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  • Airmail -- helps an individual station send and receive messages.  It works well with Winlink 2.9/3.0 for NTSD, Winlink 2000 Telpac Gateways, Winlink 2000 PMBOs, or another Airmail station.  This is the program to use unless you want to do automated routing and be a major central hub.  It works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, and 2000 and supports SCS modems, KAM+, KAM-98, KAM XL, KPC-3 (VHF only), KPC-3+ (VHF only), AEA/Timewave PK232 later versions after about 1995 with expert mode (versions 7.1 and 7.2 work; some have had success with 7.0; some are ASCII only), PK-900, DSP-1232,  DSP-2232, MFJ 1276 and 1278B (ASCII Only), and Hal DXP-38.  It includes modules for HF, VHF, Telnet, POP mail server and client, and does position reporting.  It started from meager beginnings, a PK232 and AmTor, from the South Pacific to Oregon.

  • Winlink 2.9 or Winlink Classic -- for NTSD MBOs -- If you want to send, receive, and forward messages unattended over HF, then this is the way to do it.  The software is no longer available from the winlink.org web site, but may be available from other sources.

  • Winlink 2000 -- or "WL2K" is not the same as Winlink 2.9/3.0 for NTSD MBOs -- but is a very nice, flexible, and versatile system rather than a particular program. It is a worldwide radio digital message transfer system.  It is used in a growing number of ARES plans and in the Digital NTS system in addition to RVers and Boaters around the world. 

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