Winlink Classic



Radios known to work with Winlink Classic Scanner

Kenwood      TS-440  450  570  690  850  870  940  950   

                     The TS-140 and TS-680 work by calling the radio a TS-440

Yaesu           FT-100D   890  920  990  1000

Icom            Most Icoms with CI-V CAT control interface.   Addresses and baud rates for each radio must be set in Scanner setup


Radio known NOT to work with Winlink Classic Scanner

Kenwood     TS-480

Yaesu          FT-8x7 series (817,847,857,897),   Ft-450, FT-950


Unknown or no experience 

Kenwood    TS-2000  and  TS-590


Please notify AE5V if you have experience with WL Classic Scanner and the TS-2000 or TS-590. Thank you.

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