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West of Heaven

From the time Marcella arrives in Onion Creek to learn of her parentage and inheritance, this book transported me to another time and place. Thus began an adventure and story quite unlike any I have read before. Marcella somehow manages to elevate everyone who gets close to her. She is loyal to her friends and remains steadfast, holding true to her core beliefs. It was grand fun watching Lucky struggle and ultimately overcome his crippling personal demons. Rich with an authentic western flavor, this story embraces and celebrates gripping feminine fortitude. If you enjoy western adventures sprinkled with a touch of sweet romance, this is a book you will certainly want to read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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West of Heaven

From: Desert Breeze Publishing

By:  Barbara Scott

Reviewed by: Debbie Hull, author of The Men of Her Dreams

Genre:  Western Historical Romance

Ms. Scott has penned another winner about a down on his luck hero, a headstrong young lady, and the “fancy ladies” that come as part of her inheritance.

Jean Luc Desloge, Lucky, seems to be anything but.  He is linked to both his former boss’s murders, and spends his days loitering in town, trying his best to drown himself in rot-gut whiskey.

Marcella McGovern was raised in the best boarding schools and taught to be the proper young woman, never knowing her generous benefactor.  When advised of her benefactress’ death, she travels with her attorney to Onion Creek, Texas to learn the details of her inheritance.  She quickly learns she was the daughter of Sophie Castleman, owner of Miss Sophie’s Bath and Gentlemen’s Parlors, and wealthy cattleman, Clint Harte, who were mysteriously murdered.  She inherits her father’s cattle, and her mother’s brothel, along with the four “fancy ladies” who reside there.

The Widow Harte, furious her husband left his cattle to his “love child,” offers to buy them back, at a greatly reduced price, or Marcella must move them off the land in five days.  She also threatens any cowboy who signs up for the cattle drive, would never work again.

Desperate to hire men to move her cattle, Marcella overhears her “ladies” discuss their ability to “ride,” and decides they will be her cowboys to herd the cattle to Kansas.   She convinces Lucky to help “train” them to rope, ride and wrangle, and the fun begins.  

Come along for the ride with this rag tag bunch of cowpokes, as they try to herd over two thousand cattle across the plains.  You’ll spend the next few hours enjoying the trip.   



ISBN: 9781601681898

Paranormal Historical

Rating: 4 Cups

"... this beautifully written and sometimes sad story of haunting love is so achingly bittersweet that I found myself hoping for a HEA for Neal, Deanna, and at times even Anthony. After a slow journey into a past that is filled with deception, murder, and the black market, this tale quickly heats up and definitely left me at times hating Anthony and his attitude about his past and the secrets he has kept. Just when I thought Haunts of the Heart could not shock me anymore, the twists and turns of the ending had me raging and screaming because of the story’s stunning cliffhanger."  Coffee Time Romance


Title: Haunts of the Heart
Author: Barbara Scott
Genre: Historical/contemporary fiction
Kindle Sample size: 1/2 of Ch. 1
Reviewer: Marcia

Recommended Read:

Haunts of the Heart features one woman’s search for why two ghosts inhabit her childhood home. The ghosts, Anthony and Neal died during the American Civil War, each under circumstances that neither fully understood. Deanna attempts to discover what is keeping them tied to her home and in doing so falls in love with Neal. But Neal’s secrets are as deep as those binding Anthony and while the truth will set each free, the truth is also what will tear their friendship apart and hurt them deeper than their own deaths have.

Usually 1/2 of Ch. 1 as a sample wouldn’t be enough to induce me to buy a book but Neal is such an engaging ghost with a charming sense of humor that I didn’t want leave him quite yet. Plus I’m a big fan of stories set in and around the American civil war that I’m usually inclined to take more of gamble on the book than I might otherwise. And lastly I couldn’t resist the cover. I’m a sucker for beautiful cover art and southern mansions call to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed Haunts of the Heart and was very pleasantly surprised by what the story turned into. More than just a romantic interlude. I was especially touched by the plot line between Neal and Anthony. I bought and read the entire book yesterday as I found I couldn't put it down.

