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Golden Heart Winner TUG OF WAR was my first published novel.

A young adult historical, Golden Heart winner TUG OF WAR, is set on the Kansas-Missouri border in 1854. It is used in a number of Missouri middle schools and is approved for use by the California State School Board.

Called "high calibre" by the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Praise from readers: "Thank you for giving us the joy of reading your great book," John Woodward. "...the best book I have ever read and I learned a lot," Kristin Calvert "The ending was perfect," Richard Agne. 8th graders Ferguson Middle School


Though designated a young adult novel, TUG OF WAR can be enjoyed by adults as well. Don't let the cover mislead you. The Kansas-Missouri Border Wars were a bloody prequel to the War Between the States. John Brown, who would later be hanged and eulogized for his role in the attack on Harper's Ferry, drew his first blood in this conflict.

The Story:

TUG OF WAR written by Barbara A. Scott, cover design by May Davenport. A reviting, suspenseful novel with emotional pro and antislavery activists, confused politicians, traveling mummers, vigilantes and colorful regional characters. Story is set during the pre Civil War era in Topeka, Kansas. During a performance of "Uncle Tom's Cabin", proslavery ruffians from Missouri shoot over the heads of people and tragedy follows. The Master of Ceremony of the mummers, Simon, a 13 yr.-old boy, and his 6- yr.-old sister, Lilibet, are left as orphans. What will the boy do when they find a 13-yr.-old wounded girl under their caravan? Courageously, the boy suturs the wound. They plan to escape bloody Kansas, to return to Philadelphia and drop the girl off in Missouri. Enroute, the violence rages as a tug of war begins for Kansas's freedom. 

Currently out of print, Tug of War will appear again soon in a revised digital edition.


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