it's obviously crossed with something much larger.  She was found wandering the street and was taken in by a wonderful couple, where she lived for about 2 years.  These nice people want her to enjoy more attention than they are able to give her and hope that someone will adopt her and give her a good life.  UPDATE:  Bunna has been released onto the refuge and she's having the time of her life!

 Meet Daphne, a beautiful broken blue Mini Rex doe.  She's about 8-9 months old, born in March 2001.  Her humans are moving to Los Angeles and decided not to take Daphne along, hoping we could find her a new family that will love her and give her the attention she needs.  She has a sweet disposition and shows no signs of the "terrible teens" that some does experience at this age.  She has that wonderfully soft rex fur and is a delight to touch.  ADOPTED!

 Tammo is a beautiful black Rex.  He's about 11 months old and is used to a loving home with children.  He's a bit bewildered and nervous here with all the other bunnies and needs a new family to give him the attention he needs.  UPDATE:  Tammo is enjoying life on the refuge.  We discovered his escape one morning and, after watching him for several hours, decided that he was just enjoying himself too much to try and put him back in a cage.

 This little broken opal Holland Lop buck and his cage mate came to us after being rescued by another caring family who could not keep them.  They were both unwanted.  He is already ADOPTED!  She is a rather large Holland doe, black and very nice.  She looks more like a Mini Lop than a Holland;  the original owners were told they were both Hollands.  Since they are both supposed to be about 8 or 9 months old, we are keeping an eye on her for the next month to make sure she doesn't have babies (a rabbit's gestation period is 31 days).  After that time she will be ready for a new home.  UPDATE:  This little lady was indeed pregnant but miscarried her litter.

 This color is called tortoise shell, or torte.  The little Holland Lop doe pictured here was born in February  of 2001 and is very sweet.  Her humans are moving to another state and can't take her along.  She's friendly and craves attention and will make a great pet.  UPDATE:  On refuge.

 Oreo is a four-year-old Dutch buck.  He came from a loving family where he had the run of the house!  He's potty trained and very sweet.  He is an excellent pet and would be a great addition to a loving, caring human's life.  ADOPTED!

 Goma is a three-year-old black Mini Lop doe.  She's lived outside all her life and would be perfect for someone who could only enjoy a pet rabbit wo could live outside in a hutch.  She's very nice and needs someone who will give her attention.  UPDATE:  on refuge

 This little steel Dutch came from Reno Animal Services.  She is the sweetest little thing, probably about 2 years old.  She arrived at basically bunnies with an infected teat, which we have expressed and are watching.  She wouldn't take her antibiotic but we're going to continue  to encourage her with banana or some other tasty treat.  As soon as the infection clears up she'll be ready for a new home.  What a nice bunny she is!  ADOPTED!

 This smoked-pearl Mini Lop doe was dropped off at Reno Animal Services along with 5 other rabbits (see below); apparently someone decided he/she had too many bunnies.  There were 3 girls and 3 boys.  All seem like nice rabbits, maybe 2-3 years old.  There are one or two who have some scabs on their behinds due to fighting and will have to stay here until the damage is healed.  All are urine-stained; apparently they were not kept in the cleanest rabbitry, though none seem ill and there are no signs of mites or skin diseases.  Their outward appearance may be making them look older than they actually are, and perhaps when they get themselves cleaned up they'll look younger.  All have good teeth that do not appear to belong to an aged rabbit.  UPDATE:  This doe has been released onto the refuge.
   black doe   broken chocolate doe                    black bucks  

 CB was a little terror with her last family but has been on her best behavior since she's been at basically bunnies.  I believe that once she knew she could get the upper hand by growling that there was no way she would work out as a pet for that particular family.  One of my first rabbits bit me when I went into his cage to feed him; in fact, he sunk his teeth into my hand and wouldn't let go.  I needed several stitches and also had to find a new home for the rabbit.  Once they "have your number" chances are that it just won't work.  I believe she'll be OK for another human, but if no one adopts her she'll remain here.  CB is a 3-1/2 year old Holland Lop doe.  ADOPTED!

 This pretty doe is a Silver Marten.  Her black fur is tipped with silver and her underside is white.  She's a beautiful doe, very sweet natured.  The breed is a medium to large size averaging 8-10 pounds at maturity.  She came to us from a loving family but one member has allergies and so she needs a new human to love her.  UPDATE:  released on to refuge 11/03.