I also mentioned it as part of my July monthly reading wrap-post at
my main book blog, The Printed Page,

Haunts of the Heart  

By Barbara Scott 

Review by Sandie Grassino, author of Jefferson Barracks 

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Release date: February 20, 2009 


It has often been said that one cannot return home. When Deanna Butterworth’s 

world comes crashing down around her, she seeks refuge in her childhood home.  

Left clinging to life in the cold, sterile confines of a hospital following an 

automobile accident, Deanna escapes from it all – leaving the hospital and 

rushing to her house.  


She is surprised to discover that means also returning to a set of Civil War 

ghosts – Neal and Anthony – who have been locked to this site for more than a 

century. Now the third in their cosmic triangle, Deanna sets out to solve the 

mystery of Neal’s death and prove to him once and for all the century-old evil 

lurking in Anthony’s heart. But no matter what the time frame – or ghost or flesh 

– looks as well as motives can be deceiving.  


Ms. Scott weaves her tale on this site – transporting the reader meticulously 

between the rich tapestries of the Civil War hospital that once stood there and 

the current house. Clues from that long-ago time, placed in the framework of 

today, spin the mysteries of the plot to unexpected, yet logical, resolutions – the 

keystones of a well-written mystery. Ms. Scott masterfully shows the often 

devastating events caused by lies, treachery, and deception:  Traits which 

transcend the boundaries of time and endure in their own private ‘haunts’. 


This must-read is a true page – turner.  And, with each page, the reader gets 

embroiled deeper and deeper in the activities of both time periods. 

Ms. Scott proves, definitively – at least in Deanna’s case – that one can go home 



But will Deanna be able to emerge with her life... and her heart? 



Listen With Your Heart by Barbara Scott
Reviewed by: †Long and Short Reviews
Reviewer: †Larkspur
Rating: 5 Books
Genre: Historical, Desert Breeze Publishing

"From the ashes rise the Phoenix" is the quote that continually went through my mind as I read this book. In this wonderful piece of historical fiction the author treats us to star-crossed lovers and villains. We encounter betrayals and heroics. And we learn the true meaning of heroes and sacrifice.

Ms. Scott wows us with her compelling and very accurate view of mid-nineteenth century America and Ireland. She uses vocabulary of the time period with pictorial descriptions that adds to the believability of the novel. She takes us through some of the most newsworth events of the times from just after the Civil War, through the great Chicago Fire and on to the constant “troubles” in Ireland with a very eloquent and literal writing style. The hero and heroine are awe inspiring and their trials and tribulations definitely earns them their titles. The characters are all well written and multi-dimensional and the plot is exceptional and original. I like that the title is a really good fit for it’s story.

If you are a reader who enjoys great historical fiction with complex characters, nonstop drama, heart-wrenching tragedies and uplifting triumphs; if you want your love scenes not only spicy and sensual but also tender; this is the book for you.

Listen With Your Heart

From Desert Breeze Publishing

By Barbara Scott

Review by Chi Nguyen-Rettig
Genre: Historical Romance

Release date: April 2009

In Chicago, late 1800s, Morgan Gable grows up surrounded by the life of the theatre. As a young girl, she is touched by Irish singer Daniel Connolly’s performance after a brief encounter where he emerges as her knight in shining armor. Throughout time, amidst her father’s downward spiral and her mother’s continued absence, her childhood crush develops into something much deeper.

Daniel Connelly is the sort of man who loves completely and with all his heart -- even when he knows he’s given his heart to the wrong woman. Caught in a tragic marriage to a woman who does not return his devotion, his soul is torn apart when she dies suddenly in a fire, one of many sparked by the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Daniel’s friends scheme to exorcise the ghost of his ex-wife Helene. Unfortunately, they’ve employed Camilla Browne, a charlatan with a projection box. Camilla has tricked Morgan’s father into her servitude and presents Morgan in disguise as the manifestation of Helene. Morgan destroys the projection box and spoils Camilla’s plans. In the aftermath, Daniel arranges to marry Morgan, both in an attempt to banish the memory of his dead wife as well as to avoid being deported back to Ireland.

