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Blame the Fans - danny 14:21:07 11/22/97 (2)

OK, this should start a hot one, but my cousin went to the SF/Eagles game for the first time in Philly. He was an Eagle Fan now in Calif. Says that the fans are not only "mouthy name callers", but stand up and in unison boo their team at half time. Constantly non supportive of the team. He says the same thing I feel, like kicking a sick horse...if you want improvement praise the good stuff, and for a while shut up, about the bad stuff..who would want to kill themselves for fans like that, he said. So your opinion please, you seem to be good at it on the team and players if they flub up. danny

Never would have thought...

All this high security at the Ve - carlgtr 09:51:55 11/21/97 (2)

What's up with all this high security? For what they charge to see this fiasco week after week we should be allowed to tar and feather opposing team visitors, be rude and lewd and obnoxious.

Lurie should stage WWF steel cage matches, chicken fights, and tractor pulls to appease us and give us our moneys worth instead of showing the same damn Cab Calloway clip week after week! clip

Such class!!!