 This little buck was adopted from Reno Animal Services as a companion for another rabbit.  Unfortunately, the other rabbit resented him coming into his territory and, after one day, he came to us.  He's a very nice little bunny, about 1 year old.  He tends to spray to mark his territory if other rabbits are close to him, so I'd recommend that he go to a home where he'll be the only rabbit.  He's very good about using his potty and will make a good pet.  UPDATE:  Enjoying his freedom on the refuge.

The following five rabbits came from a family moving out of state.  There are Mama and Papa and their two sons and a daughter.  Mama and Papa are about 5 years old and the "youngsters" are about two.  All three males have been neutered.  Papa is a torte Holland Lop and Mama is a broken agouti Netherland Dwarf cross.   
 Papa "Pepper"        "Lightning"
                            ADOPTED!                     UPDATE: On refuge
 "Ophelia" the broken opal doe ADOPTED!, and "Cuddles", the torte buck.  UPDATE:  Released on refuge.

 "Misty", a broken tort neutered male.  UPDATE:  Misty had stopped eating, was depressed and was straining to urinate.  We believed he had a bladder problem and stopped feeding him rabbit pellets.  The pellets increase the amount of calcium in a rabbits system, which in turn can create urinary problems such as kidney stones and "sludge".  We starting feeding him broccoli and hay and added a generous amount of cranberry juice to his water.  Within 48 hours he was a new rabbit:  eating with gusto, urinating easier and his droppings increased.  After two weeks of this diet, we are now giving him one ounce of rabbit pellets a day and supplementing that with the broccoli and hay.

These are really sweet bunnies, a little shy, but very used to being treated gently and given lots of love.


Toward the end of January, 2002, basically bunnies received a call from the Humane Society of Utah, asking if we had room for 12 bunnies.  Some rescue organizations are just not set up to take care of large numbers of rabbits for an extended period of time, and the HSU wanted to make sure that these bunnies were given a chance to enjoy other homes with loving families.  All have been spayed/neutered and seem very sweet.  basically bunnies sends lots of warm bunny hugs to all the kind folks at Humane Society of Utah for caring so much that they drove 8 hours to deliver these little souls into our care, and also for the generous donation of cages, carriers, water bottles and their financial support.  These folks are extra special.

 Cola, 2-1/2-year-old Dwarf Hotot; housebroken; loves to "play cards."  ADOPTED!

 Speckles, 3-year-old Holland Lop; litterbox trained; loves to run outside her cage.  UPDATE:  on refuge.

 This little Netherland Dwarf doe ADOPTED!
  and her brother  ADOPTED! were abandoned.  They are six months old and extremely sweet.

ADOPTED!                                            On refuge
These three black girls range from 1 year old to age unknown.  Hope they forgive me, but I'm really not sure who is who, even after studying their paperwork.   Perhaps someone from HSU can help me???

 Peekaboo, a 2-1/2-year-old agouti buck, and Queenie, a 3-year-old smoked pearl doe, are a bonded pair.  Queenie came from a local Utah shelter and Peekaboo was abandoned in someone's yard.  They have spent the last two years together in a rescue in Utah.  They need to be adopted together.  Both are spayed/neutered.  UPDATE:  On refuge.

 Blackie, a 1-1/2-year-old buck and Fuzz Ball, a 1-1/2-year-old Dutch buck, have been together for one year in rescue.  They are bonded and also need to be adopted together.  Both are neutered.  UPDATE:  On refuge


          This is an area right outside of our garage door that the bunnies   particularly like.  It's sunny and warm and that's where the hay is stored!

 These sweeties came to us from a loving family who had to give them up due to severe allergies and asmtha.  Both are about a year and a half old.  Bob is a black Mini Rex buck who has been neutered and Bugsy is a blue Mini Rex/possibly Netherland Dwarf cross who has been spayed.  They have incredibly sweet dispositions and will make excellent pets.  They don't have to be adopted together; they're not really a bonded pair.  Some lucky humans will be very happy with these bunnies.  Both ADOPTED!

 This adorable little boy was abandoned in Rancho San Rafael County Park in February.  His left eye was severely lacerated, probably during a fight with another rabbit, and the third eyelid (all rabbits have three) has been pretty much destroyed.  We've cleared up the infection with antibiotic ointment and saved the sight in that eye, but it still drains a bit and will probably need some minimal ongoing care.  He is one of the nicest bunnies at basically bunnies.  ADOPTED!

 We believe this may be the sister of the rabbit pictured above.  She's the same age and the white nose is too much of a coincidence!  She came from Rancho San Rafael Park also, but just recently because she had a litter of bunnies and the rangers wanted to make sure the babies were weaned before they rounded her up.  She's a sweetie and may be pregnant again.  We're keeping a close watch and will keep her at basically bunnies for at least 31 days, the gestation period for rabbits.  UPDATE: Released on refuge.