Listen With Your Heart incorporates many fascinating historical details - the Chicago Fire, the projection box, likely some form of a Magic Lantern used for “spirit summoning”, and the Fenians -- a secretive Irish Brotherhood with underworld connotations. All of these elements provide a fascinating backdrop for the love story between Daniel and Morgan. At times, you almost wish there was more time to explore some of the plot points. Daniel’s son from his past marriage is deaf and his education and relationship with Daniel and his growing acceptance of Morgan provide some very endearing moments, yet this subplot is abandoned by the end of the story to follow up on another subplot involving Helene’s involvement with the Fenians.

Aside from some rough spots at the beginning as the story transitions from Daniel and Morgan’s past to their reunion and arranged marriage, the romance between them is beautifully rendered. Daniel is a tortured hero who treats Morgan with heartbreaking tenderness despite his lingering memories of Helene. Morgan is a strong, believable heroine who is able to harbor an unrequited love without appearing weak and pining. Ms. Scott does an incredibly wonderful job of creating Daniel and Morgan as real people with wounds and with rich pasts that color their every action. †

The story is strongest at its center where the romance flourishes. The subplots take a backseat and it is more than enough to watch Daniel and Morgan learn about one another, navigate around each other’s vulnerabilities and burrow deep into each other’s hearts -- as they burrow deep into yours.†

Listen With Your Heart is a very special romance. You will care for these characters and their deeply emotional journey and you can’t help but fall in love with them. †



March 2009 ††Desert Breeze Publishing

E book ††$5.99 ††167 pages

Historical romance ††Rating: 4 Cups

Morgan has been captivated by Daniel since she was a child. Though five years have passed since she last laid eyes on him, her desire for him still remains.

Daniel, a popular Irish tenor, was a charming and chivalrous man five years ago. That was before the Chicago fire swept through his life. He must now attempt to put his life back together.

If the effects of the Chicago Fire were all that Daniel had to endure, perhaps he could have recuperated in due time. But both his past and the fire have led to a political scandal that he must find his way out of. After a happenstance meeting, Daniel and Morgan decide to enter into a marriage of convenience. Daniel needs her because of his scandal; Morgan wants him because he is the man of her dreams. Is Morgan right to listen to her heart and be with the man who has consumed her thoughts even though his motive for marriage may be impure?

Listen With Your Heart, written with much poise and detail, is a great example of what a historical love story should be. Filled with antiquated language and real life events, the story transports you back in time with the characters. Probably one of the most unique story lines I have read, this book kept me engaged with its love and mystery. From beginning to end, I was swept up in this tale of love, infatuation, regret, deceit and scandal.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Listen With Your Heart

Reviewer: †Rita Hestead, author of Hannah's Man

The year is 1866, in Dayton, Ohio, and young Morgan Gable is† dramatically defending her father from an obscene theatrical performance, when dashing singer, Daniel Connolly comes to her rescue.† Morgan Gable is star-struck over Daniel.

Five years later, nothing has changed. Her father is still drinking too much, and unable to perform.† Morgan has protected her father all these years, and she's still hopelessly in love with Daniel Connolly, even though he is married.

When the great Chicago fire takes Daniel's wife, Daniel tries to rescue her, but he is burned himself, his hands mangled from the fire, and his singing voice is lost.† But more than that, Daniel is lost, for he had loved his wife dearly.†

Well meaning friends plot a sťance for him, and Morgan enters Daniel's life once more.

Entranced by Morgan, Daniel saves her from ill fate by marrying her.

Yet can the reality of it all be as good as the dream itself?† Now Morgan is faced with living with Daniel's wife's ghost. Can she set aside her girlish dreams of her and Daniel and make a real life with him?

Barbara Scott pens a lively tale of intrigue, and a emotional roller coaster that takes the reader into a fanciful read.† Not only is there mystery and intrigue in this lovely romance, but she lets the reader dive deep into their characters and begin to understand the emotional ride of the characters themselves. †

For anyone wanting a truly in depth emotional experience, and heartwarming romance that touches many points of reality, you must read Listen With Your Heart.† Intriguing, heart-rending, and irresistibly passionate. Come sit by the fire, curl up with Listen With Your Heart and prepare yourself for an astonishing romance. A must read now….kind of book!




