The Shadow of The Bear

Welcome to The Shadow of The Bear Step inside and BEARWARE as I take you on a brief tour of Kodiak, Alaska, 'The Emerald Isle'.

To begin our tour, I'd like to introduce you to a few of the locals. Feel free to refer to them by name if you spot one while visiting, though I do advise you to BEARWARE and remember, they ALWAYS have the right of way!

All the photos you will be viewing in this website were taken from a distance with a telephoto lens. It is important to remember that bears are wild animals and should NEVER be aproached. This rule applies to maintain your safety and the safety of the bears.

Be sure to click on the highlighted words for more pictures! Enjoy!

This is Bruno, he is the first bear I encountered on Kodiak. Bruno is extremely playful, he loves to swim and has put on quite a show for me over the years. I now spend several months of the year in "The Shadow of The Bear" where I am able to observe these magnificant animals in their natural habitat.

Bruno.JPG - 9.65 K

The bear pictured here is Red. She is over ten feet tall and strawberry blonde in color. Though I do not know her age, she is a good mother to her three, well fed cubs. Red and her cubs choose to inhabit areas more remote than many of the other bears I encounter.

Red.jpg - 27.96 K

The curious bear here walking along the fish ladder, is stalking salmon. Meet Amadeus. He is aproximately 3 years old and very playful. Amadeus spends most of his time "wandering" the hills with his buddies, Oso and Bartholomew, who may be siblings.

Amadeus.jpg - 16.87 K

Finally, I'd like you to meet Trails. He is a beautiful chocolate brown bear. Trails was named for 'trailing' along behind us as we fish along a particular creek. After several years together, I look forward to seeing him.

Trails.jpg - 24.15 K

So, you would like to see more bears?!?! Well, here's Sleepy. His name fits him well, as he spends much of the day sleeping. Of course, Sleepy does his share of dining on the local salmon, roots and berries, though his favorite luxury seems to be lounging and taking in the warmth of the summer sun. Like a large cat, Sleepy will often roll onto his back and cover his eyes with his paws. Approximately 1000 pounds of...CUTE!!!
Sleepy.jpg - 21.61 K

The bear pictured here is Polky. We discovered one another as he was meandering along the shore not far from my cabin. Polky is far from shy and enjoys life. I've often observed him smelling flowers and playing with select items as logs, rocks (large rocks) and feathers he's discovered on the beach. I've also seen Polky nestled in high grass or standing amongst some nearby trees watching me! Polky.jpg - 16.16 K
Polky1.jpg - 18.94 K

Eaglet.JPG - 6.55 KAhh!!! Something different. If you were wondering where those feathers come from that Polky plays with.....well, now you know. Eagles, of all sizes and colors. There are five species of Eagle and they all inhabit Kodiak Island. The Eaglet pictured here is a Bald Eagle still confined to it's nest as he/she hasn't learned to fly yet.
Bears, Bears, Bears....Kodiak Alaska! Area-map.gif - 2.13 KWbear.jpg - 11.50 K
Curious as to what we eat here on the Island???? Here's one of our many choices...Alaskan Halibut. Caught about 20 yards offshore from "My Place" !
Halibut.jpg - 34.82 K

Close Encounters
I hope you've enjoyed your visit! Let us know how we're doing...You can find us in The Shadow of The Bear
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