NTS Staff

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NTS Staff - Eastern Area

Chair Marcia KW1U  
Member at Large Larry VE3GT  
Member at Large Al W3YVQ  
Manager 1RN Cycle 2 Alvah K1TMA  
Manager 1RN Cycle 3 Chris K8SH  
Manager 1RN Cycle 4 Bill W1UD  
Manager 2RN Cycle 2 Bill W2MTA  
Manager 2RN Cycle 3 Bill W2MTA  
Manager 2RN Cycle 4 Art W2YGM  
Manager 3RN Cycle 2 Hoppie W3TWV  
Manager 3RN Cycle 3      
Manager 3RN Cycle 4 Pip WB4FDT  
Manager 4RN Cycle 2      
Manager 4RN Cycle 3      
Manager 4RN Cycle 4 Jack W0UCE  
Manager 8RN Cycle 2 Lew N8IXF  
Manager 8RN Cycle 3      
Manager 8RN Cycle 4 Bill K8TPF  
Manager ECN Hu VA3HU  
Director TCC Marcia KW1U  
Area Digital Coordinator Dave WB2FTX  


NTS Staff - Central Area

Chair Richard NF5B  
Member at Large Steve N0SM  
Member at Large Jim N0JL  
Manager RN5 Cycle 1      
Manager RN5 Cycle 2      
Manager RN5 Cycle 3     Acting K4VIZ
Manager RN5 Cycle 4     Acting K4VIZ
Manager 9RN Cycle 1 Jim N9VC  
Manager 9RN Cycle 2 Jim N9VC  
Manager 9RN Cycle 3 Steve N9CK  
Manager 9RN Cycle 4 Steve N9CK  
Manager TEN Cycle 1     Acting K0MDV
Manager TEN Cycle 2     Acting K0MDV
Manager TEN Cycle 3 Dave W0SS  
Manager TEN Cycle 4 Dave W0SS  
Manager CAN Cycle 1 Richard NF5B  
Manager CAN Cycle 2 Larry KC0M  
Manager CAN Cycle 3 John W3FAF Interim N0JL
Manager CAN Cycle 4 John W3FAF Interim N0JL
TCC Cycle 1      
TCC Cycle 2      
TCC Cycle 3 Pete K5GM  
TCC Cycle 4 Pete K5GM  
Area Digital Coordinator Gary KB0OFD  
Associate (non-voting) Sam W5CU  
Associate (non-voting)      
Associate (non-voting)      


NTS Staff - Pacific Area

Chair Rob K6YR  
Member at Large Ken K6CTW  
Member at Large Scott W7IZ  
Manager D6RN Avery KD4GBA  
Manager RN6 Cycle 2 Avery KD4GBA  
Manager RN6 Cycle 3      
Manager RN6 Cycle 4 Ken K6CTW  
Manager RN7 Cycle 2 Armand W7IG  
Manager RN7 Cycle 3      
Manager RN7 Cycle 4 Bill W7GHT  
Manager TWN Cycle 2 Tom WD0GVH  
Manager TWN Cycle 3      
Manager TWN Cycle 4 Lanny K0EZ  
Manager PAN Cycle 2 Betty N7DRP  
Manager PAN Cycle 4 Rob K6YR  
Director, TCC Cycle 2      
Director, TCC Cycle 4 Jerry AD0A  
Area Digital Coordinator Chuck W5KAV  
Associate (non voting) Warren KT6A  
Associate (non-voting) Angela VE7ANG  
Associate (non-voting) Rob W7EP  
Associate (non-voting) Don W7GB  
Associate (non-voting) Duane NN7H  
Associate (non-voting) Jim K9JM  
Associate (non-voting) Hank W6SX  
Associate (non-voting) Dick ND5T  
Associate (non-voting) Mike K0TER  
Associate (non-voting) Vic W7VSE  
Associate (non-voting) Pati W7ZIW  



ARRL Field and Educational Services Manager  Dave NN1N  


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