 Here's another park bunny.  This is a young agouti buck, exceptionally friendly.  He's a little on the thin side but eats everything in sight and will soon be up to his optimum weight.  What a wonderful pet he'll make!  ADOPTED!

 This female Rex is so gorgeous...I just can't imagine anyone not wanting her.  She was rounded up by Reno Animal Services and, when no one claimed her in seven days, came to basically bunnies for a second chance at life.  She's one of the larger rabbits, weighing about 9-10 pounds.  She has that incredible rex fur, of course, and is quite friendly.  She's a bit confused by all that's happened to her and doesn't eat much, but we're keeping an eye on her and enticing her with all sorts of goodies.  ADOPTED!

 Another Animal Services doe, this smoked pearl rabbit is about 10 months old, very healthy and has a nice personality.  She's a beauty and will be a great addition to some lucky family.  ADOPTED!

 These two guinea pig sows are about 6-8 months old, maybe younger.  The sisters are smaller than the usual full-grown pig.  They came from a loving home where there were just too many animals.  Both ADOPTED!

 Copper, a beautiful Peruvian-cross sow, is so much prettier than this picture shows.  She is a satin, which means her fur is shiny, like satin, and about 2 years old.  She came from the same loving home as the two girls pictured above.  ADOPTED!

 This little broken black Holland Lop buck was taken in by Reno Animal Services and came to basically bunnies after no one claimed him.  He's a nice bunny but his potty habits leave something to be desired.  Neutering will probably help the situation to some extent, but anyone adopting him should plan on keeping him outside or in a barn or outbuilding where the mess won't be too much of a problem.  UPDATE:  This buck has been released onto the refuge.

 Two little boys and five little girls came all the way from Oakland, CA, to find new homes in the Reno area.  They were born 2/14/02 and have some Hotot in their background from the markings around their eyes.  These bunnies will remain somewhat small, probably around 4-1/2-5 pounds.  They are sweet and playful and oh, so cute!  One little girl ADOPTED!
 UPDATE:  On refuge.

 More bunnies!  These four cuties were born  around March 1, 2002 and came from South Lake Tahoe with their mama and papa (pictured below).  There are two agouti does (the brown ones), a harlequin buck (the orange and black) and a black doe - ADOPTED!   Their mama is a little fiesty and would benefit from being spayed; their papa is very sweet.   All six are ready for new, loving homes.  UPDATE:  Mama and daughters on refuge.
.  Mama                             Papa  ADOPTED!

 This sweet buck came to us from Animal Control; he was rounded up as a stray.  He did, however, have a tatoo in his left ear, indicating that a breeder had raised him for show.  He had severely maloccluded teeth and his gums were very red and sore-looking.  Maloccluded teeth can occur when a rabbit pulls on the cage wire with his teeth, but most often, especially in the Lop breeds with large heads, it is a genetic defect and the bunny should be humanely euthanized.  Genetically maloccluded teeth rarely, if ever, will start to "grow right", meaning straight up and down in the front, meeting so that they wear themselves down with normal chewing.  Sometimes vets choose to surgically remove these front teeth (a rabbit can eat without them as they have several molars in the back), especially if the bunny will be a loved and cherished pet.  When this Holland Lop arrived at basically bunnies his front teeth were over an inch long, hideously curled and growning into his gums.  We trimmed them and proceeded to examine him further.  Besides being very dirty around his bottom and his legs, his penis was protruding from its sheath and would not go back up all the way.  This is a medical condition called paraphomosis.  It is not a genetic defect; it is caused by an injury to the skeletal structure or some other trauma resulting in an abscess, tumor or some other pressure on the nerves and muscles around the gential area.  Consequently, the penis is exposed and highly likely to become injured and infected, resulting in infection to the bladder.  There is no medical procedure that can fix this.  Together with his teeth and gum condition, this rabbit was suffering and had no hope for any kind of quality of life.  We made the difficult decision to euthanize him.  Chances are that, if you're visiting this site, you're not the type of person who would turn a domesticted rabbit loose to fend for itself.  I wish with all my heart that the person who is responsible for bringing this rabbit into the world felt the same way.
*All medical conditions are described to the best of my nonprofessional ability; please consult your veterinarian for specific information.

 Meet Lilly, a dear little Holland Lop doe.  She's been spayed and is about one year old.  She came from a very loving home but her humans just did not feel they were giving her all the attention she deserved.  She's small for her breed and very dainty!  ADOPTED!

