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*This was originally meant to be a hate page in response to all of those Cowboys hate pages run by Beagles fans, but in writing this page I came to realize what a pitiful lot Iggles fans are, that the poor things have been deprived of all the greatness and glory that we Cowboys fans have taken for granted for so long. And the poor little things have tried so hard! Too bad our Cowboys just can't roll over and die and let them win. It might make their juvenile, tantrum-throwing fans feel a little better. Poor Philly fans!

Hey Iggle fans, you apparently know it to be true!!!!

Choking in 3 Championship games and

1 Superbowl in 4 years. Gotta hurt!!!!

Relive the humiliation here!!!!


“1..2..3..4.. the Ea...gles we are roo...ting for! Ggggoooo Eagles!!! yay!! yay!!”

Maybe this is your jinx?

McNabb is highly overrated!!!Canít win the big one!!!

Do the math:

3 interceptions + 4 sacks + Zero yards rushing = 0 Superbowl rings.

Hopefully the NFL will have a new posterboy soon.


Here’s a Bruschi for you…

And Owens is getting upset…

Flap those wings!!!


Donít worry Philly, youíll get another chance in, oh, 24 more years!!!

It's official--the City of Philadelphia has called Eagles fans a bunch of thugs, and will hold court directly in the Vet during games! Justice, at last!!!! Check out these articles from Philly News Papers:

Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 21, 1997

Philadelphia Daily News, Nov. 21, 1997

Accounts of this were also seen on ABC News and CNN Headline News, nationwide.

Some great comments by Philly fans from one of their favorite bulletin boards

With the Eagles' season in flames at Superbowl XXXIX, the whining is really going on now! Check out a favorite Eagles Bulletin board at

Another one at

Another one at

And look out for more great commentary the Eagles' total collapse on

Please leave your Comments Here! Texan Hospitality is Extended to Eagles Fans, also! However, I do ask that you keep your comments relatively clean as I have kept this page clean, and please try to be more intelligent and original than "Cowboys/Eagles suck" as most Philly fans/Cowboy haters tend to repeat over and over...Let's have lively intelligent discussion!

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The Philadelphia Eagles--One of the biggest CHOKER TEAMS of all time!!!!!! Solutions to their problems

How pitiful.  The Iggles are and always have been a bunch of losers and wanna-beís.  How ironic and appropriate that their color is green, the color symbolizing jealousy.  Their fans are the most obnoxious bunch in the NFL--they throw fireworks at opposing players, cheer for injuries to opposing teams; they are the epitome of "sore losers".  Past coaches (i.e. Buddy Ryan) have put out bounties on opposing teams' players.  However, their bitterness must come from the fact that they've never won a superbowl (only won two NFC Championships), and got stomped in Superbowl XV, Raiders 27, Eagles 10.†† Then now, Superbowl XXXIX, Patriots 27, Eagles 24.

Hey Philly, where are those Superbowl Trophies that your coaches keep promising?

Eagles fans, there is still time for you to switch your loyalty to a WINNING TEAM! The Dallas Cowboys welcome your support!

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