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The Old Testament has Become Obsolete

Moving on from having addressed the beginning of the Christian life and how that occurs, to seeing how the Christian experience should actually unfold and be lived out, we now turn to the generally accepted standard bearer for Christian faith and practice, the Bible, to look at the 2 primary methods that Satan has used to bring a myriad of error-filled teachings and practices into the Church. We’ll address each method in its own study and we’ll first be looking at the mixing of God’s Old Covenant with the New Covenant. Jesus illustrated it as trying to put new wine into old wineskins or trying to put an old patch of cloth on a new garment. Either example will eventually result in disaster. The New Testament makes it very clear that the NEW COVENANT IS SUPERIOR TO THE OLD IN EVERY WAY, so much so that it has made the Old Covenant, OBSOLETE AND READY TO VANISH AWAY. (Hebrews 8:13) Yet even though these last two facts are unequivocally true, Christian churches and teachers still continually appeal to the Old Covenant and almost always end up negating principles in the New. The result has been confusion, chaos, disagreements, division and a Christianity which bears little resemblance to that seen in the book of Acts and for the first 300 years following.

Before I begin to dig in a little deeper I feel it is important to clarify a few things. First, when I speak of the Old Covenant/Testament I am primarily referring to God’s law given to Moses for the nation of Israel on Mount Sinai. This is how the New Covenant/Testament identifies the Old, so this is what I will be referring to also. (Hebrews 9:18-20) Second, when I and the Bible say that the New Testament has made the Old Testament obsolete, we are not saying that the reading of all of the Old Testament is not valuable and profitable, it most certainly is for a number of reasons. But the point that I’m making is that once you become a partaker of the New Covenant in Jesus’ blood, you should no longer live by the rules and practices of the Old Covenant. As we’ll see a much greater and higher standard has taken its place.

With that being said, let’s begin by taking a look at how the Bible contrasts God’s Old Covenant with His New one and we should begin to see why it is so absurd to continue to appeal to the Old for our practices. We are told that the Old Covenant was weak and useless. (Hebrews 7:18-19) It offered no power to overcome sin and the blood of bulls and goats couldn’t remove our sin (Hebrews 10:4) so it led us to nothing but condemnation and death. (2Corinthians 3:7-9) The Old Covenant offered us high priests who were faulty and sinful, (Hebrews 7:27-28) and the way to God was covered by a thick veil. The Old Covenant was also recognized primarily as a contract of the written letter. (2Corinthians 3:6) God’s laws were written down to be studied and people tried to come to know God through study of this letter. The Old Covenant was also an earthly covenant, focused on earthly things which are temporary and corruptible. The Bible sums all this up by letting us know that this Old Covenant was merely a shadow of what was to come and that the New Covenant would be the fulfillment and the reality, or the very image of God’s best for us. (Hebrews 10:1)

At the Last Supper Jesus took the cup and announced, “This is My blood of the New Covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” (Matthew 26:28) This New Covenant is lauded to be a better covenant based on better promises. (Hebrews 8:6) With this covenant God promises to completely take away our sins, (Hebrews 10:11-18) and He also provides us with power from Him to sin no more. So instead of condemnation and death we now have true righteousness and eternal life. This New Covenant provides us with the ultimate High Priest, one who will continue forever to always make intercession for us, one who was tempted as we are, yet he remained sinless, one who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and has become higher than the heavens and is seated at the right hand of God the Father, (Hebrews 4:14-15; 7:24-26) His flesh providing a new and living way for us to come directly to the throne of God for help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:15-16; 10:19-20) So instead of faulty high priests, severely limited because of sin and death, we have one who is perfect and eternal who brings us straight into the presence of God. This New Covenant is a covenant, not of the written letter, because the written letter alone brings forth death, but a covenant which provides us with God’s Spirit. This is the fundamental difference between the two covenants. One is of the written letter, dependent on the flesh of man, which leads to death, and one is of God’s Spirit, where through faith God does all the work, leading us to eternal life. We no longer have to read to know God and His laws for His Spirit makes us partakers of God’s very own nature (2Peter 1:2-4) and His laws are now written in our hearts and minds. (Hebrews 10:15-17) And finally this New Covenant is a heavenly agreement where we are seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, (Ephesians 2:4-6) where we can have an actual relationship with the God of the universe, and where God blesses us with all available spiritual blessings which are abundant and eternal. (Ephesians 1:3) This is in contrast to the earthly blessings of the Old Covenant which were only temporary and nowhere near as fulfilling. The greatness and excellence of this New Covenant has made the Old Covenant obsolete, and ready to vanish away, yet Christians still appeal to it, and more often than not, attempt to establish doctrine, rules, and practice by it.