 Black doe  ADOPTED!
 Broken black buck  ADOPTED!
 Castor buck  ADOPTED!
 Broken chin doe  ADOPTED!
The four Mini Rex bunnies pictured above came from Animal Services and had tags that said "Stray".  They are about 8-10 months old and very healthy.  All four are incredibly sweet and loving animals.  Very seldom do we get rabbits here that match the dispositions of these bunnies.  They love to snuggle and give bunny kisses are are waiting for new humans for love them.

 We found this little bunny near our front porch.  She's about 3 weeks old and blind.  Her eyes were sealed shut, a condition known as "nestbox eyes".  When the eyes don't open by themselves at the appropriate time (12 days in domestic rabbits) they need some help from warm water, a soft cloth and a human.  This little bunny didn't have those advantages and by the time we found her, her eyes were extremely ulcerated.  We bathed them with warm water and applied triple antibiotic opthalmic ointment.  After several days we noticed improvement, and she was lapping formula and gaining weight.  Now, after about 2 weeks, she has tripled in weight and the ulcers have disappeared.  Her eyes are still cloudy by improving.  We hope that she'll regain her eyesight, but don't expect it.  However, miracles do happen!  UPDATE:  Dr Johnson examined the baby and agrees that she has limited sight at this time:  mainly shadows.  We are continuing to treat her eyes with ointment and she continues to improve.  UPDATE:  "Missy" was spayed 11/1/02; she appears to have very good vision and travels around the house with no problem.  ADOPTED!
 This is how she looks 11/02!

 This black Dutch buck is about 4 months old and very sweet.  He came from a loving home that simply had acquired too many pets.  He's very healthy and waiting for someone to give him a permanent home.   A loving family would make life great for this little guy.  ADOPTED!

 A very nice chocolate buck, this bunny was someone's pet.  Apparently they grew tired of him and let him loose on the street.  A kindly neighbor thought he had gotten loose and told the owners, but they said to let him go, that they wanted to be rid of him.  So, we were called.  He appeared to have some noisy breathing so we took him to the vet for a check-up.  Sure enough, he had an upper respiratory infection that could have led to pneumonia.  He was given an oral antibiotic for a week and now he's healthy and ready for a loving, permanent home.  ADOPTED!

 Five baby Fuzzy Lop bunnies, born May 24, 2002.  Their mother is a beautiful Isabella Fuzzy Lop.  She's already adopted and will go to her new home as soon as the babies are weaned, around July 5.  We don't know the father, and can't be sure all of the bunnies will be Fuzzy Lops.  But we know one thing:  they are all adorable and will delight some lucky families.  They are about two weeks old in this picture, and I'll have updated photos soon.
June 21, 2002
Black buck  ADOPTED!
Broken Isabella doe  ADOPTED!
Broken black buck (1)  ADOPTED!
Torte buck  ADOPTED!
Broken black buck (2):  ADOPTED!

A very important part of basically bunnies is our security guard:  Red, Sweetie and Mel, guard llamas donated by a Llama Rescue in Chilcoot, CA.  Thank you, Toni!

 Freckles, a 4-6 month old broken agouti Mini Rex buck, came to us from a loving home with too many animals.  An exceptionally sweet bunny, he was ADOPTED! the very next day.

 From the same home as Freckles, this Holland Lop tort buck was every bit as sweet.  He, too, is about 4 to 6 months old.  ADOPTED!

 Mohawk the guinea pig came to us along with the bunnies pictured above and the young female rat pictured below!  He is young and used to being handled.  Ms. Rattie is also very young and will make a wonderful pet.  ADOPTED!

 This broken blue Mini Lop doe is very shy.  She was found by Animal Services running in the street.  She is about 1 to 2 years old and has maloccluded teeth, though not as bad as most of the rabbits I've seen with this condition.  She needs love and patience and, possibly, someone willing to clip her teeth regularly.  At this point they're not bad enough to clip, and maybe they'll stay that way;  time will tell.

 This broken black Mini Rex doe is our newest mama.  Last night (6/26) she gave birth to 5 bunnies.  We brought her home from Animal Services just a few days ago; her original owner left her in the night drop.  She's one year old or less and seems to have a nice disposition, even when she was pregnant.  Her babies will be ready for new homes on August 7, 2002.  At that time Mama will also be ready for a new, loving home.  ADOPTED!

an afternoon siesta....

