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Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment Participant - SAREX 9 in 1983

"On November 28, 1983, STS-9 was launched carrying Mission Specialist Owen Garriott, Amateur Radio call sign W5LFL, and his ham radio into orbit."

== and ==

SAREX 65 in 1994 with Columbia, International Microgravity Lab-2 (IML-2)

West Monroe High School talks to James D "Jim" Halsell, Pilot, onboard Columbia

telephone link, 2 meter link, back up equipment and one antenna

telephone, phone patch, monitors, 2 meter rigs and power supplies, and one quad antenna


final preparations with news crew and K5ER

Set up and final review with television crew by Mark, K5ER


just waiting ... after all the work is done

Audio-visual equipment, Computer, and 2 meter link radio to talk to and to hear from the Space Shuttle with SAREX 65


one end of the 2 meter link

another look at some of the gear


final check on the link

final checks taking place


TV crew getting ready

some times we just have to wait ...


It is finally time to talk!

It all works !

STS-65 Click here for details on the flight



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