Airmail Addressing


  • To Address a traditional NTS message using Airmail:

To:            71291@NTSLA                     Zip Code @NTS followed by the State

Subject:    West Monroe 318 323            City  Area Code and Phone Prefix


To:            NTS:71291@NTSLA              NTS: Zip Code @NTS followed by the State

Subject:    West Monroe 318 323            City  Area Code and Phone Prefix

... then send it to a NTSD MBO or DRS (Post Via the Callsign of the NTSD MBO/DRS - for example ... K4WWV, WB2FTX, W5KAV and connect to that station)

and ... Make an Airmail Template to use for ever similar to the example below using your information ...

  • To Address a Winlink 2000 message using Airmail:

To:                      Amateur Radio Call if they use Winlink 2000


To:            normal@email.address                Email address

Subject:                                                        The subject may be whatever you like

NOTE: If you are using WL2K email and the message is or may be ultimately destined for the NTS, please put the city and state in the SUBJECT line to facilitate routing and sorting.    NTSLA Chalmette LA   or   NTSMS Biloxi MS   are examples.

... then send it to a Winlink 2000 CMS (Post Via WL2K and connect to a RMS - for example ... K4CJX,  WB0TAX)

  • To Address a message directly to another Airmail Station (peer to peer):

To:            N5XXV                     The callsign of the other station

Subject:    Greetings                  Anything you desire

... then send it to the other Airmail station (Post Via the Callsign of the other Airmail station.  Various sending configurations may be noted on )

If you plan to use Airmail to send NTS formatted messages on a regular basis, or if you would like to have a template as a reminder, then you may find using the Airmail Address Book a handy item.

  • Click format New Message (third icon from the left) 

  • Address Book should open

  • Click New

  • Fill in Name - Central Area Digital NTS

  • Fill in To - NTSCAD

  • Fill in Post VIa - WL2K

  • Fill in the Subject - NTSxx (xx will later be the state)

  • Fill in the ARRL formatted line

  • Fill in to whom the message is going

  • Fill in the message text

  • Fill in the signature

  • Use it and Save it

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