 This cute little broken chin doe was brought in to Reno Animal Services.  She is a very small Mini Lop and, even though she is young, probably 3-4 months, I believe she will remain small.  She's got a great disposition and is interested in everything that's happening in the rabbitry.  Someone will get a wonderful pet when they adopt this bunny.  ADOPTED!

   This beautiful opal Rex buck was left in the night drop at Animal Services.  I believe he's about 2-3 years old.  He is very easy to handle and must have been treated well.  This bunny will make a great pet for a home with children.  ADOPTED!

 Our toy poodle puppy found this broken blue bunny starving to death and brought her to me.  I didn't have much hope but started her on formula and hoped for the best.  After about 2 weeks of being fed with a syringe, she started lapping the milk on her own.  A month later, she's tripled in size and well on her way to becoming a big bunny.  I'm treating her for respiratory problems and, in about 2 weeks, she should be ready for a new home.
The little white Netherland doe sharing cage space was found in Sparks.  Her parents were abandoned and had their babies in a residential neighborhood.  Unfortunately, the residents of the neighborhood decided they didn't ant any more rabbits around and closed up the entrance to the nest so the mother couldn't get back in to feed the babies and the babies couldn't get out.  This one was rescued by a caring lady, but the others perished.  She is about 8 weeks old and will make a great pet.  ADOPTED!

 Shadow is a 2 year old black Mini Rex.  He came from loving people who could no longer keep him because the neighbor's dog was harassing him so badly they feared for his life.  He'll be a sweet pet for someone who can give him a good home.  ADOPTED!

 Bashful is a 1 to 1-1/2 year old Dutch cross buck.  His color is called broken opal.  He came to us from loving, caring people in Carson City who could no longer give him the attention he needs.  Bashful needs socializing as he lives up to his name and doesn't like to be picked up, but with time and patience will be a great pet.  UPDATE:  On refuge.

 These darling rex cross babies  are about 7 weeks old.  Their mama was abandoned out in the country and the kind people who live there rescued her, kept her through her pregnancy and raising the bunnies, and then had her spayed.  They'll keep her and asked basically bunnies to find loving homes for the babies.  Two bunnies (broken Isabella in rear and opal in foreground) ADOPTED!  One boy and 1 little girl still available.  UPDATE:  new photos!
          agouti/opal doe   ADOPTED!         castor buck  ADOPTED!

  A beautiful broken chin Netherland cross buck, this little guy was found wandering the streets.  He'd obviously been on his own for some time, as evidenced by the urine stains and dirt on his fur.  We think he's 1-2 years old.  We gave him a good bath, which he sat through without complaint, and now he's ready for a loving family.  His fur still looks mottled because of the staining and his present molt, but eventually he'll be back to his normal colors.  Actually, he's very interesting to look at the way he is now!  A sweet, easily-handled bunny, he would be perfect for just about any family.  ADOPTED!

Snowball came to us from a loving family who could no longer care for them properly.  This little boy is 2 to 2-1/2 years old and is used to being outside.  Snowball is easily handled and enjoys his pets.

 "Hi, my name is Madison but I'd like you to call me Maddie.  I like mango, bananas, apples, and carrots.  I don't like my neck touched because it is very sensitive.  I need water all the time.  My food can't have treats in it because I dig out the plain food and only eat the treats.  That is why I only eat plain food.  I hope my new family is nice and will let me sit with them and watch TV with them.  Thank you!  Love, Maddie XXOO"
Maddie is a three year old broken fawn Mini Lop doe.  Her family can no longer keep her, but want her to have the best possible home.  She came with the above introduction and is waiting patiently for someone to give her a new life.  ADOPTED!

Some of the refuge bunnies enjoying their lunch.  The chicken is BrukBruk, a Bearded Polish hen who came to us a year and a half  ago (see page two).  

The agouti bunnies pictured above came all the way from Fullerton, Ca.  They were abandoned along with three more from the same litter in a city park.  A wonderful woman saw the people letting them loose and gathered them up and took them home.  Since she already has four bunnies of her own, she tried very hard to find good homes for the six she rescued.  Three went to a rescue in Southern California and these cuties came to basically bunnies.  The little buck on the left and his two sisters are very sweet and will make great pets.  They are potty trained.  As of 9/1/02 they are about 16 weeks old.  UPDATE:  two does on refuge.  Little buck ADOPTED!

 This little guy is just too cute!  "Waffle" is a 3 year old American Fuzzy Lop buck.  He was an Easter bunny three years ago and now the family he's been living with decided they didn't want him any more.  He's frightened right now but is easily handled and is obviously used to being treated kindly.  His long fur requires weekly grooming.  He weighs about 3 pounds.  ADOPTED!

