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Fighting for the Faith
About Us


Welcome to our site. We are the Buhay family. Our family consists of Michael, the father and head of the home... Louise, wife, homeschool mom, and keeper of the home... Isaac Joseph our  adopted son,  Naomi Grace and Lydia Joy our adopted daughters, and our adult son Roy Patrick.

We have dedicated this site and our lives to serving the Lord Jesus Christ and His people. We really have no other interests than doing just that. We believe that our only purpose here is to commit every area of our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and so we are working toward that goal. Louise began following the Lord in the early winter of 1998. After a very turbulent year, Michael gave his life also to the Lord in the early winter of 1999.

We currently home-church and sense a heavy leading by the Lord to spend most of our time in our community reaching out to the lost and the needy while also trying to reach in and save some out of the apostate churches.
We ask that you please pray that the Lord keeps us strong in Him. Thank you and we pray that you are blessed, challenged and encouraged by this site.

In His love and service,
   ~The Buhays~

We welcome you to duplicate articles from this site providing you do not alter them in any way. Please.... no additions, omissions or changes of any kind. We also ask that you include our site name and address.