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The Gilligan's Island Romance Fan Fiction Site

This site is a showcase for my series of fan fiction stories focusing on the Professor and Mary Ann. For 30-plus years, I've believed that these two castaways were made for each other. These tales are my version of their story.

It's not just about them, though. In this fantasy universe, Gilligan, the Skipper and Ginger also find love in surprising places. Read on!

You are encouraged to contribute to this site by commenting on/reviewing my stories or submitting your own, but please, please, please keep it clean. We will not publish any stories containing explicit sex. Tasteful references are OK (see stories 2 and 4), but no details! We will post reviews and new stories as we receive them.

Now, just sit right back and read some tales!

Story 1: How it happened. A life-threatening situation throws the Professor and Mary Ann together, and long-denied feelings are revealed.

Story 2: Is the honeymoon over? No, thanks to Gilligan's mysterious ailment. This story was originally published on fanfiction.net as a sequel to another author's take on the P&MA romance.

Story 3: Life goes on. The castaways are rescued, the Professor and Mary Ann start a family, Mary Ann is on her way to becoming a professor herself, and romance is in the air for Gilligan. The longest story in the series -- so far.

Story 4: Keeping love new. Mary Ann's advice to Gilligan and his bride.

Story 5: Rescued Hearts. Gilligan is a dad! The Hinkleys' story is a major motion picture! And Ginger and the Skipper find love!

Story 6: In the news tonight ... More on "Rescued Hearts: The Movie."

Story 7: Poetry in motion. The Hinkleys' pragmatic eldest daughter discovers her father's sentimental side and takes her own chance on love.

Story 8: Lost and found. A flashback to the island, written at the request of a fellow fan who wanted to see a "Professor in jeopardy" story.

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