Amateur Radio

Up NTS Digital NTS Louisiana CW 'Recevin' Course Up Up and UP SAREX Shuttle ARISS ISS Propagation Army MARS

DXCC Honor Roll @ 344 confirmed with a few more worked  *  DX Tips

Brass Pounders' League * Public Service Honor Roll

Twin City Hams  *  Northeast LA Amateur Radio Emergency Services

N5ASA  *  W5KGT  *  K5RUS

Louisiana ARES * ARRL Section

University of Louisiana at Monroe Amateur Radio Club

Louisiana Contest Club

Amateur Radio Digital National Traffic System NTS - NTSD

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministry

Southern Baptist Emergency Amateur Radio Service - SouthBears

Kentucky ARES Training

National Registry of Certified EmComm Volunteers - NRCEV Emergency Communications Specialist II

FEMA Courses * FEMA Online Training

Hazard  *  Ionograms


  All good antennas come down sooner or later.       

All good antennas come down sooner or later


Amateur Radio 45+ Years Ago - WN5PER and then WA5PER

  D-Star Registration Process


Don (SK) at Field Day working CW

A little metal in the air these days


Where much of the listening takes place


Lightning Protection if you are interested ... and you should be ... (click here)

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