RMS Update


  • If you want to update the Airmail RMS list for WL2K (not NTSD), go ahead and update that list regularly.  Similar directions are in Airmail Help.

    • Go to Inbox and delete any previous Frequency list message (subject)
    • Go to Menu items: "Windows>Catalog"
    • Double Click on folders: "WL2K>Global>ZS5S_Bulls" and then check "PMBO"
      (on right screen.)
    • Check into a PMBO to send the request
    • Check back into same the PMBO to obtain a new Frequency list, subject: "ZS5S
      Directory of Winlink-2000 MBOs (INQUIRY:LIST)"
    • Go to inbox and highlight the Frequency List, "SERVICE@WL2K
    • Go to menu item "Tools>Make Frequency List."  The list will appear on the
    • Click "Update" and then "Save" the  frequency list

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