 This black Dutch doe found her way into a kind couples' yard a couple of years ago and lived there quite happily.  However, they now need to know that she has a permanent, loving home with a new family.  She had some trouble with a dirty bottom for a while, but some oat hay and a few baths took care of that problem and now she's waiting for a new family to love her.  ADOPTED!  UPDATE:  Poor little thing!  Went to her new home and refused to eat!  She was returned to us and, little by little is starting to eat again.  Apparently, she didn't want to leave.  Hopefully we can find her another loving home and ease the transition better.
UPDATE:  "Rosie" was ADOPTED! and is living in a wonderful new home in Nevada City, CA.

 Earl came all the way from Grand Island, Nebraska.  His story is sad but Earl is ready for a new family to love him.  He's a real nice guinea pig, about 7 months old 9/02.  He'd be the perfect first pet for a child.  ADOPTED!

 Gidget is a one year old Netherland Dwarf buck.  His color is wonderful:  he's called a chocolate otter, meaning that some of his fur is tipped with a carmel color, his tummy and the insides of his ears are carmel-colored, as is the fur around his nostrils.  He's small, about 3 pounds.  ADOPTED!

 Our first gerbils are ready for a new home!  The two little boys are very sweet and easy to handle.  They're about a year old and come complete with cage, water bottle, food bowls and house.  ADOPTED!  These sweet little guys are flying Delta to their new home in Albuquerque, NM, on Christmas Eve!

 Buster is another bunny who lived with a mistaken gender!  Buster is a 2-1/2 year old Holland Lop/ Netherland Dwarf cross.  She is also a little girl!  Her broken chocolate fur is beautiful, although she's molting right now and needs a good brushing.  Her humans had some trouble with her being aggressive toward them, though I haven't had any problems with her since she's been at basically bunnies.  I believe that after she's spayed she'll mellow out a good deal and will make a wonderful pet.  ADOPTED!

 Pretty 7-week-old (born 8/26/02) rex cross bunnies, these sweeties are ready for new homes.  The fawn (orange-colored) bunny in the rear is a doe and quite a bit bigger than her two siblings.  She is perfectly normal.  The two broken fawns in the foreground, one boy and one girl, are special-needs bunnies:  they were born with crippled hind legs.  They can get around just fine but will never be able to be outside and won't be able to run very fast.  The vet said they'll make great pets and hopefully someone with extra love to give will take them home soon.  UPDATE:  Broken fawn doe released on refuge.  She's enjoying her semi-freedom in the barn along with three other does; brother still available for adoption.  Fawn doe ADOPTED!
UPDATE: We're very sad to say that the two crippled bunnies have died.  Apparently there were some internal problems associated with the birth defects.

 Samantha was found trying to make it on her own in someone's front yard.  Concerned relatives brought her to basically bunnies and she's waiting for a new family.  Samantha is a dwarf cross, probably a year or two old.  She looks like a baby because she's very small, maybe 2-1/2 pounds, but her teeth say she's older.  I'd guess she's between one and two years old.  Right now she's underweight and is eating us out of house and home!  She's very friendly and will be a great addition to some lucky family.  UPDATE:  on refuge.

 Butterfinger is a 3-year-old tort Holland Lop buck.  He came from a very loving home, but his child human is growing up and is too busy with friends and school to give him the attention he deserves.  He's exceptionally sweet and easy to hold and handle.  He's just about perfect in every way and is waiting for a new family to love him.  ADOPTED!

   Passed Away           ADOPTED!
The three Netherland Dwarf bucks pictured above were trapped on the grounds of an area retirement home.  They are beautiful rabbits and very small - from 2-3 pounds.  All are between 1 and 2 years old.  UPDATE:  The one remaining bunny available for adoption has developed maloccluded teeth.  This has us puzzled, as it's generally a genetic defect that is apparent at birth or shortly thereafter.  However, he is now considered a special-needs bunny and his new owner will have to see to it that his teeth are trimmed every 3-4 weeks.

 Bambi is a one-year-old Netherland Dwarf cross doe, agouti in color.  She arrived at basically bunnies on Nov. 17, 2002, and kindled 4 babies on Nov. 19.  She came from a loving home with too many animals.  Bambi and her bunnies (pictures to follow) will be available for adoption On New Year's Eve, Dec. 31.  
 Bambi's babies are the larger agouti and chin bunnies; there's also a third, another agouti.  The little sable in the very front (there's actually two; the other is the brown ball between Bambi and the sable baby) with the white markings around the eyes, nose and chin belongs to Kitty (see below) but was fostered to Bambi when Kitty couldn't feed them.  Bambi's babies ADOPTED!  Kitty's two babies ADOPTED!

