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"Puppet Variations" as an Educational Performance
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Working in puppet theater means participating in different areas of the arts. Designing, writing, and performing all come into play during the creation of the puppet show, and if these activities are successful the end product is communication between puppeteer and audience. As this performance proceeds the goal is to explain this process of communication. As a puppeteer the tools I use to communicate are the elements color, shape(form), movement, and sound. The facination with puppet theater comes from the moving puppet. The four parts of "Puppet Variations" demonstrate where this movement originates in the four styles of puppets used. The expression comes from the puppeteer's body, through the puppet controls, and lives in the puppet. I want the audience to enjoy this experience with puppets, but I also strive to engage their attention, so that they might understand what I'm thinking as I work. This show is about a career. This show is about how humans relate. This is a show about teamwork, feelings, and the perception of reality. I feel the designation "art" is bestowed by the audience. If I'm performing or making art so be it. My personal interest in this whole process is the making and the doing. I'm compelled to to connect to an audience, and I hope that if I do this, the "art" of puppet theater will be revealed in this performance.