Cast a Pale Shadow by Barbara Scott
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary; Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full (324 pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Larkspur

Let me start by saying WOW!! In Cast a Pale Shadow, Barbara Scott gives us a magnificent psychological drama. It’s a hauntingly beautiful love story starring two tortured souls ravaged by cruelty and abuse. A love story so pure it pulls our hero and heroine from the brink of madness and toward a journey to salvation. A story of degradation where there should have been a safe harbor.

Ms. Scott is a masterful storyteller whose dialogue imagery is so vivid, the pages literally paint themselves in your mind. Her main characters are multi-dimensional broken souls that you can’t help but cheer on every time they take one step forward. The supporting cast was an eclectic group that you’d want to have in your own life, and her villains were the stuff of your worst nightmares. Her dreamscape sequences fill in the missing puzzle pieces of the storyline/plot in wonderful detail. The author delves into some very taboo social issues with expertise and compassion. My heart was in my throat from the very first page.

Barbara Scott hits a huge homerun with her exceptional novel Cast a Pale Shadow. It was a book that was impossible to put down. This novel will appeal to any lover of great dramatic literature, any lover of fiction with a message to tell and any one who loves great romance. Keep the tissues close.

Cast a Pale Shadow
Posted at You Gotta Read Reviews
Reviewed by Brynna

A woman in need of rescuing.
A man with a tortured past.
The shadow who haunts them both.

Nightmares and missed time haunt Cole Brewer. Visions of a dead bodies in the trunk of his car make him wonder if he's crossed into madness. Like his father. He shouldn't be alive. As a young boy he witnessed the murder of his family at his father's hands and almost died himself. When its too much, his mind slips into Nicholas his safe persona. As Nicholas he meets Trissa, a young woman also suffering abuse, and saves her from herself. Together, they must unravel the demons of their pasts and find the courage to face a new future.

The level of emotion of Ms. Scott's characters is incredible. This deep pychological thriller/ love story will give you chills and have you rooting for Trissa and Cole all the way. Their journey is one of growth and love. One everyone needs to read.

Cast a Pale Shadow
By Barbara Scott
Reviewed by Dawn Blankenship for Rumpled Sheets
Genre: †Romantic Suspense, The Wild Rose Press

Do you believe in dreams and wishes coming true? As a child, Trissa Kirk did. She remembers wishing for chocolate covered syrup on her ice cream and dreamed of her daddy throwing her in the air only to catch her while she laughed. But her wishes failed to come true and her dreams have turned into nightmares.

One night her father’s close hugs become something more. Unable to get him to stop touching her Trissa is forced to hit him in the head drawing blood. When her mother blames her for what happened Trissa gives up all hope and rushes out of the house into the dark. Not knowing where to turn she ends up on the train tracks thinking she’s finally safe.†

Nicholas Brewer, a photographer, moves from town to town and woman to woman.† A sensitive young man, who is drawn to women that seem down on their luck, he is prone to losing huge chunks of time.† He is so used to waking up and having it seem as if months had gone by that he doesn’t even freak out anymore when it happens. For him, it’s a normal part of life.†

Nicholas has seen Trissa getting on the bus outside the photography studio where he works. He’s instantly drawn to her and feels the need to protect her. She seems so sweet and pretty and she reminds him of someone. One night he tries to track her down, but is afraid he’ll never find her until he sees a young woman in the headlights of a speeding train.†

Not knowing why she was on the tracks and afraid they will call the police ,Nicholas lies to the hospital telling them she’s his wife.† When Trissa regains consciousness she decides to go along with his story since she has no place else to go. Nicholas knows what it’s like to run and wants to protect Trissa from that loneliness. But can he protect Trissa from her father, the well-meaning doctor, and most importantly from Cole Baker?†

Barbara Scott’s psychological drama weaves a story that has you on the edge of your seat. Ms. Scott is a RWA Golden Heart winner for Tug of War and a WisRWA Reader’s Choice for Best Paranormal for Haunts of the Heart.

E-book and print available from††and April 17, 2009

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