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Shem and Sham in "Puppet Variations"


"Puppet Variations" is a lighthearted piece of puppet theater, that the whole family can enjoy together. The appeal of this variety show arises from the living puppet. That mysterious moment, when the moving puppet "lives," gathers the attention of any age. Four puppet styles and four performing techniques form a visual smorgasbord in "PV". Its simple approach and positive attitude have touched and brought smiles to audiences across the U.S. at venues ranging from birthday parties, art festivals, to state fairs.

Puppet Variations with Bob Aiken from PPLD TV on Vimeo.

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Bruiser with The Surftones at the Volusia County Fair (FL.)


"Walk Around" characters can add color and excitement to any event. Bruiser the Ragdog, Chester the Cowboy, and others bring a performance to the street, fairgrounds, party, or parade.

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