How could this happen? Why would God’s people turn their focuses back from heavenly things to earthly things? And from the New Covenant of righteousness and life to the Old Covenant of law, sin and death? Herein lies the answer, our arch-enemy has taken the Christian’s focus off of primary reliance on the Spirit of God and has turned it to almost a 100% focus on the written letter. This inordinate focus on the written letter has brought death into the Christian church in a variety of ways. Our focus here will be on some of the false teachings and practices that have been brought in with the blending of the Old Testament with the New.

Beginning way back with Constantine and the Catholic Church around 300AD, Christianity began to dramatically shift from a New Testament, Spirit-focused religion of relationship, power and lifestyle back to an Old Testament, doctrinal, letter focusing religion of death. This came about for a variety of reasons which are much too lengthy for discussion in this study. This focus then carried straight through Sola Scriptura, and the Reformation, and has continued to the very present. So-called mainstream Christianity, since 300AD, has been primarily focused on the written letter, thereby negating the influence of God’s Spirit. As we stated earlier, the reason that a focus on the written letter alone brings forth death is because it brings reliance on the flesh of man and when the flesh of man is reigning the Holy Spirit gets pushed to the side. Because this has been allowed to occur, fleshly, carnal focuses have returned to the forefront, and justification for them is only to be found in the earthly-focused Old Testament. This has opened the door for a myriad of false teachings to invade the church. Spiritless, fleshly people, enslaved to sin and loving the things of this world, turn to the Old Testament letter to find proof-texts for their lusts and the result has been utter confusion and chaos.

Straight from the Old Testament into Christianity has come extravagant buildings and lavish lifestyles, salaried clergy, compulsory tithing and most recently, the whole prosperity gospel to soothe those who love money and the material things of this world. You will not find a hint of any of these things in the book of Acts and the early church. In addition, principles taught in the New Testament condemn all of the above yet these practices still have become the accepted norm among Christians today.

For those who desire an earthly kingdom instead of the New Testament heavenly one that has been promised, we’ve turned to the Old Testament to justify Christians killing heretics, Christian soldiers killing those whom Christ died for, Christians participating in worldly governments, Christians trying to stamp out worldly social issues such as abortion and homosexuality, and so much more. All of these also completely contradict principles and commands found in the New Testament yet they are accepted and practiced anyway.

This blending of the Old and the New has gone so far that we now have Christians in groves directly turning back to the Torah (law of Moses) and keeping its feasts, holy days and Sabbath rules. The focus here is almost entirely on God’s Old Covenant yet these groups have become very much accepted throughout the Christian community. Utter craziness, nothing but Judaizers from biblical days finding grounds to perpetuate their heresies.

And finally, those laden with sin continuously pointing to the moral failings of men like Abraham and David to justify their continuance in sin. Christians comparing themselves with men who did not have the Holy Spirit living within them and who were void of the grace (power) of God to overcome sin. These things were promises which were fulfilled through Jesus to those privileged to be under the New Covenant. The New Testament tells us that Jesus is our example to follow, that we are to walk as He walked (1John 2:6), and that we are to look unto Him (Hebrews 12:2). Shame on those who point to Abraham and David to justify their own sinful lives.

All of the examples given above, have no basis whatsoever in the New Testament, and most of them actually completely contradict what is taught throughout the New Testament, yet they have become accepted because grounds for them can be found in God’s old, obsolete contract. These are all prime examples of what can be termed “Old Covenant Christianity“. These things blaspheme the truths of the Christian faith and deny the accomplishments of the Lord

Does your church or Christian experience delve into any of these areas listed above? If so, you need to repent! The God of Heaven sent His only begotten Son to shed His blood and usher in the New, perfect Covenant. How wrong is it to turn back to the weak, useless one that He replaced at the cost “OF HIS SON’S OWN BLOOD”? The New Testament calls this “trampling the Son of God underfoot” and “insulting the Spirit of grace” of which God will call us to judgment. (Hebrews 10:29-31) God gave Christians the New Covenant through His perfect Son and sent His Spirit to perfect us. The New Covenant and the true Christian faith does not allow for a continuance of sin, or worldliness, or earthly-mindedness or any such thing and if you have become a partaker of God’s very own nature through the Holy Spirit, you will know this. If you have a fascination with any of the things that were discussed earlier then you may want to examine yourself once again. Have you ever been born again? Has God’s Spirit ever come into your life? Please know for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Our prayer is that you will be clear on this issue once and for all and if you are a Christian who has been led astray we implore you to please turn back and abide under the New Covenant established through the blood of the risen Savior.

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