Digital Freqs LA and TX


Louisiana Emergency Net

 3.595.9 Center 




Primary night time use

Louisiana Emergency Net


7080-LSB- Mark



Primary day time use

The HF Digital National Traffic System is encouraged for NTS type messages without email addresses. 
Winlink 2000 is encouraged for destinations with email addresses.  This may include HF and VHF with Airmail utilization. 
Pactor is the preferred mode for point-to-point HF digital communications using Airmail.  The simplex point-to-point frequencies will be 3596 and 7080.0 LSB Mark (3595.9 and 7079.9 center) for utilization inside the state.
 (The proposed frequency change was to 3596 (3595.9) after December 15, 2006.)
ARES districts with metropolitan areas should develop a minimum of two VHF or UHF RMS Packet Internet gateway stations to provide Packet to Internet capability.

APRSLink is a limited capacity option for those areas with active APRS IGates and no RMS Packet Gateways. 
Modes such as RTTY, PSK31, MT-63, Olivia, and others which do not have error correcting or error checking are not encouraged due to their ability to receive errors without realizing the transmitted message has changed.

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