Airmail Set Up

Up RMS Update

The Set Up Wizard should run the first time you start the program.  If it does not, do not be alarmed, all the settings may be entered manually.

  • Click Next
  • Enter your HAM System Callsign:  use your callsign
  • Click Next
  • Enter your Latitude in degrees and minutes with a decimal, not seconds  32  33.11 N  works for me
  • Enter your Longitude in degrees and minutes with a decimal, not seconds  092  11.60  W  works for me.  If you are in the US it is W and not E
  • Check Send Lat/Lon to station
  • Click Next
  • Select a Modem from the list for HF.  If you are not going to use HF Pactor now, do not be alarmed.  Select one as your HF modem (even if you do not have a HF modem).    PTC-II    PTC-IIe    PTCIIex    PTC-IIpro    or    Other ...     PTC-     DXP-38    MFJ-1278B    MFJ-1276    DSP-2232    DSP-1232    PK-900    PK-232    KAM XL    KAM 98    KAM Plus
  • Select Com Port the computer connects to the TNC
  • Select the Baud rate between the Com Port of the computer and the TNC.  This is not the RF baud rate that the radio transmits and receives.  Up to 9600 baud usually works for older computers and TNCs.  Higher baud rates work for more modern computers and TNCs.
  • Click Next
  • Will you control your radio with the computer?    If so, then select the correct radio Icom-M802    Icom-M710    Icom-M710RT    Icom-700pro    Icom CIV    Kenwood    Yaesu    Yaesu 817    Yaesu 600    Furuno-1503    T-bus    SEA-235    SGC-2000    Codan-9390    Orion
  • Select the Com Port and Baud rate for the computer connection to control the radio frequency.   This is not the RF baud rate
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish

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