 Snuggles is the proud papa of the babies listed above.  He is an 8-month-old blue shaded Netherland Dwarf buck.  Currently he's being treated for sore hocks, a condition that results from too much pressure on the bottoms of the feet, mostly from the wire cage bottom.  Although rabbits should  be kept in a cage with a wire floor, they need to have a sitting board or some other way of resting their feet.  Snuggles' feet should be healed soon and then he'll be ready for a new home.  He's one of the sweetest bunnies to ever come to basically bunnies, and some lucky family will be so glad they decided to take him home.  ADOPTED!

 Buddy is a 2-year-old Netherland Dwarf buck.  A shaded sable point, Buddy is a sweet little guy whose family decided he deserved a new home with lots of attention.  He's very sweet and enjoys watching the activity in the rabbitry.  He'll be a wonderful addition to some lucky family.  ADOPTED!

 Little Mo is a pedigreed black Mini Rex doe, 4 years old.  She came from home where she was no longer wanted.  At first she showed some fear of her new surroundings, but now seems quite happy to have other rabbits nearby.  She needs a gentle, loving human to provide a permanent home for her. ADOPTED!

 Bunny is a 3-4 year old Dutch buck.  When his kids moved on to college and Mom had to take care of him, she discovered she's severely allergic to him and had to bring him to basically bunnies. He's such a friendly little guy:  loves attention and being held.  ADOPTED!

 This 2 year old Holland Lop buck is named Floppy.  He's a great little guy, loves being petted and comes from a home with children.  He's always looking for attention whenever we're working near his cage.  Floppy will be a great addition to some lucky family.  ADOPTED!

 Kitty is a shaded sable Netherland Dwarf doe, about 14 months old.  She's already had two litters of bunnies and is ready to retire from being a mom and just be happy being someone's special pet.  She's very sweet and loves to cuddle and is comfortable with young children.  ADOPTED!

 I had to really enlarge this picture so all the babies can be seen.  Kitty (above, along with Papa Snuggles) gave birth to them 10/20/02.  Three are blue and one is a shaded sable like Kitty.  Three little girls and a little boy, all looking for loving, forever homes.  All ADOPTED!  

 "Dutch" is a 5-6 year old black Dutch buck.  He belonged to an elderly lady who had to move and give up all her animals.  He was very well treated and is very sweet and easy to handle.  He'll make a great pet for someone who doesn't mind adopting a senior citizen.

The four bunnies pictured above were brought in by two caring ladies.  It seems that someone in their neighborhood has been breeding and carelessly letting the rabbits roam loose.  Some have been hit by cars, some have been seen trying to get around with broken legs....These four lucky does were taken in by the ladies, who now find that they just can't care for them properly.  The two broken fawns and the broken black are Mini Lops, and the broken chin seems to have some Satin in her.  All are young, about 6-8 months.  They've adjusted to being at basically bunnies really well and are friendly and sweet.  All are very healthy and will make super pets.

 This little sweetie has had a rough start in life.  She's 6-8 weeks old and was given to a family as a gift...a gift, as it turns out, that they didn't want.  For the 2 weeks she was with them she was kept in a tiny bird cage with hardly room to turn around.  She had a little water cup which she spilled since it was on the floor with her and her food, so she often didn't have anything to drink.  Thankfully a lovely person intervened and offered to find the bunny a home, and immediately called basically bunnies.  She had been feeding the little thing rabbit food since the family didn't know enough to even feed it properly.  The little Dutch doe has been here less than a week and is already visibly larger and stronger.  She is sweet and loving and will lick your finger if you extend it to her.  She's learning to use a potty and seems to take great pleasure in her cage and toys.  ADOPTED!

  Hi, I'm Zeus, a beautiful 8 month old Isabella-colored male Holland Lop.  I was a very loved house-rabbit at my first home but had territorial problems with the other male bunny that I lived with (I loved him, but he felt threatened when I began to grow up).  I am very clever and curious, and I love toys!  I am litter box trained and I need a person (or people) to adopt me so that I can give them the all the love I have inside my active little body. My first owner felt terrible about giving me up and she hopes I am adopted by someone with a big heart and a good sense of humor(I am a funny bunny!) very soon. UPDATE:  Zeus was neutered 5/8/03 to help his spraying problem.  ADOPTED!

 This little chinchilla Mini Rex buck is about 3-1/2 months old.  His former home was too close for comfort to the coyotes and, as much as they didn't want to give him up, his family decided that he should be given the chance at finding a new, forever home.  He's very sweet and has litterbox trained already.  All in all, an excellent pet for some lucky human.  ADOPTED!

 This pretty blue Mini Lop doe and her companion, probably her brother, (see below) came to basically bunnies after living with their original family only a little over two months.  They decided they just couldn't keep them any longer and now they're both looking for new homes.  They are a bit fearful at first but warm to people quickly.  Both are going through those difficult teenage times and will need patience and love until they mature.
 UPDATE:  This fellow was neutered 5/8/03 to minimize his aggressive behavior that developed when he matured.  ADOPTED!

 Cuddles is a young opal Netherland Dwarf buck.  We think he's 6-12 months old.  He didn't get along with the other bunnies in the family so now he's looking for a new home where he'll be the only rabbit.  He's very small, about 2-1/2 to 3 pounds and quite friendly.  ADOPTED!

 Herman is a young Satin buck with smudged nose, ears and tail.  He might be part Californian, though he's only about 5 pounds, small for both breeds.  He showed up in a nice couple's back yard with his nose pressed to the patio door, begging for food and attention.  He's exceptionally sweet and is well on his way to being potty trained.  ADOPTED!

 "Baby" is a 1 to 1-1/2 year old Mini Lop doe.  She's already had a few homes in her short life, mainly because people haven't understood the care rabbits require.  She's already potty-training herself and, with the exception of being rather frightened of her new surroundings, seems to be a very promising pet for some lucky human.  She has an appointment with the vet and will soon be ready for a new, permanent home.

     Papa "Blue"         Mama "Magenta"        "Tommy"            "Clara"
                                   ADOPTED!                                    on refuge

The four bunnies pictured above came to basically bunnies because their family had to move to a new apartment where the landlord will not allow pets.  Blue and Magenta are about 2 years old; their daughters were born in June of 2002.  It's just about impossible to tell from the pictures, but their coloring is gorgeous:  not blue, not quite opal, and Magenta has a lynx-color (very light tan) throughout, as does Clara, especially around her eyes.  These are beautiful rabbits and quite sweet.  Clara is already using her litterbox after only a few hours here.  UPDATE:  Tommy kindled a litter of bunnies 4/2/03.  Mama and babies will be available for adoption on May 14, 2003  
Tommy's babies  4/22/03; 20 days old   
 This caster Mini Rex doe came from Fairfield, California.  She's 8-9 months old and was due to be euthanized when a compassionate lady rescued her and a friend (see below) and brought them to Reno.  This little gal is gorgeous and quite sweet; what a wonderful pet for some lucky human!  ADOPTED!

 Snowhite is also from Fairfield, Ca.  She's about 2 years old and loves to sit on your lap while you pet her.  She's just waiting for a new,  permanent loving home.  ADOPTED!

 Meet Stubby, so named because he lost a toe!  Stubby is a beautiful broken agouti Mini Lop buck, about 2 - 2-1/2 years old.  He's used to a lot of attention and loves being petted but isn't crazy about being picked up.  He exceptionally sweet and deserves to find a forever home as soon as possible.  ADOPTED!

 Trix is a one and a half year old Mini Lop doe.  She's already been spayed and came from a home with two young children.  She's very cuddley and has a mellow personality.  She craves attention and will make a wonderful pet.  ADOPTED!

 This little Netherland Dwarf doe is 7 months old and no longer wanted by her first family.  She's just at the age when female bunnies start getting hormonal and this life change affects their behavior, sometimes negatively.  Since she is aggressive and and fearful, we've scheduled her to be spayed April 8, 2003.  It will take about 3-4 weeks for all the hormones to be out of her system and then her behavior will start to change for the better.  It's been our experience that, after spaying, even these tempermental bunnies make great pets and will be a wonderful addition to some lucky family. ADOPTED!

 Athena is a wonderful 2-year-old agouti Mini Lop doe.  She's been spayed and is about as sweet as they come.  Her human had to give her up when the landlord found out she was living in an apartment where rabbits aren't welcome.  Athena has led a life of luxury, living in the apartment freely, only returning to her cage to use her potty.  She enjoys attention, treats and toys.  She's just waiting for a lucky human to take her home and welcome her into his/her family.  UPDATE:  Athena was adopted 5/4/03 but came back to us due to the family cat's jealousy.  Some lucky human has another chance at the perfect pet!  ADOPTED!

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